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My Dream Is You

Bella is about to jump off the cliff, but someone stops her... someone she thought had forgotten her a long time ago. “Bella,” growled a voice. It wasn't the voice in my head, not at all. My head whipped around. I was startled to see that someone had been watching me.

Okay, so I deleted my other story. I'll put it back up later. I have to figure it out. I'm pretty sure I know where I'm going with this one though, so here ya are.

9. Guys, Guys, Guys

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“Charlie, please,” I begged. It was the night before my wedding, and Charlie still hadn't agreed to walk me down the isle. “This is the most important day of my life, and I need you to be here with me. You know I love you, dad. Please come share the day with me!”

Having the phone in the kitchen was sort of annoying. Every person in the family could hear me easily. Edward was standing behind me, careful to keep from touching me. He knew I was a live wire, and if he wasn't careful, I would be ready to yell my head off. Getting married was a lot more stressful than I thought it would be.

“Fine, Bella. Fine. I will walk you down the isle. But please, please don't make me wear a tux,” said Charlie.

“It's a wedding, Charlie. What else would you wear?”

“Bella, I don't even hav-”

“Here's Alice. She'll go over everything with you. Love you, dad. Bye,” I said quickly, interrupting him before he had a chance to complain. Alice was at my side a second later. She took the phone from me and began explaining the rules of a wedding to Charlie.

I sighed and made my way to the living room. I hoped Emmett might do something entertaining, just to keep me distracted. He was currently beating Jasper at some odd video game. It looked like they were fighting each other. Edward was right behind me. We took a seat on the couch.

“So what are we doing for the bachelor party?” asked Emmett, not taking his eyes off of the screen.

“We're not having one,” answered Edward.

What?” gasped Emmett. “A good reason to party and you wont even take it? That's a real low blow, bro.”

I giggled. Rhymes... Emmett cheered me up without even realizing it.

“Besides, what were you even planning?” asked Edward. “You haven't given it a single thought.”

“Oh you know, strip club, drinking till we can't walk straight. The usual party stuff.” Emmett shrugged.

“Strip club? Edward Cullen, if you go to a strip club I'll be forced to kill you, I mean it,” I ranted.

“Relax, Bella,” laughed Edward. “There's no reason for me to go to a strip club. And, Emmett, we can't drink until we can't walk straight... idiot.”

“It was just a suggestion!” exclaimed Emmett.

“I think a party would be fun,” said Jasper. There was a big flash on the TV, and then Jasper was pinned to the ground.

“You cheater!” yelled Emmett.

Jasper quickly wrestled himself out of it and got Emmett into a headlock. “Oh, just shut up,” he commanded. “Anyway, why not have a party?” Emmett was still struggling to break free.

Alice skipped in from the kitchen. “Yeah, go have a party! We'll have our own little bachelorette party while you're gone.”

Edward looked at me and sighed. “Bella, should we have parties?”

“As long as they don't involve anything I count as torture. Makeovers included, Alice.” I knew how her mind worked.

“Deal!” exclaimed Alice. “Rose, Esme, come quick! We're having a party!”

Esme floated down the stairs. She was the absolute picture of grace, and I couldn't help being a little bit jealous of her sometimes. Rosalie followed just behind her.

“A party? Where would we have a party?” asked Esme.

“We could have a party anywhere! We'll decide on the way!” squealed Alice. She took my hand and practically dragged me out the door.

“Bye, Edward!” I yelled. I was already in the car, so I couldn't hear if he replied or not.

Esme and Rosalie got in the backseat, Alice took the driver's spot.

“Where are we going to go?” I asked.

She was already flooring the car down the lane that lead to the highway. “Well, I know you said that Edward couldn't go to a strip club, but he didn't say anything about you going to a strip club. It's not off limits like it is for him.”

“No, Alice. No strip clubs! That's so embarrassing! How could you even think I'd be okay with that?” I yelled.

“It's too late, Bella. Alice made up her mind. She is the maid of honor. She does technically get to plan this party,” said Rosalie, the smile in her voice clear.

Esme giggled. “Oh, Carlisle's going to keel right over when I tell him about this.”

“No,” I groaned.

“Lighten up, Bella. It's a party! You don't want to be the lame one that makes it a drag, do you?” asked Alice, her voice laced with excitement.

“Fine! I'll lighten up! But I am not going to be looking at any stripper guys. I'll glue my eyelids shut, Alice, even you can't make me open them,” I sighed.

“Fair enough!” exclaimed Alice.

Fifteen minutes later, she pulled into the parking lot of a strip club in Seattle.

“I don't even want to know how you knew this was here,” I whispered.

“Time to go!” she laughed.

I slouched in my seat. I wanted nothing more than to melt right into the leather. Alice was going to have to make me get out of the car, because I sure as hell was not getting out of it on my own.

It turns out, Alice was very keen on getting me out of the car. She all but ripped my arm off in the process. She then proceeded to pull me into the strip club. The neon sign that read Guys, Guys, Guys made me sick. I had to think of a way to get Alice back for this.

There was a desk at the front of the large room. A very buff man was standing at it. He looked kind of like a gorilla, harry appendages included. He couldn't have been one of the Guys. Guys, Guys, that was obvious.

“Can I see some ID, please?” he asked.

Alice dug around in her purse. “You know what, I seem to have left it at home. How silly of me!” she exclaimed.

“I'm sorry, lady. No ID, no entrance.” It was then that he actually looked at Alice's face.

“Please?” she breathed. She smiled seductively.

“Uh... oh, alright. Sorry for the inconvenience, miss,” he said, scrambling for his words.

Once we passed him, she leaned over to me. She had her ID in her dainty little hand. “Of course I had my ID. I just wanted to see if he'd let me in without it.” She grinned wickedly. I thought how shocked the man would be if she put her real age on it, and accidentally let a little laugh escape.

An hour of barely clothed men later, I poked Alice in the side. “Alice, I've been here for an hour. I have a wedding tomorrow that I have to get ready for, and to be perfectly honest, I think I've seen enough muscled men prancing around in little undies for today.”

I did not want to add that I was having a blast. Alice and Rosalie were whooping it up, and Esme was starting to cause a ruckus too. I was laughing much more than I thought I would be.

Alice giggled. “How can you ever have enough of men in little undies? I have to remember to get Jasper a pair of those.”

“Oh God, Alice. Why did you put that image in my head?” I laughed. Jasper in tiger striped underwear... doing the electric slide... worst image ever.

“You better get it out of your head,” she warned jokingly. “I'll just get Edward some too. It'll be his wedding present!”

“Time to go!” I exclaimed, getting out of my seat. I made a mad dash for the car and just hoped that the rest of them were following me.

When we got home, Edward was waiting for me in the front room. He looked into my eyes. He looked severely disturbed. I was sure I looked the same.

“Strip club,” we both murmured at the same time.

“I swear to God, they forced me to go. It was the single scariest thing in my life,” explained Edward.

“At least you didn't have to see buff strangers dancing around in little undies!” I exclaimed, throwing my hands into the air.

Edward laughed. “Bella, I went to a strip club, too! I ended up seeing quite a few buff strangers parading around in little undies. Oh yeah, I wouldn't... open Jasper's wedding present for you.”

“Yeah, you don't open Alice's either.”