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Emmett, Bella, and the Arm Wrestling Contest

After Bella is turned into a vampire, what is the first thing she does? Challenge Emmett to an arm wrestling contest, of course.

my 2nd fanfic! WHOO! I've written like 5 other fanfics but haven't actually decided to publish any of them yet... they're all saved on my computer though. Anyways... enjoy fanfic #2! (and maybe read my other stories later? ;])

3. Chapter 3

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I couldn't believe Edward talked me into this. Going to a car racing show was not my idea of fun. I finally came up with the conclusion that it was a guy thing, and I'd probably understand it about as much as Edward would understand why I needed at least an hour to get ready to go. In the end, I went along with it- mainly because I had motivation. Edward had graciously promised me that he'd stop pestering me about getting a new car. Besides, I could consider this as "quality time" with my boyfriend.

Edward pulled up smoothly in the parking lot and we were in our seats in a thrice. Silence ensued- we were still early. Quietly, he took my hand and laced his fingers around mine.

After about 5 minutes, I got bored of watching the flies buzz around and making random people laugh (even though it was quite funny when one of them fell over in a puddle of mud).

Edward sensed my disinterest and pulled me along to look at the racers getting ready for the big show. I was watching one of the crew put in a tire when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Hey there..." came a male voice. I turned around to see one of the racers giving me a big smile. Kind of creepy, to be honest... it reminded me of when I first came to Forks and I had all those contenders trying to win me over. I struggled not to laugh and tried to be cordial.

"Hello. Are you one of the competitors?"

He grinned again and stepped closer. I shuddered at his closeness... and his smell. For a human, he didn't smell too appetizing. I held my breath, thankful that I didn't have to breathe. If I was still human, I most likely would have thought he smelled like a mixture of dirty cow and my pet ferret- my dead pet ferret. As a vampire... he smelled 10 times worse. I swear, he plausibly hadn't showered for a few days. No, more like a month. Ugh. I frowned at the racer.

"Yes, I am. Say, why don't you come with me for a ride in my car? Just you and me," he raised his eyebrows suggestively, ignoring Edward's furious face.

If he thought I'd actually go along with this, he was dumber than he looked. That crossed the line; he was even worse than Tyler. This was a time I wished that my ability could cause more pain than laughter. But then again, maybe it could. Just as he opened his mouth to say some other nasty comment I hit him with a merciless slam of hysteria. He dropped to the ground, cursing his sudden giddiness.

"Not even in your dreams," I scoffed. Edward possessively reached his arm around my waist and dragged me off to get our seats.

The show began, but I was already bored to start with. I didn't understand anything, only that the freak who hit on me was named Barry (he had an unpronounceable last name, but his first name was bad enough) and placing last in the race. Time passed and Edward's grimace didn't fade.

Eventually, an intermission granted us the relief of getting out of our seats to stretch. I went over to the information stand (to find out when this torture would end) when I heard a familiar voice.

"Hey babe! Call me soon!"

I whipped around and got hit by a paper airplane, obviously thrown by Barry who was waving frantically. Glancing down, I saw a few digits written on the wing of the plane and looked up again, appalled. And he still had the nerve to wink at me! He was such a conceited little creep... I flashed him my middle finger in response.

"Now Bella, manners," came a more welcome sound in my ear. I turned and saw an annoyed (yet simultaneously proud) expression on Edward's face. Standing on tiptoe, I kissed him quickly before getting my needed info. Lucky for me, the show was ending after this last race.

Sitting in my seat, I just watched the cars race around... and around... and around... I nearly fell asleep, and I'll tell you, that is quite difficult for a vampire.

Of a sudden, I caught a flash of color that didn't match one of the car's exterior. I focused more on that particular car and was hit with shock.

Oh. My. Gosh. I was going to kill that maniac. He had a picture of me (who knows where he got it) blown up and pasted on the bumper of his car. His phone number was next to the photo, with "CALL ME" in big, red letters.

Fuming, I fervently strained to focus my energy towards that bothersome little yellow car. The result took effect immediately- it swerved and crashed into the side wall, smashing the front.

"Bella!" I couldn't tell what the emotion in Edward's voice was. I circled around and was surprised to see his demeanor as bewildered, yet appreciative.

He continued, "Normally I wouldn't encourage violence... well, making him laugh wasn't really violent, I suppose. But either way, that guy was just... weird. And his thoughts... UGH. Not only that, but have you noticed his smell? I swear, if he was bigger I'd think he was a werewolf."

"Good, we're on the same page then."

I ran down with Edward to check on the situation, casually stepping over the rubble. Ignoring the protesting medics, I glided over to see how Barry was doing. I caught a bit of the Emergency Medical Trainee's conversation.

"He's a bit confused; he claims he just started feeling as if a dozen people were tickling him. He may have been delusional though, we're not sure what exactly happened. Tell Dr. Cullen to give him some pain killers- the guy has a couple of small fractures everywhere."

Edward immediately tensed. I recognized the reason, and my reaction was similar. Carlisle would know this was my fault. Edward rubbed my shoulders soothingly, making my decision for me and I decided to deal with the issue at hand later.

Remembering my mission, I went up to Barry.

"Hey, are you okay?" I asked innocently. He just grunted.

"Can I get you anything? Pain medication? Water?" Some deodorant, perhaps?

I almost couldn't believe myself when I heard his next words.

"How about a kiss?"

That was the point where I just couldn't handle it anymore.

Losing my patience, I glared at Barry and he started guffawing under the influence of my power.

"Ha! OUCH! Ha! OUCH!" he went on.

Edward hauled me away from the lunatic as the doctors hurried over to sedate him.

Smug with my success, I beamed up at the only man who would ever capture my heart.

I learned something from Barry, at least: it takes 46 muscles to frown, but only 4 to flip him the bird. But in this case, it took zero muscles to make him laugh so hard he may (hopefully) laugh his insides out.

Now, the only thing we had to worry about is what to say to Carlisle and the family.