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The Pack

He found out from her, in her own words, what her plan was. What it was that she had chosen. He wasn't ready for it, and neither was the rest of the pack. Now, they have to decide what to do about it.

Disclaimer: Twlight is not mine neither are the characters. Stephenie Meyer thought it all up...good for her!

5. Author's Note

Rating 5/5   Word Count 105   Review this Chapter

*sigh* I know, a very well hated author’s note…yay! Sorry if I got your hopes up about this being a new chapter [/ashamed]

I’m really sorry I haven’t update sooner. I had some time but sadly the muses did not feel the need to inspire me. Bad muses! I’m going on vacation to Florida for a week and a half so I’ll write while I’m there. I’ll try to write at least two chapters that way there will be faster updates when I come back! I leave tomorrow and return May 4th….so much school will be missed, yay! I mean, how terrible! *mourns*