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A New Life

My version of Breaking Dawn, attempting to stay very close to what the REAL Breaking Dawn will be like. No crazy random plots and made up characters!!!!!! :] UPDATE- the chapters have titles!


1. Chapter 1- Ready?

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I stood in front of the full length mirror, shocked. I couldn’t stop staring. Only Alice could succeed in making me look so, well, elegant. The crème dress was intricate beautiful lace and soft silk fabric with a long train in the back. It fell straight and hung loosely around my thin frame. My hair was swept up gracefully, courtesy of Rosalie, who had surprised us all by wanting to help Alice beautify me. I lifted the one layered skirt to look once again at my heels. Even though they were only a half inch tall, I was sure I’d trip down the aisle.

I sighed. Here was the day I’d been dreading for months, but I couldn’t pretend like I wasn’t happy when it came. What girl hasn’t thought about the day she’d walk down the aisle with her father? But I’d never been able to imagine anyone as perfect as Edward waiting for me.

“Bella!” Alice rushed into the room and sat down next to me on Edward’s couch, her giant wedding planner in hand. The wedding was being set up downstairs, in the Cullen’s backyard. My parents hadn’t been too excited about the idea of us getting married in back of their house, but Carlisle had won over them quickly. After Charlie nearly had a heart attack when we broke the news to him, he’d warmed up a bit to the idea of walking me down the aisle. As long as he wasn’t going to run after Edward with a knife, I was happy.

Alice ripped open the black binder and started flipping through pages. “I know I put the menu in here, and the waiters need it downstairs!” I cringed. Alice’s menu had been ridiculous; there was really no need to import pasta from Italy and éclairs from France! Her face went blank as she looked into the future, and I knew I had been foiled.

“Bella, did you really think putting it behind the ice statue would deter me?” I scowled. The fact that we had and ice statue was still frustrating me. That had been a long argument.

“It’s always worth a try,” I muttered, and went back to looking at myself in the mirror. “Remind me, how in the world did you pull this off?”

“Bella, you really need to give yourself more credit. The dress is nothing without you inside of it.” Alice giggled and kept bustling around, but she really had nothing else to do, being a vampire with a photographic memory and such. I knew she just wanted to admire her beautiful work, and I really couldn’t blame her. Still, I felt like I needed to be alone. It was my wedding day after all, and I just wanted to think.

Finally I couldn’t take her anymore. “Alice, can I just have a few minutes alone?” I cringed as her face fell.

“Oh— Of course Bella! I need to go make sure Emmett’s not unplugging the ice statue anyways. He thinks it would be hilarious…” she rolled her eyes, “Just don’t forget to practice walking in those heels. We really don’t need any catastrophes.” She smiled and zipped past me and out the door.

I sat down where Alice had just been on Edward’s couch and looked out the south window wall that covered the whole back of the house. The view was spectacular; rolling hills and dark, green forests. I would miss this when we went to Alaska. From red to green to white, I mused with a sigh.

My thoughts strayed to Jacob. It hadn’t been easy, cutting him out of my life. I was sure he still didn’t want to see me, which is why I hadn’t sent him an invitation. But part of me still dreamed that he might show up, just to see me. I wanted to share these special moments of my life with him, even if he wasn’t the groom. Of course, that could never happen. I’d already caused enough damage being selfish. Now I just wanted what was best for Jake, and I knew he wouldn’t be able to handle being here.

Time had passed quickly; I could hear bustling of guests arriving downstairs. It felt weird, sitting in Edward’s room for my last few hours of being an unmarried woman. Woman. The word sounded unfamiliar, but I realized that’s what I was. I’d grown up without even realizing it, and now I was getting married.

I smiled when I thought about my groom. Edward hadn’t been allowed to see me today, which I had put up quite a fuss about. I didn’t want to leave him, and we really didn’t need to go to that extreme. I ended up losing on that front too, and Edward stayed safely away while I was dressed by Alice and Renee.

I sat there longer, staring out the window into the dazzling sunlight. Here was the day that would change everything, the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life; death, but so much more than that. I sat there and watched the sun get lower, lower and lower on this chapter of my life and closer and closer to the end of it.

Finally Renee poked her head in the door. She had already gushed over how lovely I looked earlier that day, but she still stopped and smiled when she saw me.

“Sweetheart, it’s time.”I’d never seen her look so motherly before. She was on the verge of tears as I stood up and walked awkwardly towards her. So much for practicing. I took one last look out the giant window into the twilight. Then I took my mother’s hand and followed her into the hallway and down the stairs. Everyone had filed out into the backyard. Now the only thing left to do was to open the door and walk down the aisle.

Charlie was already by the door. He too was looking especially proud. My mother kissed my cheek and then went into the kitchen to sneak out the side door into her place as a bridesmaid. I slipped my arm through my dad’s, and he opened the double doors to lead me forward into my new life.