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Dress up with the Cullens

DressUpWithTheCullensBannerIris.jpg picture by lolabri The new amazing banner is by Iris! She is awesome! The Cullens are going wacky playing dressup!(Yes the boys are playing!) You've got to see what Bella and Edward are! Emmett goes crazy! By the way, have you ever seen edward stuck in the mall with his family, also dressed up in silly costumes? You will in this crazy aventure with the cullens! PLAY FORMAT Check out the sequel Disneyland With The Cullens!!!

ANNDDD here is dressup with the cullens! Enjoy!

2. Stuck in the mall

Rating 5/5   Word Count 471   Review this Chapter

Chapter two

{The Cullens are lost in a huge mall in Phoenix, Arizona, in their quest to find Stephenie Meyer. To their horror, they have forgotten to take off their costumes. But they also have a little luck, for it’s the month of October. Go Halloween!}

ALICE: Where the heck are we? Is this even in phoenix? WHERE ARE WE?!

JASPER: Okay, it’s official. We are lost.

EDWARD: So much for vampire senses. And uh…Jasper? Why are you dressed up as a prince?

JASPER: Don’t ask.

ROSALIE: So…what’s the plan?

EDWARD: What plan?

ROSALIE: To find Stephenie! Duh! You were here when we first went to find her!

EMMETT: What if she’s not even in here?

BELLA: You can’t lose hope! Besides, this mall is in Phoenix.


BELLA: Jasper!

{Two teenage boys look at Edward and snicker. I guess they think muffins are funny.}

EDWARD: Why I oughtta…

ALICE: Edward…

EMMETT: Actually, I think we should change out of these costumes.

ROSALIE: Change into what? We don’t have any clothes.

BELLA: Hello! It’s a mall!

ALICE: Anyone have cash?

EDWARD: I’m in a muffin suit. What do you expect? Blueberry pockets?

ROSALIE: You mean we are gonna have to wear these costumes the whole time in we're in here!?!?



BELLA: Very cruel.

EMMETT: Well…look on the bright side. I look sexy as a super hero, and Edward {Snickers} looks very…cute as a muffin.



{Edward chases Emmett through the crowd. The Cullens quickly lose sight of them.}

BELLA: At least you guys are beautiful. I’m hideous. And I’m a banana.

JASPER: You’re not ugly! You’re normal.

BELLA: Ugh. I’m going to Orange Julius. {shuffles off}

ALICE: Thanks a lot Jasper. Now you just made her depressed. {Rolls eyes}

JASPER: What?! What did I do?


ROSALIE: Boys are so clueless.

ALICE: Oh yeah.

{A Woman dressed in princess clothes comes up to Rosalie, Jasper, and Alice .}

PRINCESS LADY: There you are! I’ve been looking all over the mall for you! You're on in five! How can you get lost?!


PRINCESS LADY: {Examines Jasper}You look a little different. Oh well. We are going to be late.

{The lady grabs Jasper by the arm and takes him somewhere. Jasper has a very confused look on his face.}

ROSALIE: {Sighs} He deserved it. It was coming for him. I hope he can act.

ALICE: Well…that was very…strange. Plus everyone is gone, so we can’t discuss the plan, which I haven’t even thought up yet.

ROSALIE: yeah. It’s depressing.

ALICE: Whoa. {Her eyes go blank and she stays totally still.}

ROSALIE: What do you see, Alice?

ALICE: I see…I see…I see…clothes in our future!

ROSALIE: Sweet! I’m so ready to shop!

ALICE: Shouldn’t we help the others?

ROSALIE: We have to fulfill our destiny! You saw it yourself!

ALICE: Alright. Let’s go.

{Alice and Rosalie head off to the wonderful clothes stores.}