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Jacob's Ending

What would happen if Jacob kept running at the end of Eclipse? What would happen if he met someone? He put Bella back together, What happens if jacob needs someone to put him back together?

Review. it makes the sky rain money.

2. Chapter 2

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Walking in the rain always helped me clear my head. There was just something about the trees that made the more beautiful when coated with water. The colors were richer and everything was soft. This was a good atmosphere for me after spending an afternoon with my dad. Every time I saw him he insisted on doing the same thing; going to the athletic club and watching people play sports through glass windows like they were some science experiment. That and running endless miles around the track there. That was the reason he bought me an MP3 player. He thought if I had my music to listen to, it would make me run more. Not. I preferred walking, where you could actually see the things around you outside of a blur. I think that if he would slow down a little and look every once in a while he might see why I’m so reluctant to spend time with him. But they were mother’s rules. She wanted y dad to be a part of my life the way my siblings’ father was a part of theirs’. But that wasn’t fair. Their father, my step-father, lived with us. And I was a mama’s girl. Not a girly girl, definitely not a not a girly girl, but I liked spending time with her, I looked just like her, we had the same interests and I even wanted to pursue the same career as her, a micro-biologist. I spent hours at her lab with her, analyzing every subject to the last detail.

My thoughts were jerked back to walking when I tripped over a stump and went tumbling down a small hill. I lay curled up on the ground with rain pattering my face for several minutes, catching my breath and ignoring the pounding in the back of my head that told me I had hit it. Slowly, I stood up and looked around. The hill was pretty steep. I wasn’t on a trail I knew but there was no way I was going to climb back up, so I turned around and walked. Pretty soon I noticed that I was in an older part of the forest. The trees here were carved out with age and would make great club houses for Alex and Anna.

I decided to come back and make sure they were safe sometime when I hadn’t just slammed my head on a rock. I made my way through the forest rather quickly despite my disorientation and soon found a particularly humongous tree. Apparently, it already had an occupant, judging by the light snores coming from the opening. Slowly I crept around the side and peeked in. There was a young man sleeping in it. He would have been attractive if not for the heartbroken look on his face. He was hugging himself and looked to have been crying. I felt like I could trust him, though that might have been because he was asleep. Deciding that I would help him, I ran back down the path to my house.

After fixing a fairly decent sized plate of food, I grabbed a blanket and left the house for the second time, retracing my steps through the woods, trying to find the tree again. It was easier than I thought it would be, and I crouched outside of it, looking in on the occupant. It made me sad knowing that he had been hurt badly enough to run away. At least, I thought he had run away by looks of him. There were twigs and leaves in his shaggy black hair and he looked as though he had been outside for several days. He couldn’t have been lost, the trails were all marked. I set the plate in his lap, along with the blanket and kept watching him for a few more minutes. Watching him sleep, I knew somehow that he would never hurt me. Maybe I had hit my head a little too hard. I already trusted a sleeping stranger. The rain picked up soon, and my mother would scold me for being out in the rain for too long. Sighing, I stood up and brushed my hands off on my legs.

“Bye. I’ll be back later.” I whispered to the sleeping figure, hoping that he had heard me.