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The Pack

He found out from her, in her own words, what her plan was. What it was that she had chosen. He wasn't ready for it, and neither was the rest of the pack. Now, they have to decide what to do about it.

Disclaimer: Twlight is not mine neither are the characters. Stephenie Meyer thought it all up...good for her!

2. Meeting

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Embry’s Point of View

We were at Emily’s house waiting for Jacob to return. He had gone to Bella’s house to make sure the Cullens were still aware of the treaty now that they were back.

I couldn’t understand the strange attachment Bella had to the bloodsuckers. They left her here, alone, after her eighteenth birthday. She would be dead right now if it weren’t for us. But the moment he came back she welcomed him with open arms, no questions asked.

As much as I hate to admit it though, he made her happier than I’ve seen her these past months. He brought back that light lacking in her eyes that none of us could, no matter how hard we tried or what we did, not even Jacob. Damn bloodsuckers.

All was silent at the table while we waited for Jacob. Suddenly, Jared spoke up. “Jake said he was also dropping something off at Bella’s. Does anyone know what that something is?”

“You know how Jacob fixed up those bikes for Bella?” I asked him. Jared nodded. “Well, he’s taking Bella’s over to her house in an attempt to get her grounded to keep her away from the Cullens.”

Paul smirked. “Looks like Bella’s going to be grounded for a long time. I’d say well into her tenth year of marriage.”

I laughed. “Yeah, the ceremony would have to be held in her bedroom. Do you think she’ll be home schooled?” I asked in amusement.

Sam shrugged, but Paul answered. “I wouldn’t be surprised. Hey! Maybe Charlie should put bars on her window to keep the leech out and put a flap in her door for food.” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “I just might suggest it to him, or tell Jacob to pass it on,” he said breaking out in laughter.

I rolled my eyes at him, just like Paul. Keeping Bella in and Edward out didn’t seem like such a bad idea. It would keep them apart and her out of danger. Victoria we can take care of, but we can’t be there to make sure he doesn’t bite her. Jake might actually calm down….but I knew it wouldn’t work. They would find a way to be together anyway.

I heard movement outside the house, and from the look on the rest of the pack’s faces, so did they. Jacob walked through the front door wearing only a pair of pants, just like the rest of us. From the look on his face, he wasn’t happy. His eyes looked absolutely furious, yet sad at the same time.

Paul looked at him. “Well, how’d it go?” Jacob sat down in the chair beside me and sighed. “He remembers the terms of the treaty and will abide by them.”

“Good,” Sam said nodding. All of a sudden Jacob’s features became angry. “No. It’s not good,” he said furiously. We all looked at him in shock. Sam was the only one who kept a calm expression on his face.

“Jacob I don’t like those bloodsuckers any more than you do, but the treaty….” He looked at me. “The treaty doesn’t matter. Not anymore!” Jacob cut me off mid sentence. He let a string of profanities leave his mouth while his hands shook violently in his anger. He needed to calm down or he would lose control.

“Jacob, you need to calm down,” Sam told him calmly. He took a few deep breaths and let his head fall into his hands. I exchanged worried glances with Jared, both of us utterly confused.

What is going on? What’s wrong with Jacob? I’m so confused! What does he mean the treaty doesn’t matter anymore?!

“What is it, Jake?” I watched him cautiously as I asked my question. “She wants to be one of them,” he muttered. Oh no. He couldn’t be talking about…

“Are you talking about Bella?” Sam asked quietly. Jacob nodded. I felt like I had just been punched in the gut. How could she want that?!

Paul jumped out of his chair, knocking it over. “What?!” he shouted angrily. “What do you mean she wants to be one of them?” Jacob glared at him. “What do you think it means, Paul, other than the obvious?” he asked him.

He shook his head in disbelief. “She wants to be a god damn leech? After all we did for her? We risked our lives for her! We all took turns making sure she was okay. This is how she repays us? By turning her back on us and choosing them over us?”

Sam turned his gaze to Paul. “Sit down Paul; we have things we need to discuss.” Paul scowled at Sam. “Don’t tell me to calm down. Bella,” he sneered her name, “chose them, over us, over Jake! After they left her here for dead! We took her in when she needed us to and protected her while they were off doing God knows what in another part of the country. And now, they’re back and she welcomes them. They hurt her and Jake was here to help her through it, we all were. But who does she choose? The leeches,” he said the word as if it would burn him.

I silently agreed with most of what he said. How could Bella do this to all of us? Especially to Jacob!

When Paul was done his rant he picked up the chair he knocked over. Jared sighed. “Are you done now, Paul?” he asked. Paul just gave him a curt nod, as if speaking would set him off again.

We sat there looking at each other for a few minutes. Emily had stayed silent the entire time, standing in the background. Jake frowned slightly as no one said anything. No one was saying anything anymore. I knew that no one probably wanted to be the one to ask, I certainly didn’t want to be, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. “So what do we do now?”

Sam looked thoughtful. “Well, if Jacob’s right and Bella does intend to become one of them, then they’ll be breaking the treaty by changing her. All it takes is one bite and the venom will spread through her body. Within three days she would be one of them.” He looked at Jacob then. “Do you think you would be able to persuade her to reconsider?”

He shook his head. “No. This is what she wants and once her mind is made up she won’t go back on her decision,” he told us sadly. Sam nodded and continued. “Do you know then when they intend to make her one of them?” Again he shook his head in reply. “She just told me it was none of my business what she does, only revealing what she intended to do and not when.” Sam sighed heavily.

This was all too much to take in. Bella was really willing to become a bloodsucker and they were going to be the ones to change her. It’s disgusting!

“Then we have to decide what we’ll do when they change her.” He was addressing the entire pack now. “If we get wind of her being bitten, do you want to go the moment we hear of it or wait until her transformation is complete?” Jared looked thoughtful, but Paul spoke up first. “We should go the moment it’s complete. I want to make sure it’s the entire coven fighting, including Bella,” he said with an evil gleam in his eye.

Emily gasped. “Paul! You want to kill Bella?” He looked at her, his face softening. “It’s what she is going to choose for herself, so she should be fighting with her family. We weren’t good enough for her so it’s only right.”

This was all getting so complicated. We never could have imagined that any of this would be happening. It wasn’t just a quarrel between the vampires and werewolves anymore, there was a human involved. A human who we all protected and cared for and Jacob loved. A human who loved the vampire’s and chose them over us after everything they did to her. And apparently, they loved her back, according to them and her anyway.

I wasn’t sure if I was okay with killing Bella, even when she became a leech. I knew that if it came down to me or her, I would go for the kill, but sitting here calmly discussing her death was making me uneasy.

“Let’s vote on it then. Out of the five of us, who wants to kill Bella once she’s changed?” Sam asked the pack. Paul raised his hand at once, slowly followed by a hesitant Jared. I was still undecided; I didn’t know what I wanted at that moment. It would be easier to make a decision at the very end. I looked at Sam and his face gave off no hint of what he might be thinking.

Jacob looked like he was having an inner battle being waged within. I knew this would be hard for him; after all, he loved Bella. For a time I thought it would all turn out good for both of them, that she would eventually let Jake in and he would have the love of his life. Little did I know that it would only turn out okay for Bella and her bloodsucker, leaving Jacob broken hearted. If I would have known, I would have protected him from her.

Suddenly I though of something. “If we let Bella live and kill most if not all of her coven, then she wouldn’t have anyone to help her through it all. She could become a total savage,” I said. Jacob nodded in agreement. If she were left alive, then no one would be able to hold her back from attacking humans. And if she were to kill a human in Forks or bite one, we would have to kill her no matter what.

It’s all so complicated! “We haven’t really come to a decision about this,” Sam said speaking up. “I wouldn’t want to do anything in the middle of the transformation; she’ll be in enough pain as it is.” Paul looked up. “All the more reason to relieve her of it.” Jacob looked at him sharply. “Oh come on Jacob, she didn’t choose you and you’re still protecting her! She broke your heart damn it!”

He looked away from Paul and stared at the floor. This was even harder for him than it was for us. I don’t think I could even begin to understand, even if I wanted to.

“We’ll go with this plan for now. Just patrol the La Push borders and make sure no vampires come onto the reservation. If by chance one does get through our ranks, and it’s a Cullen then they broke the treaty and we can attack early, if not then just kill it. Don’t go on their territory. We don’t want to give them a reason to have the upper hand because we broke the treaty. When they change Bella it means war.” He looked around the table and his eyes lingered on Jacob for a fraction of a second longer. “Be prepared for when they change her and make sure you’re ready for anything, even if that means killing Bella.”

So it would come down to a fight in the end. Part of me wanted to kill Bella because of what she had done to us and Jacob; and another part told me that she would still be Bella, sweet and innocent, even if she was no longer our friend. When we do fight, it would be kinder to kill her, then she wouldn’t have to go through eternity alone.