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Dress up with the Cullens

DressUpWithTheCullensBannerIris.jpg picture by lolabri The new amazing banner is by Iris! She is awesome! The Cullens are going wacky playing dressup!(Yes the boys are playing!) You've got to see what Bella and Edward are! Emmett goes crazy! By the way, have you ever seen edward stuck in the mall with his family, also dressed up in silly costumes? You will in this crazy aventure with the cullens! PLAY FORMAT Check out the sequel Disneyland With The Cullens!!!

ANNDDD here is dressup with the cullens! Enjoy!

3. Orange Julius and Shopping

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(Bella, still dressed up as a banana, has found Orange Julius. (BEST smoothie place in the whole world)

CASHIER: Welcome to Orange Julius. What would you like to order?

BELLA: Hm…I think I’ll have the Strawberry Xtreme smoothie.

CASHIER: Oh. Sorry, but we’re out of Strawberry Xtreme. We do have lots of other choices, though.

BELLA: Ugh. I’ll have…Banana Chill.

CASHIER: Okay. (Looks at Bella’s banana suit) Are you on a break?

BELLA: What?

CASHIER: Aren’t you advertising the new Banana Chill fruit smoothie? The ice cream is over there. (Points at a guy dressed up in an ice cream suit)

(The manager comes up to the counter)

MANAGER: (Looks at Bella) Finally! We’ve been waiting for you. You must be the replacement banana. Now get over there and advertise!

BELLA: (Grumbles) Whatever.

(Bella walks over to the ice cream guy. As she gets closer, she sees a familiar face. OH NO!!!! It’s Mike Newton!! Why is this happening?!)

BELLA: This day just keeps getting worse and worse.

MIKE: (Notices Bella) OH MY GOSH!! I had no idea you signed up too! This is so awesome!

BELLA: Yeah, sure.

MIKE: (Advertising) Come try our new Banana Chill fruit smoothie! Only at Orange Julius!

BELLA: (Mutters) I hate my life.

* * * * * *

(Rosalie and Alice have found awesome clothes stores. All they need to find is some awesome money.)

ROSALIE: Wonderful, beautiful, awesome clothes. (Hugs a rack of shirts)

ALICE: If only we had some money…

(They see a teenage boy about their age looking at T-shirts)

ROSALIE: I’ve got a plan. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

ALICE: Oh yeah. I am so there.

(Rosalie and Alice start walking over to the teenage boy. He looks awed at the sight of them.)



ALICE: What are you doing? (Giggles)

TEEN BOY: I’m just looking.

ROSALIE: Oh. We were just wondering if you could…spare any money for us. We don’t have any. (Makes a sad face)

ALICE: Yeah. We’re dressed in these ugly costumes too. We’re being laughed at.

(Rosalie puts her hand on the teenage boys shoulder)

ROSALIE: So…you’ll help us out?

TEEN BOY: Totally. (Takes out money from his wallet and hands it to Rosalie)

ROSALIE: Thanks.

ALICE: What is you’re name again?

TEEN BOY: Tyler. You can call me Ty though.

ALICE: See you later, Ty. (Giggles and blows him a kiss)

(Alice and Rosalie walk into a random clothes store)

ALICE: We’re brilliant! How much money did he give us?

ROSALIE: (Smiles) 200 bucks.

ALICE: Sweet. So what should we buy?

ROSALIE: Hmm. We won’t get what we usually buy, but it will definitely be better than these costumes.

ALICE: Totally.

(Alice and Rosalie search the clothes stores looking for cute clothes that are less expensive, but just as awesome as their own clothes. After an hour of shopping, they have both picked out suitable outfits. Alice has picked out a blue top with sequins around the neckline and a white knee-length skirt, with white ballet flats. Rosalie picked out a green Capri-sleeved shirt with a white flower design on the front, dark denim skinny jeans, and white high-heeled shoes.)

ROSALIE: We look so awesome!

ALICE: Oh Yeah!

ROSALIE: Let’s go find our siblings!

ALICE: With style!