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Jacob's Ending

What would happen if Jacob kept running at the end of Eclipse? What would happen if he met someone? He put Bella back together, What happens if jacob needs someone to put him back together?

Review. it makes the sky rain money.

8. Chapter 8

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I was on my way to see Jacob after school when I heard yelling.

A woman that looked similar to him, at least from the back, was arguing with him about something. I stepped on a twig and Jacob’s eyes snapped up. Horror flashed across his face when he saw me.

The woman spun around and took me in, smirking as she turned back.

“Is this her? Sure you aren’t just imagining imprinting after Bella?” she snarled.

Jacob winced violently at her words.

“Shut up, Leah! Leave me alone! You don’t care anyway! Just go!”

He began edging his way closer to me as he retaliated.

“You don’t need her as much as you think; I’m doing just great without Sam!”

“Leah, you didn’t imprint on Sam! I have imprinted, though! I can’t leave!”

“Fuck you, Jacob!”

Eventually he was almost in front of me, his moments growing fevered as Leah started shaking, almost vibrating.

“Leah! Stop! Calm down, calm down Leah, stop! You could hurt her!” he yelled, slowly beginning to back me against a tree.

When it became clear that leah wasn't going to calm down, he began to shake himself, looking back at me with fear and sadness in his dark brown eyes.

“Abby, close your eyes.” He murmured making sure that Leah couldn’t hear him.

“Bu-“ I objected, but was cut off at a tearing sound followed by snarling.

I peeked around him and saw a huge grey wolf, about the size of a horse.

“Abby,” Jacob warned, glancing over his shoulder to see me still looking.

I shut my eyes and waited, listening.

I heard more ripping and then growling. Against what I had been told, I opened one eye.

A much larger russet brown wolf was mere feet away from me, where Jacob had been standing seconds before, growling fiercely at the smaller wolf that quickly launched itself across the ever-shrinking space between them.

My hands flew up to cover my face as I heard a collision.

More snarls filled the air, followed by whimpers. I peeked through my fingers to see the Jacob-wolf standing above the grey wolf as it lay on the ground.

He leaned in and instantly jerked back as the grey wolf’s jaws snapped over his muzzle.

So it had been a trick.

He snarled again and swiped at the smaller wolf, streaking his claws across her face where dark red ribbons of blood instantly appeared.

She fought back though, lurching to her feet and clawing at the Jacob-wolf who growled and easily dodged the blow.

I watched in horror as the two gargantuan wolves battled; presumably over me.

I blocked my view again and seconds later heard a deafening crash followed by a drawn out whimper.

I slowly uncovered my eyes and saw that both had wolves gone.

I knew very well that I hadn’t imagined it; it had all been so vivid.

Suddenly, I felt something touch my shoulder and whirled around, falling, to see Jacob looking down at me with sorrow in his eyes.

He extended a hand down to me, offering me help up.

I took it and he pulled my deftly to my feet. His hand was burning hot.

“I’m so sorry you had to see that, Abby.” He murmured, backing away and looking at the ground.

I stayed where I was and watched him.

“Who was she Jacob?”

“That was Leah Clearwater. She is part of my family in Washington.”

“And Bella?”

He winced, but did not say anything.

“She was the one who broke your heart, wasn’t she?” I asked softly.

He nodded.

I noticed a group of half-healed gashes that stretched down his lips and over his chin.

“Those wolves, you were one of them, weren’t you?” hysteria was edging into my voice and he seemed to sense that.

“I won’t hurt you. Neither will Leah. She’s gone.”

He shrank down a bit, trying not to scare me. I moved closer to him though, and touched the puffy scars on his chin.

“How’d they heal so fast?”

“Wolf thing.” He mumbled before wincing again.

“I heard something about imprinting, what’s that?” I asked.

He sighed and ran a hand through his shaggy hair.

“Um, I think that might be a conversation for later on.” He stuttered.

“Does it have anything to do with you being here because of me?” I inquired, watching carefully for his reaction.

He nodded reluctantly.

I opened my mouth to object for the second time and again, he stopped me.

“Abby, please. Not today. I’ll explain, I promise, just not today.” he sounded weary and agonized, somehow reminding me of a small child.

Suddenly he reached forward and yanked me to him.