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Jacob's Ending

What would happen if Jacob kept running at the end of Eclipse? What would happen if he met someone? He put Bella back together, What happens if jacob needs someone to put him back together?

Review. it makes the sky rain money.

11. Chapter 11

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It felt like I was drunk.

I had been in her house, her room.

The place she slept in.

I could watch her sleep.

No, her room was on the third floor.


Maybe there was a nearby tree…?

No. she had just started to trust me, I couldn’t spy on her like that.

When I got back to my tree I yanked off my jeans and phased, seeing who was out.

“Hey! Jake! How’s Pennsylvania? Abby? Everyth-“ It was Embry who attacked me this time.

“Did you or Sam know that Leah was coming over here today?” I interrupted him.

“What? No! Leah was going to see family today, she told us so!”

“She lied you idiot! All her family is in La Push! She came to bring me back today and scared the shit out of Abby!”

"What! Where is she now? Is she there?”

“No. She lost it and phased right in front of Abby, though.-“

“Is she hurt?”

“No, just startled is all. Leah blabbed about imprinting and Abby’s asking questions-“

“Did you tell her?”

I told her it was a conversation for another day. She was irritated, but okay with it, I guess.”

“What all did Leah say?”

“She gave me this bullshit about how I don’t need Abby as much as I think do and that it wasn’t fair that I got to run from my screwed up love life and she has to see Sam everyday and know what he thinks and that she’s doing just fine with it.”

“Wow. I think she was more torn up about Sam imprinting than we thought.”

“Yeah, no friggin' duh. Why did she want me home so bad though?”

“Well ,um, dude, i'm sorry about this, but she kinda got to thinkin’ about how you both lost the people you loved and that you might be able to sympathize with each other, and yeah.”

“She thought that we might make a couple didn’t she?”

“Pretty much, yep.”

“Damn, she is majorly wrong in the head.”

“Yup. Hey- I think Sam just-yeah! Sam! It’s Jake!”

“Jacob. It’s good to hear from you.”

“Hey, Sam. Did you know that Leah was planning on coming down here today?”

“No, did she tell you something?”

“Uh, yeah, kind of.”

“What do you mean kind of?”

“ She came down here and told me to come home with more colorful language, in front of my imprint. Who just began to trust me.”

“She did what?!?”

“Yeah, you should talk to her, I think she’s still really upset about you guys or something. She told me I could live without my- Abby.”

“ Your Abby?’

“ Shut up! Yes, anyway. I won’t let anything happen to her."

“Did Leah say anything to give us away?’

“ Yes, but it’s taken care of. She did lose it and we fought, but she left and Abby’s not in shock anymore.”

“That’s good. I’m proud of you, Jacob. We-oh damn. Jake, We have to go now, I think Paul is freaking…”

“Oh. Go stop him. Bye.”

“Goodbye. Stay in touch.”

“Will do.”

With that I sprinted, not hitting anything and snapping at a deer that leapt past my face. At that reminder, my stomach decided to give an unhealthy growl, stopping me. Sorry deer…