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I Remember


In Alice's opinion, what happened to Marcy Webber was one of the cruelest acts she has ever seen. And she's seen a lot. This is the story of the hunt for Marcy and for her kidnapper in Alice's point of view.

[Companion story to I Watched]


Ok, so this is the sequel. I really loved the idea of Marcy and Angela too much to leave it off where I ended it. :D I plan on making it three chapters, so hang in there. Also, I have to thank PacificNorthWet for this genius idea. Song used in this is A Dark Congregation by The Hush Sound.

4. Foolish

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The colorless words are burning our heels
As the bright lights of the city fade
Taking the chase to curb our fear
As the bloodless moon casts its face
I can feel it inside
Something's not right
You would take the breath from my throat
And you would take the cherished people that I hold

The wind rushed past me as I ran, the soft grass swaying to and fro from my unnatural passage. I stopped once I got to the high school parking lot. I sniffed the air and my eyebrows furrowed; Jasper's scent wasn't here. I walked forward, hesitantly, and took in my surroundings. There was no one nearby.

The dark shadows crept their way from the flickering lamp post nearby and I shivered, but not from the cold. There was something wrong here; something not quite right. I closed my eyes, physically preparing for a vision to come to me, and when one finally did all I could see was darkness. No light at all. Just pitch black and frightening darkness.

My eyelids peeled back as I looked around. The area was isolated, completely wiped out of everyone and everything. I instantly grabbed into my pocket and fished my silver cell phone out quickly. Where the hell was Jasper?

I punched in his familiar phone number and held the phone to my ear. A cold blast of freezing air whizzed past me and I turned around, thinking there was someone there. I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching me. I chuckled lightly, I shouldn't even be that scared. I was a vampire after all. It's not like someone could hurt me.

I waited impatiently as the ringing in my ear switched to the busy signal. I sighed, who was he talking to? I canceled the call and stuffed the phone back into my pocket. A slight buzzing sound echoed over my shoulder and I froze as the lamp post slowly dimmed, and with a last flicker, the total high school parking lot was immersed into total darkness. I gulped as I looked around for the strange source of the lack of light.

A twig cracked behind me and I whipped around, ready for Jasper to come out. Two crimson eyes stared back at me from behind the bushes, and I stopped all movements. It was a vampire, but it sure as hell wasn't Jasper.

"Hello Alice."


"Turn this damn car around right now, Edward! I don't care if you do have to make an illegal U-turn, just turn it around!" I yelled from the backseat. Rosalie turned around in the passenger seat and stared at me. Edward froze, and with one quick nod he turned the steering wheel so fast, I almost couldn't see it.

"Rosalie, call Esme and Carlisle. Let them know we're turning back," Edward demanded as I held my head in my hands. This wasn't happening; it just couldn't be. She couldn't have just disappeared out of thin air and not turn up.

"Why do I have to? Jasper can, he's the one who has his phone out," She whined. Edward sighed as I silently turned the window down, threw my damn phone out, and closed it back up. I looked behind me as I watched my phone hit the cemented road and crumble into hundreds of pieces. Rosalie grumbled as she fished her phone out of her over-sized purse.

"Hey, Carlisle, we're turning back...No, currently I have no damn clue what's going on...Jasper's acting completely childish and immature with throwing his phone out the damn car window...Well, yes, Edward is driving us back...Oh, I don't know! I just said I had no damn clue what was going on! They won't tell me anything!...It may be about Alice, though...He was talking to Emmett! How the hell should I know?...That is a good point...No, I didn't think of that but-" Edward reached his arm out and snatched the phone out of Rosalie's hand before she could finish her outlandish conversation with Carlisle.

"We're turning back because apparently, Alice may be in trouble with the same vampire that killed Marcy. At the house, she got a text from Jasper saying to meet her at the high school, but it wasn't Jasper because he's with us in the car...Yes, I was thinking of that, too...Well, I don't know about that, I mean, Carlisle, she could be in danger...Oh, alright, well I guess I can see the logic in that, but still...Yes, fine. We'll wait." He snapped the phone shut and handed it back to Rosalie who sat there with her eyes wide.

"Alice is in trouble?" She asked with the frailest voice I think I had ever heard her use. She looked almost as horrible as I felt.

"Possibly, yes. Carlisle says not to act until they get home just in case we're outnumbered." From Edward's strained voice, I could tell he strongly disagreed with this. I felt Rosalie's fear and anger lash out, and mixed with my own, I simply couldn't take it.

I felt so out of control, and to tell the truth, it frightened me.


A man shrouded in darkness stepped lithely out of the forest, his gleaming red eyes containing mild curiosity. My hand instantly started to tremble as I took in his tall height and broad shoulders. Even though I had the advantage of my visions, I knew it would be a close fight because after all, what if he had powers I didn't know of?

"I'm pleased you came. What a coincidence that my name starts with the same name as your mate's. I'm starting to think it was meant to be considering how smooth this has gone," His slick voice cut through the tense atmosphere like a knife. I stepped back, wanting to put as much distance between me and this stranger as I could.

"What do you want?" I almost sighed in relief when my voice came out stronger than how I hoped it would. He smiled back at me, his cold and menacing smile creating an invisible shiver run along my spine. His glossy black hair was slicked back into a smooth veil of darkness around his face as it fell in soft waves to the back of his neck. He shined in the moonlight with his snow-white complexion and I watched as his eyes closed, his long eyelashes laying softly on his high cheekbones. He looked mature and fierce with his angled features and aura of knowledge. I just knew he was from many centuries ago, possibly older than even Carlisle.

"You," He whispered in a breezy, breathy tone as his eyelids flickered briefly over his crimson eyes. I stiffened as he sniffed the air ever so slightly. He was sniffing my scent.

Then, it hit me. What he had just said finally seemed to break through my mental barrier and it felt like my mind had exploded. He wanted me. Me. I wanted to punch that arrogant smirk off of his handsome face as I thought of Jasper. I was taken, and I always would be.

"Of course, you're probably thinking of your mate, but really Alice, how long did you think you two could really be together? With your almost spotless slate and his, well, his not so clean one. You're total opposites, Alice. Wrong for each other, but too young to notice. He does not need company, he's a loner. And you? Oh, Alice, you were destined for the spotlight." A sudden flash of anger made its way up my veins.

"Oh, and you don't have a clean record? Please, your eyes say so much more than your cheesy words. You are a killer, and one of children at that. Jasper would never do something so merciless and cruel. And, anyway, I would never leave him. You're just simply a bump in a road I need to speed over." By the end of my rant, this strange man in front of me was trembling in anger.

"You're really so sure he would never do something like that, Alice? Well, I pity the fool, because he would. If I held a bleeding toddler in front of him, he'd gobble it up without one ounce of remorse and self-control. He'd be the savage beast he was meant to be," He spat out. I resisted the urge to slap him as my hand actually started to move forward. I hadn't even noticed until now, but we were both in the crouching, battle position.

His gleaming white teeth dripped with venom, just like his hurting words. I heard my phone ring loudly from my pocket, but didn't answer. I knew it was Jasper, but I couldn't answer now. Not with this creep in front of me.

"You're wrong. So wrong it's almost pathetic. And, anyway, didn't you do the same thing? With little Marcy Webber," I bit back vehemently. His face scrunched up with anger as he growled. I snarled back, not losing the chance to show him that I may be small, but I'm definitely not weak.

"That was nothing! I resisted her for days! I only killed her just minutes before you and your imbecile family came!" I bristled at his words, wishing more than ever to kill the bastard in front of me.

"Why the hell did you kill her anyway?" I shouted, angry for letting him take an innocent.

"Because, my dear Alice, it was simply gesture of love. To get your attention, to set my plan in motion. To draw you away from your moronic family with their worthless morals." The guilt washed over me. Because of me, Marcy was dead. Because of me, Marcy had been kidnapped. Because of me, a family was suffering from a loss of a child. Everything in the past that had gone wrong, was because of me. And now, Jasper would have to go through complete hell because I knew I would not go with this man without a fight that I had every intent on losing.

"You disgust me." My strong voice echoed around the empty parking lot. I wondered what the students would say as they came to school tomorrow to see trees knocked down and ashes everywhere because of the fight that had happened tonight. The fight that would probably happen in just a few minutes. The fight that I would die in.

"Well, love, I can't say the same about you." And with that said, he pounced on me. I lashed out with snarls and growls, but he was surprisingly strong. I bit his neck roughly as he grabbed my hands and tried to pick me up. I switched from snarls to screams, thinking if anyone was nearby, there was a better chance someone would come if they heard screaming than animal-like snarls.

I felt a stinging feeling swell on my wrist and I gasped when I noticed he had bit me. He tore at my wrist and then kissed the wound. I winced from the intimate feelings and emotions hidden beneath the unfaithful action.

"I don't want to hurt you, but I will," He whispered against the crook of my wrist. I flinched, his cold air staining my skin. I screamed again as he tried to pick me up and I kicked and lashed out. A loud boom resounded around us my foot connected with his torso. A burst of pride swelled within me, knowing I had hit my target.

He continued to try to grasp at me, but we both froze when a loud, ferocious roar echoed throughout the parking lot. I gulped, hoping to God that he didn't have a back up coven. I tore my wrist from his distracted stance as his dark eyes squinted in the dark. I couldn't make out what created that roar from where I was, but he obviously could. I started to slowly lean away, ready to bolt, but he struck out like a snake.

Almost instantly, his muscled arm was wound tightly around my waist as his other arm was around my neck. I tried to bite him, desperately so, but I couldn't. I pretended to go limp as I tried to make out a vision. He felt my sudden numbness and shook me gently, but I was too far into the vision to respond.

In the vision, I saw a a figure enveloped in a blinding white light run forward, a vicious snarl escaping his heavenly lips. He attacked something, and suddenly there was a brilliant red haze coming from the ground. I saw a flash of bronze, blonde, and black everywhere I looked, but all I could definitely make out was the angelic white figure. The scene was too chaotic for me to make anything else of the vision.

I snapped back to reality as the growls and roars seemed to circle around me. The man, whose name I still did not know, held me tightly as he looked over his shoulder. From the frightened look on his face, these intruders were not friends of his.

Then, unexpectedly, the light on the lamp post flashed on with a fierce brilliancy that I had to squint to see anything. It was like my world had erupted into a glowing, white light.

And that's when the chaos broke out.

Someone ran out from behind the lamp post, and the light covered him. It seemed like he was enveloped in light. I instantly recognized him from my vision. The man roared, and people flew out from the trees behind us. I instantly felt pressure on my waist, and then the cold stinging presence of the strange vampire was lifted.

I was held to someone's chest as someone carried me across the parking lot. I could feel myself slipping, and I instantly remembered that vampires couldn't be knocked out. Weird, because I certainly felt dazed.

Loud crashes echoed throughout the vicinity and I flinched. Someone murmured something in my ear, but I couldn't concentrate. It was so strange, this feeling of nothing. I felt like I was floating, and I wondered if this was what it felt like when someone died. I gulped, I really hoped I wasn't dying.

A sudden flash of bright red fire blew up across the parking lot and I gasped. The flames licked higher and higher, the smoke lifting up to the dark clouds. I struggled to stand up while someone tried to tug me back down. I looked back and stared. The person trying to pull me back to them was Esme.

I should have known my family would come.

I waved her off and she obliged. I stepped forward, weakly at first, but then gaining strength. I finally reached the other side of the parking lot to where the fire was. There were broken trees scattered everywhere and it smelled strongly of decayed flesh. And then a sudden flash of the man from before flew from behind my eyes.

Standing in a morose circle around the fire was my family, all except for Esme who had followed behind me and was standing directly next to me. My eyes traveled over all of their faces, and for the first time I noticed just how close I had come to losing them all. Carlisle, my adoptive, compassionate father. Emmett, my fun loving brother. Rosalie, my beautiful and moody sister. Edward, my insecure, peculiar brother. Esme, my gentle and only mother. I saved the last face for last, the most heavenly and devastatingly beautiful one. Jasper. My other half, my true love.

He was looking thoughtfully into the fire, anger flashing in his eyes every few seconds. I felt a jacket cover my shoulders and I looked thankfully over to Esme who had removed her jacket and used it to cover me. I looked down at my clothes and shivered as I noticed the tears and rips.

My eyes went back to the fire, but something was in my way. Or more like someone. I tilted my head up, already noticing my family had politely excused themselves. My eyes finally met the topaz ones in front of me, and a chilling voice in my head murmured strange words in my ear: If I held a bleeding toddler in front of him, he'd gobble it up without one ounce of remorse and self-control. He'd be the savage beast he was meant to be.

I shook the words away, guilty for even thinking of them. Jasper's hand lifted up to my face and cradled my cheek as leaned into it. His thumb stroked soothing circles on my face as he wound his other arm around my waist. I leaned into him, not even caring if right now he was supporting my weight, because I knew he didn't mind.

He tenderly kissed the top of my head as a thought struck me. I looked up to him, not really wanting to break the comforting silence, but needing to know the answer.

"What was his name?" I whispered. I didn't worry about clarifying, because I knew he'd understand.

"Jace," He whispered back, thoughtfully. I nodded, it suited the beast that had just tried to kidnap me and who had killed a litter girl.

As I looked into the reaching flames, I felt like her soul had finally been lifted. Her killer had paid.

Tears of pain and salt fall once again
Your twisted schemes
scrape my mind with your hand
And I don't want to die
Chase me down with your knife
And I don't want to die
Chase me down with your knife
And I don't want to die
Chase me down with your knife