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Jacob's Ending

What would happen if Jacob kept running at the end of Eclipse? What would happen if he met someone? He put Bella back together, What happens if jacob needs someone to put him back together?

Review. it makes the sky rain money.

4. Chapter 4

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I stared at this boy, man really, and waited for him to grab me, to take me as he said he had come here for, to move at all actually. The whole time I’d been talking to him he’d been standing in the same place, holding the same posture, even breathing at the same pace.

He seemed happy to see me for some reason. Also the heartbreak had totally abandoned his features.

He sat down, moving with exaggerated slowness, on the ground exactly where he had been standing. Finally I found the courage to respond to his last vocal statement.

“What do you mean, ‘you’re here for me’”

He seemed to be nervous as he looked at his hands which had begun braiding grass apparently of their own accord.

“Well, I wasn’t sure at first. I was just running away. Now I have a reason for staying. You.”

He finally looked at me and his dark brown eyes were shy, as if he expected me to be mad.

“Care to explain?” I asked him.

“No, I don’t really. You’ll find out eventually though.”

I hate it when people keep things from me like that, telling me I’ll find out at some point or another. Especially when I knew they knew something about me. I was still puzzled and Jacob seemed to know that.

“Quite simply, my heart beats for you now.”

These words startled me slightly and I stood abruptly.

“Right, well. I’ll see you later Jacob”

“I’m sorry.” He whispered reminding me of a small child who knew he had done something he shouldn’t have.

I felt bad now.

“It’s fine, really. My mom’s probably wondering where I am, that’s all.”

He nodded, still not looking at me. I left, felling guilty.

My mom asked where I had been, but decided not to press the issue when I said I had just been walking. My stepfather, Tony, was playing with the five year old twins in the family room, apparently Candy Land or something of the sort. I climbed the stairs to my room and locked the door behind me, wanting some quiet to mull things over.

Flopping on my bed, I stared out the window at the receding storm clouds.

“Okay.” I told myself.

“There’s a guy living in a tree that says he’s from Washington and got here in two days and apparently is here for me and just figured that out. Perfectly normal.”

Who was I kidding? This was completely nuts! This Jacob Black clearly needed me, and I knew that desperate times call for desperate measures. If he really did need me and I refused him, he might do something rash. I felt for him, I did. I suppose I could just be there for him and see what happened. He wasn’t hostile; quite frankly, I could see my five year old sister beating him up. No, that wasn’t true. He was strong, just lonely and hurt. This must be something weird if it involved me talking to myself.

Deciding to get up early to go and see him, I rolled onto my side and closed my eyes.