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I Remember


In Alice's opinion, what happened to Marcy Webber was one of the cruelest acts she has ever seen. And she's seen a lot. This is the story of the hunt for Marcy and for her kidnapper in Alice's point of view.

[Companion story to I Watched]


Ok, so this is the sequel. I really loved the idea of Marcy and Angela too much to leave it off where I ended it. :D I plan on making it three chapters, so hang in there. Also, I have to thank PacificNorthWet for this genius idea. Song used in this is A Dark Congregation by The Hush Sound.

3. Mysterious Calls

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Is it a sin to seek the truth, the truth beneath the rose?
Pray with me so I will find the gate to Heaven's door
I believed it would justify the means
It had a hold over me

Blinded to see
The cruelty of the beast
Here is the darkest side of me
The veil of my dreams
Deceived all I have seen
Forgive me for what I have been

"Alice! Which one should I wear? The white, or the red?" I turned slowly from my position on the bed to look at Rosalie in the doorway. She was holding up a stunning black pant suit and a lovely red dress. I grunted, not really caring. This wasn't usually how I was. I usually loved to look at clothes and help my sister, but today just didn't feel like one of those days. I just wanted to sit here on the bed, looking out the window at the drizzling rain.

"The black. It will be more appropriate and it goes very nicely with your skin," I commented without really looking at the clothes. She sighed, knowing I wasn't paying attention.

"The black? You sure? I was leaning more towards the red, but when I asked Emmett he just told me whatever I wore would look nice. And then he threw me this disgusting orange puffy dress and said I would look good in that! Unbelievable! Are all men so idiotic?" She grumbled as I nodded. That was Emmett for you.

"Yes. I'm sure. The black." I smiled, showing I was completely sure. She looked back once more at the two garments and then sighed and left. I pursed my lips, wondering how much time I had before I needed to get ready. I'd probably just throw on something black.

"What's wrong, love?" I felt icy breath tickle my neck as Jasper silently came in and wrapped his arms around me. I sighed, he was just what I needed right now.

"Mhmm, nothing," I mumbled, looking out the window at the splattering rain. It was depressing here in Forks. All the rain had me so glum.

"That's where you're wrong. I can feel your sadness all the way downstairs. We don't have to go, you know. We could stay here." His grasp tightened on my waist as my brow furrowed. It was tempting to just stay here with Jasper, but I knew I had to go. I needed to be there when they buried that little girl, to be at her funeral and viewing. I had to be there for Angela and for Esme. None of us had spoken of that night we found her, it was almost like an unwritten law. Every moment Carlisle wasn't at the hospital, he was with Esme. And I could understand why. She had changed since that night. She was more detached, distant. And it worried us all. Only Edward knew what went on in her head, but he wouldn't tell us. Not even Carlisle.

"I have to go, Jazz. I have to be there for Angela and Esme. I have to go," I repeated, mumbling into his chest after he had turned me around. He sighed as he ruffled my hair.

"Alice, Carlisle will be there for Esme and Angela has friends. You don't have to be there for everybody, you know." I secretly knew he was right, I just wanted, needed, to be there. I needed to be there to say I was sorry to the Weber's for losing their child, I needed to be there to forgive myself.

"Please, I have to go," I whispered, pathetically. He rubbed my back in soothing circles as he gave in.

"Fine. If you want to," I nodded eagerly, "But you better get ready. It starts in 18 minutes." I gasped, 18 minutes? There was no way I'd be ready by then! I jumped up and threw a chuckling Jasper out of the room while I made the biggest race against time I had probably ever done.


A daze. That's what I was in. I stood there, hand in hand with Jasper, as the priest at the front said some words about Marcy. I wasn't really paying attention, though. I was looking around, taking everything in. The white and pink roses were stunning, in full bloom, while the cherry casket looked beautiful. I tightened my grip on Jasper's hand before letting go and walking over to Angela. Her lips trembled slightly as she tried desperately to keep the tears from over flowing. I grabbed her warm hand in my cold one and didn't let go. She turned, surprised by my iciness, and smiled when she noticed it was me.

"Thank you," She mouthed. I nodded and plastered a smile on my face while Emmett cursed softly behind me. I turned, annoyed he could be so inconsiderate, and glared at him.

"What?" He mouthed. I glared at him before whispering back.

"Could you stop cursing? We're at a funeral, you idiot!" My tone was too soft for humans to hear, and that caught Rosalie's attention. She turned from watching the scene morosely and glared at Emmett. He raised his hands in surrender, saying he would shut up, but Rosalie caught him first. She slapped her open palm against the back of Emmett's head. Hard. He bounced forward from the impact lightly and turned at her.

"What?" She mimicked Emmett with an innocent smile playing on her lips. He grumbled before turning back to the casket. She started to turn too, but not before winking in my direction. I grinned back.

"Crap." I heard Angela mutter and I turned to her, concerned. I could smell the salty tears running down her face before I even saw them.

"What's wrong?" Emmett's ears pricked up at my question. He rubbed the back of his head while watching Angela and I.

"I have to go up there, don't I?" Her worried whispered echoed softly. I followed her line of sight and closed my eyes at what she was looking at. The open casket holding Marcy. People were starting to file up, to say their goodbyes. I suddenly felt pity for her. She had to go up there and look at her dead sister and say goodbye. If it were me, I don't even know how I'd be standing. I'd more likely be crawled up in a ball somewhere, sobbing tearless sobs.

"Well, sweetie, not unless you want to." I grasped her hand, as tight as she could withstand being a human.

"I don't know if I want to," She mumbled. Her tears traveled more speedily down her face. I wiped them away with my chilling finger. Emmett was instantly at our sides with his arm around Angela's shoulder. I smiled grimly as her eyes got the size of saucers as she had to look up and see Emmett's huge, bulky figure.

"Well, how about I go up for the both of us. Or, if you don't want to, Alice, I could go up for the three of us." He smiled, proud he had thought of such a good idea. I rolled my eyes as Angela nodded tightly.

"If that's ok-" Emmett's booming laugh filled the surrounding area, making a few people stare at us with blank expressions. I growled at Emmett under my breath.

"Of course it's ok! I don't mind. I'll be right back," He belted out before loping towards the casket. I sighed, some people never changed. Namely Emmett.

"Has he always been so, what's the right word," Angela trailed off, thinking of a word to describe Emmett. I giggled, there were simply too many words for my bear of a brother.

"Idiotic? Crazy? Loud? Embarrassing? Stupid? Blunt? Actually like an oversized teddy bear?" I asked, giving her ideas. She gave a shaky laugh at the sound of a teddy bear.

"An oversized teddy bear?" Her incredulous response made me laugh.

"Yes. He really is one. But you didn't hear it from me." She laughed again, and I suddenly felt better. At least I was helping someone today.

"Well, actually, I was going to say childish." She stressed the word, and I burst into a fit of giggles. I held my side as the humor ripped through. Angela's eyes widened, taking in my expression.

"Yes! He is childish! He's like a 4 year old!" I gasped for unneeded air as Emmett loped back, a mask of sadness on his face. As soon as he saw our expressions, his turned suspicious.

"What? Did I do something? Is there something on me? What?" His eyes narrowed at me. Angela and I burst into another round of laughter.

At least there was some light on such a dark, dark day.


I got the message at 9:32 p.m. three nights later. I was flipping through fashion magazines as Emmett flipped through the channels on his new TV. The rest of the family was out on a hunting trip except for us two. He stopped briefly on a wrestling channel before continuing his routine and mumbling something about how weak they were. I just smirked in response.

My cell phone started to ring from my pocket, playing Barbie Girl, as Emmett stopped channel surfing and looked at me curiously, with his eyebrows raised at my choice of song. I huffed and grabbed the phone out of my pocket. I looked on the screen for Caller ID, expecting it to be Jasper, but it said unknown. My brow furrowed as Emmett sighed.

"Are you going to get that? A man can only take so much of Barbie Girl before he loses his mind." I laughed lightly as I pushed the receive button and placed it to my ear.

"This is Alice Cullen, may I ask who this is?" Emmett scoffed at my polite tone and went back to watching the football game he had found. No one responded. My brow puckered, not understanding what was going on. I pulled the phone away from my ear, and looked at the screen: One New Text Message. I sighed, now I was just getting worried over nothing. I hit the Read button and waited for the message to appear. Slowly, it came up.

Outside High School. Ten minutes. ~J

I smiled widely. Why did Jasper want to meet me by the High School? I gave a girly giggle which Emmett responded to with a weird stare. I must have looked like an idiot, I couldn't stop beaming. I skipped up the stairs, still smiling, and into the bathroom. I thought that they must have cut the hunting trip short and Jasper used someone else's phone. I checked my makeup and put a bit more lip gloss on and ran into my room, humming a tune. I slipped on my stilettos and put on a more appropriate pair of jeans. I rushed down the stairs, looking at my watch. 8 minutes, I told myself as I gave another giggle.

"Oh God, what's going on?" Emmett asked from the sofa. I rolled my eyes and gathered my coat and purse.

"I'm going out, ok? Don't call me, I'll have my phone off. And don't call Jasper either," I added, seriously. Emmett gave a knowing smirk and turned around on the sofa to look at me while putting his gigantic arms on the back of the sofa, his head leaning on his arms. He gave an over dramatic girly giggle, imitating mine. I growled, now was not the time to anger me. I was a woman on a mission.

"Yea, yea. I won't disturb you. Have a fun time, Alice! And remember, always use protection," He responded in a stern, maternal voice. All I did in return was stick my tongue out and slam the door shut in his face.

Then, I was running.


(No One's Point of View)

About 15 minutes after Alice had left the house, Emmett was still watching the football game, laughing joyously as the players made some of the most dumbest plays he had ever seen. He applauded every time his team got close to a score and booed every time the opposing team got close. The phone rang shrilly next to him on the table. He grunted as he picked up the phone, wanting to get back to the game.

"Hello?" He asked into the receiver, his eyes trained on the screen.

"Emmett? Where's Alice?" A deep, concerned voice asked. Jasper. Emmett laughed loudly, looking at his watch.

"What, she stood you up? That's a laugh. You should have seen the way she reacted when you texted her. It was priceless!" Emmett chuckled and then cheered as his team won a touchdown. On the other end of the line, Jasper's brow furrowed in confusion.

"What are you talking about? I never texted her, or even called her. We're just about to come home, the game isn't good up here," Jasper yelled into the phone, desperately trying to over talk the cheers from Emmett and the cheers on the TV he could hear from the family room.

"Huh? Yeah you did. Just about oh, 17 minutes ago. She was skipping and giggling. Then she left. Said not to call her or call you. I was just figuring, ya know, you two were busy," Emmett chuckled into the phone. Jasper's brow furrowed even more as Edward drove, casually looking back in the rearview window to see why Jasper was so worried. His thoughts were too jumbled to make sense of.

"Emmett, I'm telling you, I didn't speak with her," Jasper hissed into the phone. He was slowly starting to grow worried.

"Then why did she leave and say not to disturb you two?" Emmett, dumbly, asked. Jasper rolled his eyes.

"I don't know, Emmett! You're the one who was there! You tell me!" Jasper's snarl echoed throughout the compact vehicle. Rosalie huffed as she filed her nails in the passenger seat.

"Well, if you didn't text her, who the hell did?" Emmett looked at the door, remembering his little sister's cheery attitude. There was no way she would display such excitement and happiness for anyone but Jasper.

"I don't know, Emmett. I don't know." Jasper looked out the window of the car at the blurry scenery passing by.

He was too distracted in his thoughts to even notice when Emmett hung up.

Has darkness taken over me
Consumed my mortal soul?
All my virtues sacrificed
Can Heaven be so cruel?

How can blood be your salvation
And justify the pain
That we have caused throughout the times
Will I redeem my soul?
Will truth set me free?