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I Remember


In Alice's opinion, what happened to Marcy Webber was one of the cruelest acts she has ever seen. And she's seen a lot. This is the story of the hunt for Marcy and for her kidnapper in Alice's point of view.

[Companion story to I Watched]


Ok, so this is the sequel. I really loved the idea of Marcy and Angela too much to leave it off where I ended it. :D I plan on making it three chapters, so hang in there. Also, I have to thank PacificNorthWet for this genius idea. Song used in this is A Dark Congregation by The Hush Sound.

1. Tragedy

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A red rose fell upon the soft snow
Prayers were whispered so slow from our mouths
Our breath rose in the cold like a hundred souls escaping
Save me, I am swallowed by the guilt of this
You're gone, sleeping in the dust

I've always remembered that night. Always. Some people say that when tragedies strike a family, or a group of people, you remember every slight detail of that moment. Like time seems to freeze and every detail of every second that passes is sketched into your mind. Like someone took a brand to your memory and put everything in there for you to see and remember. For example, I could tell you every detail down to what the man in the far booth was wearing and saying when I met Jasper in that diner. I could also tell you exactly how all of my family reacted when Jasper and I came, just like if I went back to that town, I could point out the exact spot where I stood when I introduced myself. It was pretty much proven that in a life changing moment, your brain took special notice of everything around you for future reference. Though, of course, I would never need to tell anyone what that man in the booth was saying and wearing, how my family responded, or where I stood. Yet, I could still tell you.

That night was one of those many times that every detail was inscribed into my mind. I could remember the outfit I was wearing down to the very accessories; a pair of black Marc Jacob flats with silver sequins, a deep maroon tight fitting blouse, because recently Esme had said it looked phenomenal with my hair color, with a black silk ribbon around the hips, a black gypsie skirt that flowed around my every move, and a black leather Versace purse with a slight bit of smoky eyeliner and a bit of red lip gloss. Also, a pair of black dangly earrings with a silver charm bracelet with different style hearts. I looked perfect.

Amazingly, I remembered exactly where each member of my family was. Carlisle was, of course, on a late shift at the hospital, Esme was outside painting a moonlit picture as it shone down on the surrounding forest, Edward was in his room listening to Muse, Emmett was downstairs playing a video game while he tried to write his essay on the life of Shakespeare, Rosalie was in her room completing her outfit for tomorrow at school, and my Jasper was reading a book on philosophy in his library. I was sitting at the vanity in our room, painting my nails a preppy pink; Glacier Perfection, to match my outfit for tomorrow.

I even remember all the visions I had gotten that day. One about a girl with flowing mahogany hair coming to Forks. Interesting. Another about gleaming red eyes, shining bright with malice. Creepy. And then, one of a girl from school, Angela Webber I believe, crying hysterically in her bedroom. Upsetting. The last two I was ready to tell Carlisle about as soon as he got home.

Needless to say, I remembered everything.

So, when the phone rang in the kitchen, and positively no one made any means of movement to get it, I briskly got up, wiping the excess paint off my fingernails, and skipped happily while humming to one of my favorite songs down to the kitchen to answer the shrill ringing. When I got to it, I peeked curiously at the caller ID, only to see Carlisle's cell phone number appear on the screen. I cheerfully answered, hoping he'd say he was on his way home.

"Yes, Carlisle?" My high-pitched voice rang with happiness as I greeted my adoptive father.

"Ah, Alice. There's an emergency at the hospital," I sighed, he probably wouldn't be home for a few more hours," and I need you to bring the family in." Hmm, the family?

"Why? Is there something wrong?" My awareness was starting to rise as I remembered the vision of the red eyes. I should have told someone about it sooner.

"Well, yes. Please, just get everyone here. I'll explain as soon as I can." His voice sounded strained and impatient as he mumbled his answer. I heard voices in the background, nurses I presume.

"This has nothing to do with a vampire does it?" My voice was tweaked with anxiety and I noticed Jasper behind me. He probably felt my fear from all the way upstairs.

When I strained my vampire hearing to catch Carlisle's response, I noticed the dial tone. Carlisle had hung up before I had even asked my question.


After I got everybody together and we drove off towards the hospital, it seemed to dawn on me exactly what was going on. I would have to guess that something had happened to Angela Webber concerning vampires. I gulped. Oh God, I should have said something about my visions. Jasper felt my nervousness and guilt and wrapped a comforting arm around my waist. I tried to close my mind and relax so I could gather up a vision. My feelings grew more pronounced as I saw a vampire, a bad one at that, with his red eyes, draining a tiny girl. I closed my mind immediately, I couldn't bare to see something so cruel.

We soon got to the parking lot of the hospital and Edward parked crazily in the nearest spot available. All of us got out speedily, having to tone the speed down a bit so the near by humans wouldn't see. The doors swung open from Emmett's impact as he blew in, and Carlisle was in the waiting room looking tired.

"What is it, Carlisle?" Esme's worried voice reached all of us and we all turned to look at Carlisle, waiting for an answer.

"The Webber family. Their youngest daughter just went missing. Not even 30 minutes ago. I think, well I think there's one of us in town. And I think they did it." If I could have fainted right then and there, I would have. For whatever short amount of time we had been in the town of Forks, I had already learned that the Webber family was kind. Not just kind, but non judgmental, caring, generous, and kind. They didn't deserve their youngest daughter to be taken. All I could think of was It's all my fault. It's all my fault. Edward looked at me strangely, but I just told him I would explain later.

"We need to get over there. To get its scent. Then, we can track it down. I'm always ready for a good kill," Emmett's menacing voice and grin completely added to the chilling effect.

"That's what I was thinking, Emmett. I'm off hours right now, I think we should get over there," Carlisle's calming voice seemed to have an effect on all of us, and we all snapped to attention. As we all walked towards the exit, it seemed to hit all of us. A member of our family was missing. We turned around, searching with our eyes for the one person in our household who we needed and wasn't with us. Esme.

In the spot where Carlisle had just told us the news, stood Esme. Her brow was puckered into a confused looked as her eyes were wide open, containing a glazed look as her hands slightly trembled. It was then that I remembered. She had lost a child, and now someone else was probably losing theirs. I always knew that the death of her baby had struck her hard, opening her up to the evil of the world. It must have seemed like history was repeating itself. Carlisle shooed us away, telling us to go on as he walked back to his wife, his lifelong love.


The Webber household was chaotic. Charlie Swan, the chief of police in Forks, was questioning Mr. and Mrs. Webber while their two sons sat morbidly on the floor, staring at the wooden floorboards. I looked over to the couch to see Angela passed out on the sofa. She turned restlessly, and I catched snipits of the parents conversations. There was screaming. Blood. Lots of it. No, there was no sign of the intruder when we got in. Yes, her window was open.

Edward, Emmett, and Jasper immediately went over to the little boys, and I trembled slightly when I heard the direction of the conversation.

"Marcy's not coming back, is she?" The one with the lighter brown hair and adorable dimples asked, his voice shaking slightly.

"Well, we're going to make sure she does come back." Edward tried to answer truthfully. But we all knew. With all that blood, there was a small chance a girl of that size would live.

"Anyway, let's not talk about this. I know one thing's for sure, I have a pretty good joke to tell." Emmett lifted the two boys and put them on his lap and told probably one of the lamest jokes I have ever heard. Jasper rolled his eyes as Edward looked at him like he was the biggest idiot on earth. The two boys just looked confused. I smiled grimly. Nothing ever changed around here.

I looked around, searching for Rosalie. She had, strangely, said very little this night, and usually she had said something to say. In the corner of the room, leaning against a desk, was Rosalie, with her blonde hair gleaming and in all her glory. She had her arms crossed around her chest and her lips curled into a light snarl. I grimace, had she not noticed what had happened here? A little girl was gone, missing, by one of us. A vampire. And all she had to do about it was stand there and look like she'd rather be getting a manicure and pedicure. Was this how she would act if this was me missing, her little sister? Would she stand there and have a grouchy look on her face while she looked at her fingernails, searching for imperfections? Or would she be in a crazed panic, looking all over for me? Possibly, she would be like Angela; passed out from shock and hurt. One thing was for sure, I had no clue how she would respond. I wasn't incredibly close to Rosalie, but I loved her and we loved to shop together. She was exactly who I went to for advice, and we loved to be together. But now, now, I got a tiny reflection of her true personality. Her head whipped towards mine and we shared one sisterly glance and all was shared. She would indeed be in a crazed panic, looking all over for her little sister who she loved.

I turned back to Angela. Esme was sitting with her, and had her head on her lap while she brushed the hair off her face. She was such a good mother. One of the very best. I heard a muffled noise as Angela started to wake. My stomach seemed to drop as I realized, again, that all of this was my fault. All of it. I rushed forward and grabbed her warm hands in my cold ones and vowed to her we would find her sister. Damn the consequences.

A fear I cannot shape, you dared to kiss the face of the night
Our lips were cold as clay, we couldn't speak anyway
Save me, I am swallowed by the guilt of this
You're gone, sleeping in the dust