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A New Life

My version of Breaking Dawn, attempting to stay very close to what the REAL Breaking Dawn will be like. No crazy random plots and made up characters!!!!!! :] UPDATE- the chapters have titles!


4. Chapter 4- Meadow

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Edwards POV

She urgently kissed me as I ran my hands down her back, unzipping her dress. Her scent was all around me, but instead of feeling suffocated, I felt more alive than I had in a hundred years. The zipper stuck- I would have yanked it off, but Alice would never forgive me if I ruined her dress. Something had caught on the zipper- a small slip of paper, with elegant scrawl on it that could only be Alice's handwriting.


Don't do anything stupid. I know this is your wedding night, but Bella needs to be able to say goodbye to her family before she's changed. Please, please control yourself.

Love Alice

I froze, and Bella pulled away from me, holding the slip of paper away from me as if it were poison. She tried to turn around, but my grip tightened around her as a quickly crushed the paper to shreds.

"Nothing to worry about love."

She would have none of that, however. "What happened?"

"Nothing. I'm just gathering my self control. Give me a moment." I began to kiss her again before she could say another word.

I would not let myself fall apart. This was Bella's last wish, and I would give it to her. The thought of her last wish made me slightly sick, but I pressed up against her warm beating chest with a new enthusiasm I never thought I could possess.

When Bella has made her final request, red faced and ashamed, I had supposed the least I could do was grant her a pleasure she would never experience after becoming one of us. I didn't think I wouldn't enjoy it, but I assumed I would be far too preoccupied with my self control to properly take pleasure in finally being with my new wife. I hate being proven wrong, but on this occasion I would make an exception.

We finally broke apart, Bella's soft body heaving and sweating against the dark green grass of our meadow, and I not short of breath in the least, but wishing I could be, to express how I felt at that moment, to make Bella see what she meant to me. She stared up into the moonlight, and then turned to face me. Her eyes were bright, and hectic spots of red dotted her cheekbones. My mouth opened - but instead I reached over and once again pulled her in.

Time stretched on endlessly. Even after countless nights of not sleeping, of never ending boredom, the night was the longest I had ever experienced. Just as the sun broke over the horizon, leading into dawn, waking up the flowers, Bella pulled away from me.

"Change me... now," she panted, "Please. Please Edward."

I froze for the second time. I had controlled myself, carefully handling my Bella like a porcelain doll, softly making love to her under the stars. I hadn't expected this to be the source of my undoing, the thing to which Alice urgently wrote me a letter for and slipped it into Bella's dress before she could disappear with me at the end of the night.

"Edward?" Her skin glistened, and I imagined her becoming stone, reflecting the sun and shattering its rays into a million pieces, her heart becoming cold, her blood flowing freely for the very last time...

As Bella had once said, ‘I'm betting on Alice.'