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The Cullen’s must leave Forks, however this time they take Bella with them. They begin in a new school and the first day Edward notices something different about one of their classmates. Danger unfolds as the classmate past comes back in search of revenge. Bella, the Cullen’s, and the classmate must work together to survive as once again their lives are put in danger.


8. Girls Day

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Last night I went running with Edward. It was strange. He is the first person…well vampire to be able to keep up with me in a long time. I was state champion at the 100 sprint for track. I was queen at track and it was taken away from me in one second though. Last night was the first time in a long time that I was able to let myself go, allow myself to have…fun. I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I think that I’m happy.

I could hear the boys leaving for their hunting trip downstairs. It was dawn and my hair was still wet from my shower. I swung my legs off the side of the couch and stood up. The Cullen’s had taken me into their house and I wasn’t acting like a guest. I walked over to the door and twisted the bronze door handle and slipped out of my room. I was wearing sweats and a tee and as I walked to the top of the stairs I could see the Cullen’s by the door. Edward, Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle were all wearing jeans and a tee but the girls were wearing designer clothing. I do not fit in here.

I walked quietly down the stairs and stood on the last step looking at all of them. Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, and Rosalie all looked at me with surprise. I quickly looked at the floor. Cold arms wrapped themselves around me and I looked up to see Alice hugging me. What should I do? I lifted my arms hesitantly and placed them around her back hugging her.

“We should get going. We should be back before night.” Edward was the only person who spoke and he opened the door. I was still looking at the floor but the cold air that came in made me look up. Emmett and Jasper were staring at me like deer in front of a car.

“What?” I returned their stares. Alice let go of me and stood by my side. Jasper squinted his eyes and looked at everyone.

“Umm…you’re happy?” It should have been a statement but he was asking me. I laughed a small laugh as his gaze met mine again.

“Yeah. I’m happy.” Esme smiled at me as I said this. Jasper just nodded his head before walking out the door followed by the other two. Alice looked at me and I could see her eyes look down at what I was wearing.

“You’re not wearing those to the mall!” Her small pixie like head shook as she took in what I was wearing.

“Your right. I’m not going to the mall.” I smiled and turned to walk back up the stairs.

“Yeah you are!” She grabbed my hand. I knew there was no point in arguing but I tried anyways.

“Why? I don’t shop.” It was true I hadn’t been shopping since my mom had dragged me to get new jeans before school…last year. She didn’t answer me as she led me up the stairs. Rosalie was following me and I could tell she was trying not to laugh.

“In.” Alice had let go of my hand and pointed to an open door that lead to a huge bedroom, a huge pink bedroom. I knew that if I didn’t walk in they would push me in so I reluctantly walked. I should have stayed in my room. I was safe in there.

“We are taking you and Bella shopping!” Alice was almost screaming with joy as she said this. I looked at Rosalie who was leaning against the door frame. My eyes were pleading for help but she just shook her head before walking into the room, closing and locking the door behind me.

“Sit.” Rosalie pointed to the vanity that was in front of Alice. I put on an angry face and walked over sitting down and glaring at them.

For the next hour the two of them worked on me. Pulling at my hair and twisting it. Plucking and prodding my face. Finally Alice stepped back from me. Rosalie walked into the bathroom and handed me a mirror. As I looked into the reflection that was staring back at me I realized that I have been living my life the way that Troy has wanted me to. I’m going to go shopping today; I’m going to go have fun today.

Alice had put my hair up into a simple twisted, curly pony tail, and Rosalie had put on a basic amount of make up. I looked good, I thought. Both of them smiled at me. I didn’t know what to say. This family, these people, I barely knew yet they were giving me my life back. I owed them so much and I knew I could never repay them for what they have done for me.

“Outfit time!” Alice squealed as she said this. She took my hand and pulled me up off of the sit that I had been busing thinking on and pulled me toward the largest closet I had ever seen. “What do you think? Jeans and a cute top or a skirt?” She wasn’t looking at me and wasn’t talking to me instead she was looking past me to where Rosalie was now putting on her own makeup.

“Go casual.” Alice nodded and walked into the closet taking out a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. She handed them to me and led me to the bathroom, pushing me in and closing the door. What am I getting myself into?

“These jeans are too small!” I hadn’t even tried to put them on yet but they looked like they wouldn’t fit.

“Just put them on!” Alice was giggling and I could tell she was standing right outside the door. I slipped the jeans on pulling on the tops trying to get them up over my hip bone but they weren’t supposed to go up that high I guess because they wouldn’t move anymore. I looked at the top that she had handed me. It was cute yet simple and I liked it. I pulled it over my head careful not to mess up my hair. I turned to look at myself in the huge mirror. I looked better then I have looked in a long time.

Alice opened the door and grabbed my hand. She walked me over to her bed and handed me some shoes. They were simple pumps and I put them on. I looked back up at her and noticed that she had changed her clothes. Rosalie walked over to me and smiled, “Done” she pronounced. I smiled at the two of them.

“Oh, I hear Bella moving around upstairs.” Alice smiled and skipped out of the room to go get their next victim. I smiled and walked out of her room. I decided to go make breakfast for Bella.

Bella came down the stairs an hour later. Alice and Rosalie had worked on her too and smiled as she looked at me and realized that I too had been their victim. I placed a plate of eggs and bacon on the table in front of her and she sat down.

“Ready for today?” The sarcasm was heavy in my voice and Bella smiled as she looked up at me.

“No.” She was truthful with her answer even though Alice had just skipped into the room and looked at the two of us.

“Hurry!” She glanced at the food in front of Bella. Bella smiled and started eating slower.

Alice Point of View

They were finally ready! Bella had taken forever to eat. I think she did that on purpose just to annoy me. Her and Jay were getting along great though. Rosalie was waiting with me at the front door. We were taking her car to the mall. Bella and Jay rounded the corner and stopped as the saw me and Rosalie waiting for them. Jay looked as though she was about to sprit back up the stairs to her room.

“Let’s get going.” Rosalie put a smile on her face and opened the door. She was acting different, almost nice. It was strange to see her act nice but it was better then her being mean so I didn’t ask about it as I followed her out the door and toward her car. Bella and Jay were taking up the rear and walking rather slow.

“Come on!” I was bouncing up and down from excitement as I stared at the two of them making their slow way to the car. They looked at each other and started laughing. Jay was a vampire so why didn’t she like to shop? Hopefully we would change that.

We finally set off for the mall. I turned on the radio but nothing good was on and so I turned it down for background noise only. “So Jay, why don’t you like shopping?” She had been looking intently out the window and upon hearing her name twisted her head to look at me.

“I just…don’t go shopping.” She laughed when she had finished. I looked at Rosalie and smiled. We were going on an all day shopping spree with the two people who hated shopping most. Poor Jay and Bella have no idea how much we are going to buy today.

“When are the boys getting back?” It was Bella who had asked and I knew that she was only wondering about one boy.

“Edward should be back before dark.” I didn’t bother to mention the other men. She smiled and blushed as I answered her question directly. We were pulling into the parking lot and Rosalie had founded a parking spot close to the doors. We all made our way out of the car and headed into the mall.

“First stop.” I turned into one of my favorite stores. I knew that Bella wouldn’t like us spending money on her but she would get over that as soon as my brother stopped being stubborn. I looked behind me to see Bella following and Rosalie close behind her. Jay was looking into the store that was across from the one we were looking at. I walked up to her and took her hand. She was looking at Game Stop and I just laughed. “You’re going to get along great with Emmett and Jasper” I dragged her into the clothing store without another word.

Rosalie had already pulled some clothes off of the racks and were handing them to Bella to go try on. I laughed as Bella looked from the cloths, to me, back to the clothes and a scared look appeared on her face. She knew that today was going to be a long day.

“How about this one?” Jay was laughing. I looked toward her and saw her holding the ugliest dress I have ever seen. That outfit, if it can even be called that, should be burned and buried. It was a tea dress and was electric yellow with lime green flowers all over it. Bella ran up and took it from her.

“You have to try this one!” Bella was laughing. I looked over to Rosalie. She looked as though she was going to die just looking at it.

“Only if you try one on too!” Jay picked up another one of those gross dresses and twirled it around her finger. There shouldn’t even be one of those dresses let alone a whole rack full. Bella and Jay headed off to the dressing rooms. I just stood there, stunned by the hideousness of the dresses.

“What do you think?” I had made me way over to the dressing rooms dragging Rosalie who kept saying ‘I don’t want to see that…thing ever again.’ She was talking about the dresses that were now on Bella and Jay. The two of the walked out of the dressing room and it was Jay who had spoken. Jay looked at Bella, and Bella looked at Jay before both of them died of laughter and fell over onto the ground. Rosalie was cracking a smile too. I was gone already laughing harder then I had ever thought possible.

“Put these on! You need to complete your outfit!” Rosalie had grabbed two boxes of shoes off the shelf near us. Jay opened the box on the ground and started laughing again. The shoes were the brightest green ever. Bella grabbed the shoes and put them before walking down the isle like she was on the runway. She was blushing and waving. Jay couldn’t move she was laughing so hard, even Rosalie was now laughing.

By the time we stopped laughing the entire store was looking at us. We were all sitting on the ground in some what of a circle laughing. Jay was the first to compose herself as she spoke to one of the ladies who worked at the store, “I don’t think it’s my size.” This of course sent us back into hysteria until Jay dragged Bella back into the dress room forcing her to change.

Meanwhile Rosalie and I went up to buy the clothes that we had already picked out. We knew that they would fit Bella and Jay and that they would look amazing and by the looks of the people in the store we also knew that it was time to leave. Bella and Jay joined as at the counter and looked at what we were buying.

“What is all of this?” Jay coolly asked me taking in the massive amount of clothing piled in front of her.

“Clothing.” I just smiled as I handed over my credit card to the lady who was ringing us up.

“For whom?” Her English was perfect and I had to laugh.

“For you two of course!” She just started at me and shook her head.

“Anyway I can get you not to buy it?” The lady handed me back my card and began to put the clothes into bags.

“Too late!” Rosalie answered her question this time. The lady handed us each two bags before we exited the store.

“Where to now?” Rosalie was asking me.

“Home!” Bella answered before I could and I just smiled.

“How about this store?” I just smiled as I stopped in front of Victoria's Secret.

“NO!” Bella was blushing and backing up from us. Rosalie gently took her under the elbow and lifted her up a little before bringing her into the store. Jay was laughing as she watched Bella try to get away.

“I’d hate to be you right now!” She said before bursting into giggles. I just looked at her and smiled.

“We’re here for you too.” She stopped giggling at once and turned on her heels trying to leave. I grabbed her as Rosalie had done to Bella and brought her back into the store.

“Why? I don’t have a boyfriend!” She was squirming more then Bella trying to get away.

“So? You still need bras and stuff.” Rosalie said as she let go of Bella in front of a display of bras.

“Bella, I say we dash out of here as fast as we can!” Jay was smiling at Bella and both of them looked as they were about to do just that.

“We will just bring you right back.” Both of their smiles vanished from their faces as they realized that they couldn’t get away. I started picking up panties and bras and draping them over my arm. Jay walked up to the sweatpants and tees and brought one of each down.

“These are nice.” She smiled at me and I just shook my head.

“Your going to get underwear too.” I knew what she was trying to do. She figured that if we were forcing her to buy something she would go for sweats. I walked over toward her and took the PJs from her hands and put them over my arm after handing her some bras. "Are these your size?” I could tell that if she could blush she would be as red as a tomato but she looked at the tag and nodded her head.

“Come on Bella! I’m sure Edward would love to see you in this!” I turned my attention away from Jay to see Rosalie holding a two piece yellow lacy babydoll. I smiled as I walked over. Bella was franticly shaking her head saying ‘No no no’ over and over. I took it from Rosalie’s hands and placed it on my arm.

“To bad we’re getting it anyway. Edward will thank us later.” I smiled as I looked at Bella before continuing, “And I’m sure you will too.” I walked away from a pouting Bella and started picking up more stuff. By the time we went to pay Rosalie and my arms were loaded with clothing, bras, babydolls, panties and even two bathing suits. Bella and Jay stalked grumpily behind us as we paid.

“Ok. Now can we go home?” Bella was asking me as soon as we left the store. Each of us had bags and bags full of today’s shopping.

“Nope. One more stop!” I led the way to a very expensive dress store and walked in. Jay stopped at the door of the store but Rosalie and Bella walked past me for I had stopped next to Jay.

“I don’t belong in a store like this.” Jay was looking into the store through the open door at all of the dresses.

“Of course you do!” I picked her up like I had at Victoria’s Secret and brought her into the store.

Rosalie had already found a dress that she loved. It was a long white one that dropped to her ankles. The dress was a halter top and had beaded sequence around the top and down to form an ‘X’ with the sequence that came around from the back underneath her breasts. There was also a split up the middle of the dress that stopped at about where her knees will be. She smiled at me as she showed off her dress. She placed it over her arm and walked back toward Bella to help her find one.

“Do I have to get one?” Jay was talking to me. I hadn’t realized I was still holding her but I just shook my head yes and led her off toward a rack of dresses.

“Every girl needs a nice dress.” I let go of her and started looking. I stopped as I found my dress. It was gorgeous I loved it! It was a deep reddish color. It was a halter top and the neck line plummeted until it was between my breasts. The dress’s bottom was on an angle. At the top it was just above my knees and at the other side it was all the way at my ankles. The side that was up above my knee met at a little bow. I pulled it off the rack and put it against me, its silky cloth feeling so delicate.

“It’s so…gorgeous.” Jay was staring at the dress and had thought the exact same thing about it that I had. I smiled at her.

“Yes it is, and yours will be to.” The smile that had been on her face dropped at once. I put the dress over my arm and turned back to the dresses to find one for Jay.

“Oh.” Jay pulled out a dress from the racks. It was…stunning. She held a light blue dress with beaded like flowers placed on it in different places. The dress dropped down to her ankles and it was a halter top which turned into thin strips on the back and crisscrossed down the back of the dress. The bottom fabric started again right above where her butt would be. There was also a slit going up the side of the dress. She smiled at me.

“Its…amazing.” I took the dress from her and placed it on mine in my arms. We left the racks to find Rosalie and Bella. I looked over at Jay. She was smiling and her eyes were glowing almost. She was so happy!

“Alice!” I heard Rosalie call my name. Jay and I walked up to her and saw the dress she was holding in her hands. It was a strapless baby blue with a little sequence in the middle at the top. There was a fabric like belt going around the waist. The bottom of the dress was layered almost. It was so Bella.

We headed off to the dressing rooms to try on our dresses.

“Ok, on the count of three come out!” It was Jay who was talking. She sound excited for someone who didn’t even want to shop in the first place. I was happy that she was coming around and was enjoying herself. “One, Two, Three.”

All four of the dressing room doors opened and I stared in disbelief. The three girls in front of me where so gorgeous in the dresses. “Ok, take them off lets buy them!” I didn’t say anything else before heading back into the dressing room and changed. By the time I was done changing Bella and Jay were out of the rooms holding their dresses talking but the second I opened my door the stopped talking. Mmm…what was up?

“Ok. Let’s go.” Rosalie joined me outside her dressing room and led us up to pay. Bella tripped over something on the way to the counter and Jay caught her before she fell flat onto the ground. Both girls started laughing.

“See what I told you about me and flat ground!” Jay placed Bella up right and started laughing again.

”Ok, home now.” Rosalie was carrying all four dresses while the bags were split up amongst Bella, Jay and I. We headed out to the car and placed all of the bags in the trunk, surprisingly they all fit.

Once Rosalie had started the car I turned the radio on. The second Jay heard the song she started singing along. It was Jesse McCartney. Rosalie laughed before joining in. Bella and I soon joined the two of the singing. The sky was covered in clouds so Rosalie put down the top of the car. Jay started dancing and laughing and as I turned around I saw Bella mouthing the words pretending to be Jesse. She looked really into the song. I couldn’t help but laugh at the two of them.

“What am I going to do with the two of you?” I jokingly asked before starting to sing along with the song again. It wasn’t long until Rosalie was pulling up our driveway and turning the car off.

“Wow!” Rosalie hopped out of the car as she spoke. She opened the trunk and started to gather the bags. “The boy’s aren’t here to be our bellhops so we have to carry our own bags.” She pretended to pout.

“Dumb, selfish boys.” Jay said as a smile took over her face. “Hey I have an idea! How about Bella and I give you two makeovers!” For a second I thought her face looked at me evilly as she spoke but I just laughed that thought away.

“No” Rosalie didn’t even pause before answering.

“I have to agree with Rosalie on this topic.” Jay and Bella just looked at the two of us.

”Please! I promise it will be fun!” Bella smiled at me and gave me the puppy dog eyes. I could feel my will giving away as I looked at her. “If you let me make you over I’ll let you make me over when ever you want!” I smiled at this thought. It was always a hassle to get her to agree, what’s the worse she could do to me?

“Fine.” I answered her and she took my hand.

“Please Rosalie.” Jay was looking at Rosalie. Good luck, I thought, she doesn’t let anyone touch her face.

“Fine!” She threw her hands up in the air in defeat and stalked off toward the house. Jay and Bella just looked at each other and smiled.