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A New Life

My version of Breaking Dawn, attempting to stay very close to what the REAL Breaking Dawn will be like. No crazy random plots and made up characters!!!!!! :] UPDATE- the chapters have titles!


3. Chapter 3- Where are we Off To?

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I danced with Edward practically all evening, spinning and twirling across the dance floor. The wedding had moved inside the Cullen mansion, and the whole living room had been cleared of furniture and decorated to become a dance floor. Jasper had moved inside to the grand piano next to the living room, and proceeded to play most of Edward’s favorites, along with some new songs I’d never heard. All this time we danced, Edward’s eyes staring intently into mine like he couldn’t take his eyes off of his new wife.

I of course, just stared back stunned. He couldn’t stop dazzling me. Only once did he excuse himself for a second, and I took that second to locate my family, both real and vampire, in the crowd of guests.

Renee, Esme, and Alice sat together on the couch chatting, while Carlisle engaged Charlie in conversation that sounded like they were planning the joining of their families. You could tell Charlie was feeling a little awkward, particularly because I knew Charlie was not good with “family” talk. Rosalie and Emmett mostly stayed with Jasper by the piano. Rosalie sometimes frowned, sometimes smiled, but mostly she just looked in pain. Emmett stroked her hair and held her hand. Our eyes met, and Rosalie smiled for me. I’d never seen her smile that much, but her milky white teeth just made her even more stunning. I couldn’t help grinning back at her perfect face.

I walked over to Renee; though I was sure Charlie was internally dying for me to come rescue him, I didn’t really feel up to talking to him. Charlie would want to know what Edward and I were planning for the near future. No doubt any conversation about our honeymoon would be awkward, and I wouldn’t know what to say. So I went and stood by Alice, who was talking animatedly to my mother.

“I got it from an undiscovered designer.” Alice put her hand on my shoulder and spun me around without even looking at me; no doubt she’d already seen me walk up. “Custom train, hand made lace...”

“Wow! Bella sweetheart, Alice here really had you covered for your wedding! She’s been telling me all about it, and I’m so glad you had her to plan this out, because with me stuck in Florida I’d been worried you wouldn’t be able to work things out!”

Renee had not taken well to the idea of me getting married. I guess that was an understatement; she had refused to be a part of the whole process. After flying up in a rage when I told her the news, she proceeded to yell at me for the next couple of hours. I stood my ground, but it hurt to see her walk out. From that point on she refused to come up to help with the plans, which shows she was truly mad at me; planning a wedding would be my mother’s dream, something Alice and her shared. She’d shown up a couple of days before and sheepishly apologized, to which I had immediately forgiven her. I couldn’t be mad with her on my wedding day. I could tell we weren’t going to talk about it just yet, as so Renee referred to her long absence in my life as her being “stuck in Florida.”

Alice continued to prattle on about the flowers, the menu, the cursed ice sculpture, etc. I was happy listening, and I sat down next to Esme.

Halfway through Alice’s long explanation of how she had managed to get a hold of the archway of ivy at the end of the aisle, one of Jasper’s songs came to an end and Edward’s smooth voice spoke into a microphone.

“I’d like to play a song for the bride and her father,” he announced, and everyone clapped as I caught sight of Edward sitting down behind the piano, Jasper standing up to join Emmett and Rosalie. Charlie was euphoric as he took my hand and led me to the dance floor. But whether this was because he got to dance with me or because he got to escape talking to Carlisle about becoming a family I couldn’t tell.

The rest of the wedding past most uneventfully after that, but Edward never left my side after he decided to subject his household to Charlie and I. As head klutzes, the two of us knocked over two vases, bumped into a table, and I’m pretty sure we both had a couple of broken toes afterwards, not to mention the countless people we ran into.

I never really spoke to any of my human friends or relatives, except for Angela. Before everyone began to leave she broke away from Jessica and Mike to talk to Edward, Alice and I. I couldn’t help smiling, remembering the days when we’d all sit together at lunch back at Forks High School. It was weird how much had happened since then, yet I still felt close to the cluster of small buildings and trailers that had introduced me to (now) husband.

Angela spoke to Edward and me first.

“Congratulations, both of you.” She smiled. “The wedding’s beautiful. I guess that would be a compliment to you, Alice.” Alice looked overjoyed; I guess I wasn’t the only one who counted this day as one of the best in her life, or afterlife.

“Thank you so much Angela,” I couldn’t help gushing, “and thanks. For coming.”

Everything seemed final. Angela and I could both tell that we wouldn’t see each other anytime soon, if ever.

“Thank you too Bella. For everything.” Angela turned and walked back to Jessica, and my school friends left. It was our last goodbye.

Edward took my hand and pulled me out the double doors into the now dark night. As soon as we were outside he picked me up in his arms.

“Ok love, where are we off to?” he voice was low and rough, and he kept his eyes on me.

“Why? Don’t we have to see everyone off? Alice will kill us if we leave now, you know.” But more than anything I wanted to get out of there with Edward.

He chuckled. “Alice has already had her fun for tonight, she’ll live with the disappointment. And I believe we have a honeymoon to attend.” He lowered his head to kiss me softly, then repeated his question. “So where are we off to?”

I didn’t know how to reply, so I leaned up to kiss him again. Where did I want to go? We hadn’t discussed our honeymoon for some reason; Alice had been keeping us busy enough with the wedding plans.

“I’ll take you anywhere you know. Rome, Paris, France, Hawaii— though that might be difficult. Hawaii is very, very sunny.” He grinned his crooked smile, and I melted into his cold chest. I didn’t care where we went— I actually was sure I wanted to stay close to home.

“Edward?” I wrapped my arms around him. “Let’s go to our meadow.”