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The Pack

He found out from her, in her own words, what her plan was. What it was that she had chosen. He wasn't ready for it, and neither was the rest of the pack. Now, they have to decide what to do about it.

Disclaimer: Twlight is not mine neither are the characters. Stephenie Meyer thought it all up...good for her!

4. Reason

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Emily’s Point of View

It had been a long couple of days after Jacob told us all about Bella’s decision to become a vampire. The entire pack had been tense and on edge, especially Jacob. He did, after all, love Bella immensely.

They were out patrolling the borders while I was making dinner. Sam, Paul, and Jacob would be here soon, closely followed by Jared and Embry, and they would all be starving.

I was really starting to worry about Jacob. He wasn’t as happy as he had been when around Bella. Granted, he wasn’t in a zombie like state like Bella had been when Edward had left her, so it was something. But, there was such sadness in his eyes. It hurt to look at him.

When Bella decided to choose Edward over Jacob, it broke his heart. It really tore him to pieces. She had made the entire pack so furious. One reason being that she chose Edward, the vampire who had left her and not Jacob, her savior in a sense. Another reason being the fact that Edward was a vampire, someone who could kill her, and all for her blood, whereas the pack could protect her and they did care for her. So it was like she turned her back on them, on all of us. How could one girl cause this much trouble?

So much chaos and uncertainty stemmed from Bella’s actions and decisions, as well as pain. She not only hurt Jacob, but all of us, the entire pack, and me as well. I had come to enjoy Bella’s company. It was comforting to have another girl around as well as a companion when Sam was out running around the forest. I was always so worried, and it was good to know that someone else shared my fear and could help comfort me a little.

Now she was gone, probably over at the vampire’s house, letting them comfort her and comforting them in return, though why you would comfort a vampire, I wasn’t really sure. It’s not like they need to be warm or anything.

Bella had caused so much turmoil. She hurt my family. I should be so angry with her, but I’m really not.

I suppose if I had the chance to return to my love’s arms after he had left me and then returned, I would do so without hesitation. Maybe we should be looking at this from her point of view, not just ours.

Bella and Edward are in love with one another, so much so that she could have died of heartbreak when he left her, and when he thought she was dead he wanted to join her. It’s like some twisted version of Romeo and Juliet, the vampire and the human.

I suppose she doesn’t see him as a vampire, a monster, just like I don’t see Sam as a werewolf. I see him as the man I am madly in love with, not something to be feared. That’s how Bella is with Edward. Both Sam and Edward expect us to go running in the other direction sooner or later, but because of our love, we would never do that.

I had never realized how much Bella and I had in common when it came to love. It’s strange that now that she’s gone, and probably never coming back, that I have finally figured out the way she feels towards the vampires. They’re her family, just like the pack is mine.

I stood there thinking for a moment. If there was a chance to be turned into a werewolf and have Sam be less careful around me, letting it be something we could share together, I would have him change me in a heartbeat. Now I see how Bella feels about becoming a vampire.

That’s why she wants to be one of them. She loves them so much, and they feel that way towards her as well. For the longest time they have considered her family.

It’s much easier to really take a look at why Bella did what she did when you’re not seeing it from enemy eyes.

Just as I look up, I see my family coming through the door, starved. Sam comes right to me, first kissing my scars tenderly, then making his way to my lips. His musky scent is intoxicating. I can’t help but love him.

“So who’s hungry?” I asked, knowing full well that it was all of them.

They gave me a grateful look before digging into the food set in front of them. Their appetites had grown over the past few months. Nothing unexpected though, they do run around a lot.

I sighed and Sam caught my gaze, grinning widely. I smiled back at him, my eyes showing all the love words could not.

I watched them eat from my place by the counter. Yes, this is my family, and I love every one of them.

I know that pack will never see the reason behind Bella’s choice, and they won’t listen to me when I try to explain, but I have to try. Bella deserves that much; she deserves her happiness after all that she’s been through.

I suppose I should hate her for hurting Jacob and his brothers, but I don’t. I can’t hate her. She’s in love with a man, who just happens to be a vampire. They will be spending eternity with each other, and that’s all that matters to them.

They say love is blind, and I suppose it really is, especially in their situation. And I can’t bring myself to hate either of them, or their family.