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Dress up with the Cullens

DressUpWithTheCullensBannerIris.jpg picture by lolabri The new amazing banner is by Iris! She is awesome! The Cullens are going wacky playing dressup!(Yes the boys are playing!) You've got to see what Bella and Edward are! Emmett goes crazy! By the way, have you ever seen edward stuck in the mall with his family, also dressed up in silly costumes? You will in this crazy aventure with the cullens! PLAY FORMAT Check out the sequel Disneyland With The Cullens!!!

ANNDDD here is dressup with the cullens! Enjoy!

1. Dress up

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JASPER: {Singing} everybody was kung fu fighting! Everybody was fast as lightning! {Does awesome kung fu moves}

{ Alice enters room dressed as a princess}

ALICE: What are you supposed to be?

JASPER: I’m a kung fu warrior! Duh!

ALICE: Oh! Can I be a kung fu princess then? Please!

JASPER: What?! There can’t be a kung fu princess! That is so lame!

ALICE: Nah-uh! Princesses are so not lame!

{Rosalie enters room dressed as a bunny}

ROSALIE: OMG! I’m a vampire bunny! Chirp! Chirp!

ALICE: Uh… I don’t think that is what a bunny is supposed to sound like.

ROSALIE: Yes it is! Emmett!

{Emmett enters room dressed as superman}

EMMETT: It’s Super Emmett! I will save you fair maiden bunny!{Scoops Rosalie up into his arms}

ROSALIE: Oh! My hero!

JASPER: Hey! I’m the kung fu master! I will save you!

ALICE: No you aren’t mister! {Grabs Jasper by the ear and drags him out of the room} You’re going in the time out corner!

JASPER: Not the time out corner!! Anything but that!

{Edward enters the room dressed as a muffin}

EDWARD: It’s muffin man! I will save you from those breakfast hungers!

{Bella jumps out from behind Edward dressed as a banana}

BELLA: And it’s banana girl! I’m chalk-full of potassium!

BELLA+ED: {Singing} I like to eat, eat, eat, muffins and bananas!

EMMETT: {Drools and drops Rosalie on the ground} I like muffins and bananas. I want some!

ROSALIE: Hey! Emmy! I can’t believe you would choose a muffin over me!

EMMETT: But I like muffins!

{Emmett tries to take a bite out of Edward’s muffin costume}

EDWARD: Hey! What the heck Emmett! It’s my muffin suit!

BELLA: Don’t eat my hot vampire muffin boyfriend!

{ Carlisle comes in the room dressed as a police man}

CARLISLE: Did someone call 911? {He takes out his fake gun} Bang! Bang! Hey what’s wrong with my gun?

{Esme comes in the room dressed as a robber with a sack of money}

ESME: Ha! I just robbed a bank! I just robbed a bank! {Gasps} Did I just say that out loud?!

ALICE: Um…yeah.

CARLSLE: You’re under arrest! {Takes out handcuffs}

ESME: You’ll never catch me! Ha! {runs out of room}

CARLISLE: Oh yeah? {Runs out of the room to catch Esme}

ROSALIE: Emmett’s costume is so much better then Edwards. I mean, come on. He's a muffin!

BELLA: Nah-uh! Muffins are hotter then super heroes!

{Jasper and Alice enter the room with Harry potter puppet pals puppets}

JASPER: Snape! Snape! Severus Snape!

ALICE: Dumbledore!

BELLA: Stephanie Meyer!

JASPER+ALICE: What?! Stephanie Meyer is not in Harry potter puppet pals!

BELLA: So? I worked hard on this Stephanie puppet. Stephanie is awesome! {Hugs Stephanie puppet}

ALICE: It’s not the real Stephanie.

BELLA: Fine then. I'll go find her. She lives in Arizona, right?

ALICE: Um…yeah.

EDWARD: I’ll go with you! Are the rest of you guys coming?

ROSALIE: Yeah! Let’s see the creator!

EMMETT: Let’s go!

ALICE: Okay.

JASPER: I’m coming too! I’ll show her my master kung fu moves!

{Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, Bella, and Edward run out the door and out to the front of the house and march into the sunset, heading for Arizona. Right after they leave, Esme and Carlisle enter the room. Carlisle is dressed in Elvis clothes and is wearing an afro. Esme is wearing a poodle skirt.}

ESME: Where is everyone?

CARLISLE: I don’t know. Who cares though? Let’s party!

{A disco ball emerges from the ceiling and the lights dim. Music comes on. Esme and Carlisle start dancing.}