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The Cullen’s must leave Forks, however this time they take Bella with them. They begin in a new school and the first day Edward notices something different about one of their classmates. Danger unfolds as the classmate past comes back in search of revenge. Bella, the Cullen’s, and the classmate must work together to survive as once again their lives are put in danger.


9. Make Overs

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1940   Review this Chapter

The plan that Bella and I came up with is diabolical…almost evil. Rosalie led us into the house, each of us carrying more bags then I would have thought possible. Alice walked into the house before me and I noticed that both she and Rosalie had dropped their bags at the foot of the stairs. I followed suit.

“Ok, let’s go! Upstairs now!” Bella was talking to Rosalie and Alice and was ushering them upstairs. We both knew that if they refused there was no way we could get them up the stairs but both of them started up on their own.

“My room?” Alice was asking Bella as we marched up the stairs and Bella just nodded her head and followed her up. Once inside Alice’s room, Rosalie went over to the stereo that Alice owned and turned it on.

“Turn it up!” Alice began to dance in the middle of the floor and Rosalie turned the music up loud before joining her sister. I stood just inside the door thinking of our plan, either they would laugh, or they would kill us but either way it would be fun. A cold hand grabbed me and pulled me into the room. Alice was dancing with me and Rosalie had grabbed Bella and was dancing with her.

“Ok. Time for the makeovers!” Bella was laughing as she said this. We had already planned on her working on Alice and I would work on Rosalie.

“Fine. Let me get the makeup.” Alice stopped dancing and brought out a bag full of makeup before sitting on the floor. “Get to it.” She laughed. I looked over at Bella and smiled before kneeling in front of Rosalie. This was going to be too much fun.

“Close your eyes…both of you!” Bella spoke to Alice before turning to look at Rosalie too. Both girls looked at each other before closing their eyes. I looked into the bag and began to make over Rosalie. After about ten minutes I looked at Bella and smiled, I was done. She looked back at me and nodded, she was done also.

“Ok, you can look.” I spoke to Alice and Rosalie before lifting Bella off the floor ready to run. Both girls walked into the bathroom and screamed.

“I think its time to go!” I laughed as I swung Bella onto my back and rushed out of Alice’s room.

“GET BACK HERE!!!” Alice was yelling from the top of the stairs before running after us. Rosalie was right behind her.

“Crap! Maybe that wasn’t the smartest idea!” Bella was laughing into my back as we ran around the dinning room table. Both Alice and Rosalie entered the room and I stopped. We were trapped. Alice started walking on the right side of the table, while Rosalie came up the left side. I let Bella down and the two of us started backing up away from the table and the two angry vampires who were walking towards us.

“Revenge is sweet.” Rosalie was looking right at me. Bella and I had backed up against the wall now…there was no where to go. Alice and Rosalie stepped up to us.

”Now it’s your turn.” Alice’s smile looked too big for her face as she whispered her words to us. Rosalie rounded the table and took hold of me. I knew that I couldn’t get away from her without leaving Bella and it was both of our plan so I allowed myself to be taken captive.

“NNOOOO!” Bella was squirming against Alice’s hold as they lead us up the stairs and back into Alice’s room. Rosalie walked in first and upon entering the room turned the music up loud enough to be heard down stairs. Alice appeared in the doorway holding Bella. The door was closed and locked and we were trapped.

“Don’t move!” Alice placed Bella on the ground and she quickly began to crawl. I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of Alice trying to stop a crawling Bella.

“Oh, come on! All’s fair in…makeovers.” Rosalie had stepped in front of Bella in order to stop her. She laughed as Bella crawled into her.

“Well, to be honest your makeover was more of a make under.” I stated and Rosalie glared down at me.

“So will yours!” She walked toward me and I began to back away from her again. “Sit!” I did as I was told even though I knew what was going to happen. I looked over at Bella and saw that Alice had gotten her to sit also.

After ten minutes of being poked and prodded with makeup Rosalie was finally finished. Alice was also done with Bella.

“Go look!” Rosalie spoke for the first time since she started working on me. I stood up and walked to the bathroom slowly followed by Bella. I took a short look in the mirror before turning back out of the bathroom and running at Rosalie. No one was in the room though and the door was wide open.

“Oh Rosalie!” I called as I ran out of the room. I could hear Bella trying to follow but I was going vampire fast and plowing down the stairs. Rosalie was dieing of laughter in the living room. I ran over to her and tackled her to the ground.

“Oh come on! Fight back Rosalie!” Alice was standing in the hallway looking at the scene in front of her. She was laughing and didn’t hear Bella come down the stairs.

“Oh Alice?” As Alice turned to face Bella, Bella jumped on her. Alice fell down in surprise that Bella had just jumped on her. I turned my attention back to Rosalie.

“Don’t tickle me!!” Rosalie was squirming underneath me as I tickled her sides. “Stop!” She was dieing of laughter. Bella had started to tickle Alice but some how Alice flipped over so she was on top of Bella and she started to tickle Bella.

“Truce! Truce!” Rosalie was screaming underneath me. I looked over at Bella who was crying because she was laughing so hard before helping Rosalie up. Alice also stopped tickling Bella.

“Revenge is sweet!” I repeated what Rosalie had said only a little while ago.

“Yeah well…we’ll see who the last one to get revenge is!” Rosalie responded with a smile. We had left the radio on upstairs and we could hear the song perfectly down here.

“Switch by Will Smith!” I yelled as I began to dance. Rosalie laughed and started to walk away. I grabbed her hand and began to make her dance. She tried to get away but I saw her look over to where Alice and Bella were dancing in the hallway.

“Fine!” Rosalie began to dance and Alice and Bella made their way into the living room with us. We were dancing like idiots, making complete fools of ourselves. Rosalie even tried to break-dance. Bella and I were doing the chicken dance and Alice was doing the dumb dances like the shopping cart, sprinkler, and swimming. The song ended and we all started laughing so hard that we fell down.

“Um” I sat straight up and looked into Emmett’s face.

Edward’s Point of View

We were finally home! Today had been a long day. I knew I was going to long without hunting but I didn’t want to leave Bella even for day. I finally had to go; it was getting to hard to be around Bella. The four of us walked up the driveway. We could hear music coming from the house. Emmett was the first one in the door and as soon as he walked in he froze. What was he looking at? I was the next one to walk in and had the same reaction as Emmett did.

Alice, Rosalie, Jay, and Bella were in the living room dancing. As I took a closer look at the four of them I could see that they all looked like clowns. Alice’s face was covered in green eye shadow I’m guessing because she looked like the Lockness monster. Rosalie’s face was powdered down so she had no face color at all and had large red blush marks on her face along with bright yellow eye shadow on her eye lids and down the side of her eyes plus the red blush was also on her eye brows. Bella had what looked like purple blush smeared all over her face. Jay had lines of pink and orange eye shadow running down her face.

That enough would have sent me into a fit of laughter but all four girls were standing in the living room dancing. Rosalie was rolling around the floor, Alice looked like she was swimming and was making funny faces and Jay and Bella were both doing the chicken dance. I could feel Jasper and Carlisle next to me.

The music stopped and all four girls started laughing before falling into a heap on the floor.

“Um” Emmett was the first one to find his voice. As soon as he spoke all four girls head’s snapped in our direction and they froze.

“Nice makeup!” Jasper was laughing now. He lost control and was rolling around on the ground like Rosalie had been.

“Yeah and you should get trophies for your dancing too!” Emmett had lost it also and he was clinching his side because of his laughter.

“You’re just mad cause you’re not as pretty as us, nor can you dance as good as us.” Jay was the first girl who spoke. I was still frozen because of what I had just seen. “I say we give them a make over too!” Now that unfroze me and I started to run up the stairs but Alice was to quick and she grabbed me and pulled me to the ground. Emmett and Jasper had stopped laughing and were running but not fast enough. Rosalie grabbed Emmett and Jay and tackled Jasper.

“Here you go!” Bella was standing next to Alice handing her some…eye shadow.

“Not that!” I squirmed even more as Bella walked away handing makeup to the other girls.

“Here you go Edward…now don’t you just look so cute!” Alice had finished putting makeup on me and was letting me get up. Rosalie and Jay were also done and as I looked at Emmett and Jasper I couldn’t help but laugh! We all looked like reject clowns.

“Mean!” Emmett yelled but the second he looked at Jasper and I, he started laughing again. Jasper hadn’t even gotten off the floor before he started to laugh as well.

“Well, look at my family.” I composed myself enough to look up at Esme who was laughing in Carlisle’s arms. We all looked so ridicules and of course she took out a camera and ordered us to get together for a picture.

“No!” Emmett became suddenly serious as he shook his head.

“Yes or no video games…ever again!” He stopped shaking his head and walked over toward the girls who were already for the picture. I smiled as I caught Bella’s eyes she was dieing of laughter inside, what did Alice do to me? Jasper got up off the ground and walked toward us also.

“Say cheese!” Esme was trying so hard not to laugh long enough to take a couple of pictures of us. We all got together and smiled.

“CHEESE!!!” We all said at once! As soon as she was done we all died of laughter and collapsed on the ground.