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The Pack

He found out from her, in her own words, what her plan was. What it was that she had chosen. He wasn't ready for it, and neither was the rest of the pack. Now, they have to decide what to do about it.

Disclaimer: Twlight is not mine neither are the characters. Stephenie Meyer thought it all up...good for her!

6. Talk

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Jacob’s POV

Days passed as time got closer to Bella’s graduation. The pack had imagined to discover that the coven leader, Carlisle, would change Bella right after she graduated.

I missed Bella so much, but how could she do this? How could she want to become one of those…things: Dead, cold, too sweet smelling, soulless, empty? She would become a shell of the beautiful person she is, a monster, a bloodsucker. We had to stop it, but we couldn’t find a way.

They hadn’t broken the treaty yet so we weren’t allowed onto their land. If we took her away, the Cullens would track us down and fight us for Bella, not to mention that we would have broken the treaty first.

Everything was just wrong from what I imagined it would be. I never thought the damn Cullens would come back after they broke Bella. I never thought Bella would welcome them back after they were the ones who broke her. I though that maybe, she would grow to love me as I do her, and that we would be happy together. I thought she would be here in La Push with my brothers, Emily, and me. Bella hadn’t come down to La Push ever since she got back from Italy with him, her beloved leech. It’s not like she’d be welcome anyway, so what does it matter?

At this moment, my brothers and I were running through the forest surrounding La Push, patrolling the borders. We hadn’t smelled nor seen that bloodsucker Victoria since she Cullens came back.

Suddenly, Sam’s voice penetrated my thoughts. Guys, let’s head back to Emily’s. There isn’t anything here. Besides, she said she wants to speak to all of us about something important. Don’t ask me what either, he thought cutting of Paul, I don’t know.

Simultaneously, we turned and began running back to Sam and Emily’s house. I was racing Embry. He wanted to bet on it but that’s not really my thing.

When we got to the edge of the woods, we morphed back and put our clothes on, which we had left earlier. Sam led the way into the house, gathering Emily into his arms. He kissed her scars, then made his was to her lips, leaving a trail of kisses along her jaw.

I heard Jared groan. “Get a room! You’re going to make me vomit,” he told the couple.

The rest of us chuckled while Sam scowled. “You don’t have to watch. You can actually cover your eyes and ears like the children you are.”

That wiped the grin off Paul’s face, turning it into a glare.

When Sam was done showering Emily with kisses, he asked her what she wanted to meet with all of us for.

She looked at all of us and came to stand in front while we grouped around her. “I know that what I’m about to talk to you about it a sore topic, but you have to at least hear me out. Don’t jump to conclusions and control your tempers.” She looked pointedly at Paul.

We nodded our agreement and waited for her to begin. Emily took a deep breath.

“Well, I know you’re all angry with Bella,” there were a few growls at her name, mainly from Paul, “for choosing Edward,” this time everyone growled at his name. She looked at us sternly, like a scolding mother would. “I would appreciate it if you would keep your growls to yourself.”

“Why are you talking about that traitor and her leech?” Paul almost shouted.

“Paul, both of those people have names, and from what I can see have done nothing wrong, unless of course you call falling in love wrong.” She looked at Sam when she said the last part.

He looked shocked but couldn’t say anything, or do anything for that matter. I didn’t want to say anything to get the pack or Emily angry with me. So I did the only thing I could think of, I looked down to stare at my feet and the floor. Maybe I should count the tiles...

She scowled at us all a moment longer. “If you’re done being rude, I’ll continue.” She paused. “As I was saying about Bella and Edward, I know you’re all very angry with her for going with the vampires, but you have to look at this from her side.”

All at once, we looked at her and shouted a loud, echoing, “NO!”