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A continuation of new moon from a different perspective--same characters*, a new plot. From Reed's POV *Well, i added a new character--Reed (from her pov)

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. I have no idea what that means but i have to put it somewhere...

1. Reed

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I kept my eyes on the slowly rising moon as I trudged through the pouring rain. My bare-feet sloshed through muddy puddles as rain went down the back of my shirt and through my hair. I raised my eyes to the far end of the horse pasture.

The dark silhouette of a man was outlined in the pale moonlight. It was Felix, waiting for me. I quickened my pace. As I lessened the distance between us, his features became clearer. His dark curly hair was plastered against the sides of his face in the pouring rain, contrasting with his icy pale skin. Purple bruise-like shadows were smeared beneath his ruby red eyes. He smiled as he came nearer, revealing gleaming white teeth, dripping with venom. I ran forwards and jumped into the arms of my vampire-hero.

“Reed…” He whispered, tracing my lips with his fingers

“Felix, do it now. My parents are asleep. Change me now and we can run away together…” I trailed off, taking his ice-cold hand and placing it between both my warm ones.

“Oh, Reed…I couldn’t do that to you…” he said, looking pointedly off into the dark shadows of the night.

“Do it, Felix! Do it now! This is what I want! I want to be with you forever!” I cried, then lowered my tone until it was barely a whisper. “Please…”

My extreme change of tone startled Felix and he turned to look at me, staring at me with those love-struck red eyes, the eyes of a vampire. “Reed…” he whispered, looking away again.

After a moment he turned back to me, “Ok. …” He stared at me for an immeasurable moment and then lowered himself until he was at eyelevel with me. He brought his lips to my throat and sank his teeth into my flesh…


Snapping open my compact, I re-powdered my face. I glanced at the face in the mirror, recalling the time over 200 years ago when Felix had changed me. I was now just as pale as him, with reddened eyes and long pale blonde hair pulled back into an elegant pony-tail.

I looked out through the airplane window, gazing out over the city. Far away, I could spot the city of Volterra, my destination site. I sighed—I hated Volterra. The medieval look of the castle sent shivers down my spine—I was reminded of my earlier years of immortality, when I lived in there, working as part of the Volturi. But in the end I got tired of people giving me orders, and I moved to Brazil. Now I was flying back across the globe, to a place that I had vowed never to set foot on again. But Aro had insisted I visit so that he could tell me some exciting piece of news…


“Oh Reed! What a pleasure to see you again!” Aro greeted me as I walked into the all-to-familiar throne room. He glided towards me and planted a kiss on my cheek.

“Hello, Aro. You said you had news?” I wanted to get straight to the point and get out of there before I saw Felix. When I was moving to Brazil, Felix had not approved of my going, and the result was an informal break-up. Since then, we hadn’t spoken and I had no idea what his reaction would be to my being there.

“Oh yes! Such wonderful news! Please do sit down!” Aro escorted me to a small table and I sat down. I waited expectantly.

Aro continued, “Yes, we had a most absurd visit the other day. A suicidal vampire! Would you believe it? And not just any random cause either; he wanted to die because of a human girl! His little friend killed herself jumping off a cliff and he came running to us! But he had such talent—he could read other’s thoughts just by being within a couple miles of them. It was like my talent; only he didn’t need physical contact! So I told him I would not kill him—he was too valuable. I asked him if he would join us but he refused. So we let him go. Then, hours later, he comes in with Bella, his human friend! Apparently, she hadn’t died, and had come to rescue him!” I listened to his story with little interest; I didn’t know how this was worth me flying halfway around the globe…

“But the most interesting part was this: she was immune to vampire powers. I couldn’t read her thoughts, Edward couldn’t read her thoughts, Jane couldn’t torture her…etc. It was incredible—when I touched her, there was nothing there!” Immune to vampires? Would she be immune to my skill? I could read other’s pasts by touch—could I read hers? I tuned back into Aro, who was still speaking.

“…So we told them that if they promised to make Bella immortal, we would let them go—and would check on them in a month or so. I am so eager to learn how Bella turned out! You must escort me to pay them a visit!”

Escort him? I could do that…but I would risk seeing Felix—what would he think? Was he even still here? The young girl did sound interesting, reminded me of a someone I knew—a human girl—who was immune to vampire powers. I bit her—anxious to see what would happen—and she died in the process…Yes, I must go find out about this Bella…

“Well, I suppose I could. She does sound quite interesting …” I trailed off, catching sight of a group of vampires entering.

Aro was ecstatic at my response. He leapt out of his chair. “Come then, let us be off! I can’t wait to see her!” He began calling for the guard and the escort. It was then that I saw Felix among the group that had just walked in. He was talking with Demetri, and he caught my scent. He looked up, a curious expression on his face. Slightly angry, slightly hopeful. He wasted no time in approaching me.

“Reed? What are you doing here?” He asked, and I looked away sheepishly.

“Aro had news for me, and we are going to visit that interesting suicidal vampire…” I couldn’t help but notice the expression in his eyes as he thought of the human. He lit up, his eyes gaining a sick, hungry expression, his tongue instinctively sliding over his venom coated teeth.

“Yes, that human girl did have the most delightful scent…” He snapped back into focus. “So you will be coming with us then?” He smiled hopefully.

He would be coming with us? How could I last an entire trip without falling in love with him all over again? Dammit!

“Yes…” I said uncertainly, and he smiled again, sending me into fits. I spun on my heel and walked away, a curious feeling embedding itself into my heart.