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Jacob's Ending

What would happen if Jacob kept running at the end of Eclipse? What would happen if he met someone? He put Bella back together, What happens if jacob needs someone to put him back together?

Review. it makes the sky rain money.

12. Chapter 12

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I sat on my bed for several moments before standing and walking to my window, maybe expecting to see something?

I sighed and flipped open my laptop.

There was a message from my dad, asking me to come to his house tomorrow night for dinner and to meet his newest “Lady friend”, one of the women he’d picked up at the club or the supermarket or something.

I replied and told him that I didn’t know, I’d have to check with mom and everything.

There was a lie if I ever saw one.

I had to talk to Jacob tomorrow. Or tonight.

I could manage that; after dinner I could tell mom that I was going for a run, as I often did at night and go and see him.

I heard my name being called and stood immediately, shutting off the computer and slipping out my bedroom door.

My mom was in the kitchen starting dinner. She smiled warmly as I entered the room and gave me a one armed hug.

I returned the gesture and greeted Tony who was leading Anna and Alex, each who were dressed in their ballet attire.

He blew me a kiss and Anna rushed over to show me what she had learned.

After praising her (rather generously) I began to set the table while staring out the windows in the dining room. I began to wonder if Jacob would let me see him as a wolf outside the confines of a fight.

I doubted it.

He seemed so protective of me.

My mother’s hand on my arm shocked me and I jerked, almost dropping the plate I had been holding.

“You alright?” she asked, giving me a look.

I nodded.

“Yeah, fine. Just um, thinking about something.” I finished lamely.

“Something, huh? A boy?” she teased, poking me in the ribs.

“Wha- n- uh, yeah, actually. A boy.” I knew it was impossible to lie to my mother.

She grinned. “What’s his name?’“Jacob.”

I blurted without thinking. Dammit!

“Ooh.” She tittered, handing me the salad bowl.

Great. She would never let me hear the end of this. I decided to change the subject.

“Dad e-mailed me. He wants me to come to dinner tomorrow.”

Her tone shifted immediately.

“Oh really? Another girlfriend?” she mocked, spooning something from a dish into the sizzling pan on the stove.

“Yep. Wat’cha wanna bet it’s another fitness queen?” I asked, bringing in our joke.

She laughed and ruffled my hair.

“Probably, knowing him.”

I watched as my mother began loading the table with whatever I would be sneaking Jacob this evening and waited with her for the rest of the family to join us for dinner.


It took me forever to get away after we ate.

The twins wanted me to play with them, Tony asked about school, and he always wanted detailed descriptions of everything.

Finally I told them I needed some air and space and my mother, being afraid of me turning into a stereotypical teenager, let me go.

I snatched up the bag of food that I had hid on the deck before speeding away into the curtain of green that hid what had become my secret.

The forest floor was slippery due to all the rain and several times I had to grab onto various plants to prevent myself from doing a major faceplant.

I found Jacob’s tree easily and somehow wasn’t surprised to see that he wasn’t there. I sat on the stump that I had earlier and looked around.

His backpack was in the tree and I blushed as I saw his jeans. He must be running then. As a- er- wolf. I heard birds chirp and wind rustle through trees as I waited. Suddenly, breaking twigs caught my attention and I whipped around.

There was Jacob, standing less than three feet away from me. Naked.