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A New Life

My version of Breaking Dawn, attempting to stay very close to what the REAL Breaking Dawn will be like. No crazy random plots and made up characters!!!!!! :] UPDATE- the chapters have titles!


6. Chapter 6- The End

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I was so desperate for my life to end. Edward had put it off long enough—it was time.

We were on the roof of the Denali Mansion. Tanya, Kate, and Irina had lent it to us for the occasion. Everyone had left the house, except Edward and me.

The last week of my life had been an odd one. After my wedding, I had only spent a few short days with my parents. Phil had to fly back to Phoenix for a tournament, but Renee stayed in Forks, in order to spend time with me. She, Charlie, and I had spent those days together, and I had cherished every second. It was as if we were a family, like we’d been doing this all my life. I was never by myself—one of my parents was always at my side, if not both. They didn’t know this was goodbye forever, but they could feel it.

I left on the evening of the third day. Mom was crying, and Charlie—well, he looked so blank. I will never forget their faces. We didn’t try to hide it anymore, the fact that I was leaving for good.

“Mom, you don’t need me anymore. You’re all grown up. You can take care of yourself.”

Renee still kept sobbing. She refused to let go of me, instead keeping me in a choking embrace. All she could do is force out, “You’re so beautiful!” between sobs. The front of my shirt was soaked with her tears.

“Bella,” Charlie whispered to me before I got into Edward’s car and drove away. “Thank you. You—you gave me a reason to live. I’ll always be thinking of you.”

I’d never heard more profound words come out of his mouth. I hugged Charlie for the last time.

Now I was a couple thousand miles away in the dead cold of Denali, ready to die.

I’d been really confused when Carlisle suggested we change me on the roof of the mansion. I couldn’t understand why I shouldn’t just hide in one of the numerous bedrooms in the mansion for a few days. But Carlisle said the freezing Alaskan air might help sooth the burning fire that would work its way through my veins. They figured it was worth a try. Also, Tanya didn’t want me ruining any of her perfectly decorated interior. She was a bit high maintenance. Jasper explained that when you first awake from a three day transformation from human to vampire, you tend to underestimate your speed, strength, and agility. Therefore I was bound to run through some walls or destroy something. My lack of self control would only last about a day, but in one day I could destroy the whole house. None of them knew how long it would take me to grow accustomed to my new enhanced body, since I was fully aware of what would happen to me, but Tanya was not interested in taking any chances.

I then argued that I could end up falling off the roof when I underestimated my speed, but no one answered me. I guessed that they were intending on that to happen; because if Tanya doesn’t want me in her house until I grow accustomed to being a vampire, I’d have to stay on the roof for a long time. I didn’t really know what to think about it; I couldn’t imagine me, fragile breakable me, becoming so strong and powerful. So much was happening; I had to take life one day at a time. And today, I was going to die. So I simply focused on that.

I was lying down, staring at the stars. Edward would come upstairs in a few minutes, but for now I was breathing in the air, appreciating what it felt like to live. I had never remembered to love my own human body, to appreciate my ability to feel the things around me, and to see the stars, and to hear life swell from the nature that surrounded me everyday; all these senses would be heightened after I changed, but I almost didn’t want to forget the simplicity of my current state. Almost.

I breathed in deeply. The cold Alaskan air pierced my skin, and I reveled in the discomfort. Never again would I feel cold. I watched the goose bumps rise on my arm, each individual hair standing on end, my ribcage beginning to shudder as my teeth chattered. I realized I would never feel the warmth of the Phoenix sun again. Had I known that, when I left there to live with Charlie? Had my subconscious known, deep down, that those last memories would have to last me an eternity?

No. I had felt the sun again—two more times, to be exact. One when I ran to save my mother from a crazed vampire and away from the man I loved. The other, when I visited my mother in Florida, accompanied by Edward. The rare sunny days in Forks I didn’t count, because the pathetic sun that snuck through the massive wall of dark clouds for a day or two couldn’t compare to the bright, brilliant and oppressing heat that came with the true sun of Phoenix, and even Florida.

Edward had climbed the stairs and was approaching me slowly across the rooftop, evidently not wanting to scare me when I was so intently fixated on my shivering cold body. I suspected he had wanted to give me a few minutes alone beforehand. He had been right in thinking it would probably be good for me. I had spent the last few minutes thinking, neatly wrapping up my mental preparation for what was to come. That in no way meant I was ready, but I was as close as I would ever get. I tore my gaze away from my pale arm and sat up, reaching out to him. Now more than ever, he was the only thing that mattered; he always had meant more than life itself. He sat beside me and wrapped me in his arms, pulling me back down so we were lying together on the rooftop.

His skin jolted me like lightning, sending a newfound wave of chill through me. I didn’t care. The cold felt good. I wanted to remember it.

He spoke softly. “Are you ready?”

I nodded. I thought about what I was leaving; Charlie, Renee, Jacob… tears welled up in my eyes, overflowing down my face. What would it be like, becoming unable to cry when I was in pain, or angry? It hurt, to leave so much. But I was gaining something so much better—something that could outshine even the stars, even the sun, even life.

Edward softly caressed my face, wiping the tears away quicker than they could fall. I kissed him, crushing myself against him, and he kissed me back, holding nothing back and sailing across the boundary he had been holding himself behind for so long, that had made him pull away from me so many times. I felt like I was back in our meadow, the last time we had been there, the night of our wedding, but even then he had still held back, and no longer did it matter. His lips left mine, but only to trail down my neck to my chest. He carefully lifted my shirt off and over my head. He was going to bite me right at the heart. The pain wouldn’t last as long, and the venom would spread quickly and efficiently.

I closed my eyes. I had taken my last look at the stars, at the world as I knew it, and I was ready to die, to change, and see the world around me while no longer being a living creature on it. Before I could draw in my last breath, Edward bit me right in the center of my chest. Cries erupted from within me, and I felt pain I didn’t knew existed racing through me, tearing out my insides, burning a hole right through my heart and blazing through every inch and every corner of my soul. I felt myself collapse forward onto Edward, and the world became black, and I became black, and I knew no more as I raced forward into nothing.