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I Remember


In Alice's opinion, what happened to Marcy Webber was one of the cruelest acts she has ever seen. And she's seen a lot. This is the story of the hunt for Marcy and for her kidnapper in Alice's point of view.

[Companion story to I Watched]


Ok, so this is the sequel. I really loved the idea of Marcy and Angela too much to leave it off where I ended it. :D I plan on making it three chapters, so hang in there. Also, I have to thank PacificNorthWet for this genius idea. Song used in this is A Dark Congregation by The Hush Sound.

2. Horrific Scenes

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The snow won't stick to the weeping willows
The cold air won't blow open the windows
You've made it through the storm this far
You can do this, dear, it won't be hard
The snow won't stick to the weeping willows

We had been searching for so long. So, so long. It had been weeks since our last lead. Actually, it had been the second night of our search. We had found little Marcy Webber's blood, stained across a tree trunk. It hadn't been much blood, but it was enough to give us some hope. We followed the vampire's scent for days, hoping we'd find something. We never did. While Carlisle had shifts at the hospital, and we were at school, Esme would be searching the nearby forest, following the musky dirty savage scent. Carlisle didn't want her to, saying it was too dangerous, but she didn't care. I think some part of her was simply in it for the search of someone's little baby. She wanted to give someone the joy of having one, when she did not.

The first night we searched had been the worst. We had followed the scent from Marcy's window into the surrounding vast forests. I had stopped frequently, hoping I would have a vision, but the only thing I would gather would be an image of someone running speedily through the moonlit forests with something whimpering in his arms. It had made me sick: the sound of a gurgling sob, barely making its was out of the little girl's mouth as tears ran down her face.

I wanted to scream with frustration. Would we never find her? After school ended each day, we would immediately go out in the forest and join Esme on the hunt for the kidnapper. Shortly, Carlisle would join and we would hunt as a family.

Not only were we worried about Marcy, but my family was worried about me. My usually perky attitude had indeed vanished, and I had taken Edward's sullen moods in. Even Jasper's sweet words and kisses couldn't erase my depression. It angered me that some little girl's life was in our hands, and we couldn't find her. Also, the fact that I didn't remember my human life added on to the stress. I wanted so badly to know if anything had ever happened like this. Did I have a sister? Did I have a loving family? Did such a tragedy ever strike my family, where someone's life depended on strangers? I would never know.

Then, the visions stopped. About 3 days after her disappearance, the visions were just of pure darkness. There was the occasional streak of thick, crimson blood, or the gleaming red eyes, but everything else was just eerily black. I was slowly losing hope, just like everyone else was. The only one who was still half-heartedly in the search was Esme, who couldn't stand the idea of us failing. She was so determined. It nearly broke Carlisle's heart to see his wife in such a frenzied state. She was trying so hard. I had never even seen someone try so hard to accomplish something. Not even Jasper with his control.

And then, in the course of one night, it all changed.


"Oh no, oh no, oh no!" Esme's distressed callings came out from the far right. We were in the middle of one of our nightly patrols, and the moon was shining brightly through the trees. I veered to the right, wanting to get to Esme to find her. Her tone of voice let me know something was wrong. Too wrong.

I ran about 5 miles, sprinting through the underbrush. I kept hearing Esme's voice shake and quiver as she called out for someone to help her. There was a soft padding sound behind me; someone following, and I whipped my head around, searching for the family member I knew was also trying to comfort Esme.

The person had a crown of shining blonde hair and at first I thought it was Jasper. Then, with a look at his concerned face and more mature build, I came to the realization that it was Carlisle. I sighed with relief; Esme would need him.

A shriek filled the air. A loud, terrifying screech that echoed throughout the woods. It sounded feminine, though not Esme's, and howled torturing for a long moment. Rosalie.

I sped up with Carlisle hot on my heels. We were getting closer and closer, and I was growing more tensed.

"Emmett!" Rosalie's horrifying cry hit my ears. I heard a muffled grunt, and looked to my left. Emmett was gaining ground, fast, at the sound of his wife in distress. His face held the look of pure determination and ferocity. Finally, we grew closer, and I could hear Esme's sobs filling the humid air.

I bounded through the forests, coming into an open clearing. Then, I froze. The sight in front of me was so gory, so sickening, so savage that I felt sick.

Esme was leaning over a small bundle, tearless sobs shaking her petite form, as her cries filled the air. Her hands roamed over the form, gently shaking it several times as she mumbled "Wake up, wake up, wake up." She almost sounded angry. Rosalie was leaning on a tree, head in her hands, as muffled cries spilled from her lips. Her lustrous blonde locks spilled over her shoulders as she shook. Emmett immediately went to comfort her. I was surprised to see Jasper and Edward nowhere to be found.

Then, I looked around and got a closer look. The whole clearing was full of it. Full of the red crimson liquid that filled my thoughts to much. Blood. Cold, dry, rusty blood. Covering everything. It seemed impossible that the vampire even got to drink that much, simply because of all the blood in her room and all of it here. I stepped forward, eager to see what the small bundle was, even though my mind already knew the answer. Marcy.

Esme was shaking as her hands shook the small, frail body. The body was dressed in a blood stained nightdress as her knotted sandy brown hair fanned out around her innocent, youthful face. Her eyes were open, tinted with pink, and her eyelashes were covered in the sticky blood that seemed to cover her whole. Blood had dripped down from a gash in her head and small drops had fallen from her blue icy lips. I didn't even want to think of how long she had been out here.

In areas of her body her skin was already decaying from the long weeks of being out here. Small insects roamed the bloodied soil and crawled up Esme's arms as she shook the little girl. She was sobbing, harder by the second, as fragments of wrinkled skin floated from the cold body.

"Wake up! Just wake up!" Her fierce voice ordered the girl. She was in shock. That much was clear. I tore my eyes away from Esme, and looked around once more. That scent was here. The scent of the killer. It was musky, unusual for our kind, and had this dirty, savage way about it. There were nail marks on some of the trees, from Marcy no doubt, and strands of silky thin hair was all around the clearing. The blades of grass were covered in a dark crimson. I gulped, this was all my fault. All of it. If I had told someone about that vision, anyone, I could have prevented this.

Carlisle finally woke from his reverie and stepped forward and crouched down next to the frantic Esme. Her gently took her trembling hands in his own. She tried to break free, and her shrieks pierced the air once again.

"I have to help her! She needs me! I have to, Carlisle! She's not dead, I just know it! Let me go! I can help her! Just tell me what to do! I know I can do something useful!" She tried, unsuccessfully, to grab her hands from Carlisle's grip, but he held them tightly. Rosalie and Emmett, along with me, had frozen to watch the horrific scene unfold.

"Shhh, Esme. There's nothing you can do now. Calm down, love, calm down." Carlisle pulled Esme into an embrace but she didn't stop trying to get away and help the cold dead body. Her blood stained hands with flesh underneath the nails, grasped onto Carlisle after she finally noticed there really was nothing she could so. It was useless.

"We have to move her," Emmett's deep, booming voice echoed around us. He looked sorrowfully towards the corpse and moved closer. Esme snaked her way out of Carlisle's arms and bared her teeth at Emmett, something I never expected her to do in a thousand years.

"No! You will not touch her! Get away!" She snarled, her black eyes shining with anger. Carlisle stroked her face, trying to calm her down. She grabbed the body of Marcy roughly and held her to her chest as she stroked the girl's tangled and bloodied hair and rocked her gently. The scene was pitiful. I knew then that to Esme this was her baby, her ray of sunshine, dying all over again. To her, this wasn't Marcy Webber, this was her little baby boy. And she simply wasn't letting go.

She kissed the top of Marcy's head, like a good mother, and continued to stroke her hair and rub her back soothingly. Carlisle just watch desparately, not knowing what to do to comfort his wife. Esme started humming, gently swaying the girl's body back and forth as bits of decaying flesh continued to float from her body.

"Hush my baby, everything will be fine now." Her soothing voice echoed quietly from her lips. Rosalie had frozen in place, watching with wide eyes as Emmett looked around frenzied. Carlisle just watched, hopeless and clueless as to how to help her. I heard footsteps behind me and turned.

"What happened?" Edward questioned as Jasper grabbed me and took me into his comforting arms.

"Esme found her. She's in shock," I whispered, and Edward looked over, pitifully, towards the protective Esme. He walked forward, closer to Esme then anyone else had ventured except Carlisle. Esme's head snapped up, glaring cautiously at Edward who raised his hands in the air, as if in surrender.

"I won't hurt her, Esme. I won't take her from you," his trusting words rang with sincerity. Esme's expression showed no sign of her hearing him, but she didn't snarl at Edward like she had at Emmett. Edward slowly walked forward, ignoring Carlisle's curious glances as he rubbed Esme's back, hoping he'd calm her down. Edward crouched down next to her, and stroked her arm.

"She's a beautiful girl, Esme, very beautiful," he spoke quietly. Esme's face held the look of a proud parent. We all knew Edward was one of Esme's favorites, he had been her first 'son' and to her, had taken the place of her dead baby boy. I didn't know what Edward was up to, but I figured it would work. She trusted him.

"She is. She's perfect," her whisper left her lips and Edward nodded in agreement.

"You're right. She's perfect, flawless even. Very lovely. Do you think I could hold her?" His innocent and curious tone asked. Esme's eyes narrowed suspiciously, deciding if she could trust him.

"Give her to Edward, Esme. He'll give her right back." Carlisle said as he rubbed her back and coaxed her.

"I promise to give her back, Esme. I just want to see this beautiful baby girl you have." Edward smiled angelically, and I held my breath. I barely noticed Jasper's arms around me as I watch the scene with immense curiosity.

"All right." Esme's weak and trembled voice responded as she kissed Marcy Webber's head once more. She put one finger under the girl's chin and lifted her face to meet hers. She looked into the crystal blue eyes and decaying face and smiled, as if she was looking at the most glorious baby in the world. Then, she handed the body hesitantly and carefully over to Edward. He took it carefully, and I took a deep breath. Thank God.

He rocked the body gently, looking into Esme's eyes waiting for some reaction of anger. When none came except for extreme sadness, he stood up. Esme looked, horrified, and gasped.

"No, no, give her back!" She whimpered as Carlisle pulled her into a hug. She shook violently, such sobs of anger and hopelessness making even Carlisle shake.

"I'll take good care of her, Esme. I promise." Edward smiled gently before turning his back and walking my way. I could hear Esme's distressed begging for Edward to return her baby as Edward stopped in front of Jasper and I, with Marcy Webber in his arms.

"I'm taking her to the hospital. I'll say I was camping in the nearby woods and found the body. Then, I immediately got in my car and drove her there." I nodded, agreeing with his plan.

"Emmett and I will set a tent up nearby so it looks real," Jasper's hushed voice responded.

"I'll put camp equipment in your trunk," I said. Edward nodded, liking the plan. He looked back towards the weeping and begging Esme, screaming for Edward to return her baby to her, and then walked the other way. Not turning back once.


Carlisle helped the distressed Esme up. She was finally starting to calm down. She looked around, nervous and scared, and then let her eyes rest on the direction Edward had went.

"My baby," she whispered. I knew then that she was speaking of three babies. Her actual, dead, baby, Edward, and Marcy Webber.

"Shhh, she's all right," Carlisle soothed as he stroked her hair. She nodded, with a look of understanding finally appearing in her eyes. I grabbed her hand and put my other arm around her. She sniffled and hugged me back.

"Come on, Esme. Let's get to the hospital. You'll see your baby then." I stroked her cheek and kissed her forehead while her eyes locked on mine. I shivered.

I had never seen such pain in anyone's eyes before.


I grabbed onto Angela as Carlisle told the Webber family the news of that their child was dead in the ER. Edward had taken Marcy to the ER, following his story to the exact detail. After Esme had calmed down and realized what state of shock she had been in, she immediately apologized, saying that we shouldn't of had to see her that way. Carlisle had hugged her tightly as she said so, and then Emmett snatched her away and hugged her closely, telling her there was never anything to apologize for, and that she shouldn't of had to feel bad for remembering the past. Rosalie had hugged her too, and kissed her forehead. Jasper had smiled, forgiving her for everything, and I had kissed her cheek while grasping her hand tightly. When Edward had come and she apologized to him for having to go to such extremes to help her, he had simply hugged her and told her it was fine. Then, she was immediately back in Carlisle's arms, silent and watching, as he kissed her forehead every so often.

Now, Esme was comforting the real family of Marcy while I stood, watching everyone else. Angela had unexpectedly run out of the hospital, while Edward followed. I smiled grimly, at least she wouldn't be alone.

"It's not your fault, you know." Jasper's breath tickled my ear as he hugged me to him from behind. I sighed, I should have known he would have felt my guilt soon. His sighed in return, mimicking my actions, and kissed my neck tenderly.

"It is, though. I had a vision. I should have told someone," I responded, angry with myself for letting this happen. He kissed my ear this time and I giggled. He knew just the way to calm me down.

"Don't say that, love. You didn't know it would be important. That's just it, Alice, you didn't know." He rested his head in the crook of my neck while we both watched Carlisle tell the Webber's the not-so-gory details of Marcy's death and Esme hushed Mrs. Webber and told her all would be fine. I felt Jasper's hair tickle my ear as his cool breath tickled my collarbone. I pursed my lips, his words didn't help the guilt.

"I should have known, though." My eyes dropped to my muddy tennis shoes as I felt calm wash through me. Jasper turned me around in his arms and kissed my forehead. I brought my eyes back up to his face and saw only his gentle, tender topaz eyes.

"But you didn't," he fired back, almost inaudibly before he leaned forward and kissed me.

There will be tomorrow
The sun will light a sea of sorrow
Tonight it set and took our friend
If I could do one thing, I'd bring her back
Snow won't stick to the weeping willows