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Dress up with the Cullens

DressUpWithTheCullensBannerIris.jpg picture by lolabri The new amazing banner is by Iris! She is awesome! The Cullens are going wacky playing dressup!(Yes the boys are playing!) You've got to see what Bella and Edward are! Emmett goes crazy! By the way, have you ever seen edward stuck in the mall with his family, also dressed up in silly costumes? You will in this crazy aventure with the cullens! PLAY FORMAT Check out the sequel Disneyland With The Cullens!!!

ANNDDD here is dressup with the cullens! Enjoy!

9. CATS!!

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(The very next day Bella is at the Cullen mansion. Right now Emmett is laughing his head off in front of the computer screen.)

EMMETT: Oh my gosh! You guys got to see this!

(Alice, Edward, Bella, and Rosalie enter the room.)

EDWARD: What’s so funny?

EMMETT: Get this. Crazy costume men mug bikers of their clothes at a phoenix, Arizona mall. Three guys dressed as a muffin, a superhero, and a prince cornered three bikers yesterday and forced them to hand over their clothes!

ALICE: No way!

EMMETT: There’s more. The three were previously seen with three girls dressed up as a banana, a princess, and a bunny.

(There is a huge photo of the Cullens on the computer screen.)

EDWARD: They even got pictures of us!

ROSALIE: Retarded photographers… (The door bell rings. All of them race to the door. Alice opens the door. It’s the Twi-hards!)BELLA: How did you-

BRIANNA: OMG! Edward! Look at my shirt! It says “Bite Me’ on the front! Plus it’s custom made!

EDWARD: okay…

ROSALIE: What do you guys want?

CAYLI: Okay. Here’s the plan. You know how much we all hate Jacob?

ALICE: Yeah…

HEATHER: Well, we were thinking about pulling a huge prank on him.

EMMETT: Count me in! What’s the plan?

BRIANNA: We are going to put cats in his house!

RACHEL: One hundred to be exact!

ALICE: Where are we going to get one hundred cats?!

MAKENNA: They are already outside.

CAYLI: Jaspers out there.


THEA: Come on! We will show you!

(The Twi-hards lead the Cullens to the driveway. There are boxes of cats everywhere!)


(Jasper is petting a black kitten. A blond-haired girl is sitting next to him.)

EDWARD: What are you doing jasper?!

JASPER: What? I like cats!

(The blond-haired girl stands up.)

BRIANNA: This is Emily.

EMILY: OMG! EDWARD! I like muffins!


ROSALIE: How can we deliver the cats? We don’t want break the treaty!

BRIANNA: We will do that part. You guys will distract the mutts.

BELLA: Yay! This will be fun!

ALICE: Totally!

* * * * * *

(The Twi-hards have made it to the Backs' house. The Cullens are distracting the wolves. Who knew all those cats could fit into large vans?)

THEA: All clear!

BRIANNA: Let’s open a window! (Brianna goes to one of the windows. Thankfully it isn’t locked. Plus it’s Jakes room!)

BRIANNA: Cats. (She grabs a box of cats and opens the cage and lets them out in the bedroom.)

HEATHER: We will dump them in another window.

(Heather, Makenna, Emily, Cayli, Thea and Rachel grab some boxes and go behind the house.)

* * * * * *

(After about 15 minutes, the house is filled with cats. The Twi-hards have just crossed the border line safely.)

MAKENNA: We did it!


( The Cullens are racing towards the Twi-hards’ vans.)

JASPER: Did you guys do it?


EMMETT: I can’t wait to-

(Suddenly, there is a loud howl in the distance. It is followed by loud screaming and swearing.)

BELLA: We have got to go! Jacob will kill us if he finds out!

(Everyone scurries into the vans.)

* * * * * *

(Everyone has made it safely to the Cullen mansion. They get out of the vans. There is a loud howling coming from inside the house.)

ROSALIE: Is that a cat?

CAYLI: It sounds like it’s in pain!

(Everyone rushes inside the house.)

RACHEL: What the- OH MY GOSH!!

( Carlisle and Esme are huddled over a small black kitten. It looks like it is in pain. It has two small holes on its neck. )

CARLISLE: Which one of you did this!?

JASPER: I’m sorry!

ALICE: You did it?!

JASPER: I couldn’t help it! It’s just so cute!

EMILY: So that is why it looked like we were one cat short!

* * * * * *

(The kitten has been in pain for two hours. Suddenly, it stops howling.)

BRIANNA: It stopped!

CARLISLE: Its heart isn’t beating!

(The kitten’s eyes are a golden color. Its coat is shiny and beautiful. Its purr is musical.

ALICE: It’s beautiful!

EMILY: Is it a boy or girl?

CARLISLE: It’s a girl.

JASPER: We can name it Willa!

ROSALIE: That’s cute.

BRIANNA: It can be short for Princess Willamina Fegalicious!

ESME: What a perfect name. Willa the vampire kitten.

CARLISLE: I’m still puzzled by the fact it hasn’t been three days. It’s only been two hours!

THEA: Maybe it’s because she is so small.


ESME: It doesn’t seem to be affected by the presence of a human.

MAKENNA: That could be her power!

EDWARD: One second! (He speeds off and comes back with a plate of tuna. Willa immediately smells it and it’s the tuna all up.)

BELLA: Cool!

EMMETT: Awesome! Now we have a vampire kitty! I can teach it tricks!

ROSALIE: Do cats do tricks?

EMMETT: This is no normal cat! She is super strong and super fast!

ALICE: We should give her a room!

ROSALIE: Definitely!

BELLA: (Talking to Willa) Willa, you are now officially a member of the Cullen family!