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A New Life

My version of Breaking Dawn, attempting to stay very close to what the REAL Breaking Dawn will be like. No crazy random plots and made up characters!!!!!! :] UPDATE- the chapters have titles!


7. Chapter 7- Newborn Bella

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The black nothing didn’t last very long, though I wished desperately over the next few days for it to come back and claim me.

I had awoken to find an IV in my arm, pumping morphine through my system to add on to the original dosage Carlisle had given to me before Edward bit me. I was screaming in pain, the world spinning around me and disappearing at moments. Edward had sat up and now held me in his arms. My arms and legs seemed to act of their own accord, flailing about and hitting Edward in the face so furiously that under normal circumstances they would have bruised. But right now the pain inside of me couldn’t be equaled by anything.

Edward whispered to me, and tried to sooth me, and kissed me so many times. Every time he kissed me it was as if my lips, or my cheek, or the small curve of my neck, were temporarily relieved of the burning. I would look back on it and say it was only in my imagination that I felt any sort of relief, but at the time I was certain that he was my only hope.

After the first day was over, you would think that I had become almost numb with pain. But it was as if the fire kept inventing new and exciting ways to penetrate my fragile body, and the pain simply shifted forms, appearing and reappearing in different places as the venom worked its way through my veins. I had thought the morphine had no affect on me whatsoever, but after the first night, in a matter of minutes the pain increased twenty times over, and I was screaming out. Edward panicked and injected more morphine into me instantly, apologizing for hours afterward for being so careless.

It was hell—with my angel there to guide me through.

The second day came to a close, and I realized the feeling in my arms was gone. There was no more pain in them, or warmth… but the pain was ending. I had never felt more relieved in my whole life, physically at least.

In the next few hours the pain disappeared practically as fast as it had come. But it was replaced with other feelings.

I would have thought my hair was sweaty and disgusting from screaming and writhing for so long, but I was surprised to feel a silky sheet of hair on my neck. Any slight pain I might have felt before these past two days began was gone—my leg had been asleep, goose bumps had covered my arm. I felt… lighter. As if the rules of gravity didn’t apply anymore. Like my body’s limits had been erased. And in fact, they had.

Of course, I absorbed these changes in a matter of seconds. Instantly a whole new sensation came to my attention—my throat. It burned. And then the thirst washed over me. My stomach felt hollow, my mouth dry, my throat… the sensation was impossible to describe.

My head was completely clear. I did not feel groggy, or exhausted. I could hear things for miles, smell things for miles, sense things… Carlisle was running towards the house from the north. Edward’s arms were around me, hugging me tightly, tighter than he ever had before. I was shocked to see our skin shimmering in the morning sun, shocked to see my skin so pale! I had always been pale, but in a frail, breakable way. Not anymore.

“Bella? Sweetheart, can you hear me?”

He spoke loudly. I could hear him if he spoke quieter! I was sure of it. I whispered back to him, so low, barely letting air escape from my lungs.


I gasped. My voice! It didn’t sound anything like me, yet it was mine. He smiled, and stood up quickly—very quickly, but human standards at least. I saw every motion, even the small twitch of his finger telling me to follow. And then, just like that, he sped off the roof! I heard him land, possibly for the first time in my existence. I could see everything! Hear everything!

I tried to stand up. Instead, I zoomed forward in one step, finding myself dangling over the edge of the roof. How did that happen?! I wasn’t sure. I jumped down, off of the 8 story building, landing on my feet. A sense of accomplishment surged through me, until I realized I had smashed into the ground, creating a massive hole around me, spewing snow everywhere. I then looked up to see a giant mass of brick toppling towards me, having been broken off when I jumped off the roof, which I easily sidestepped.

This was going to be a bit more difficult than I expected.

No matter, though. I would get the hang of it. For the moment, I decided to find Edward. He was surely around here somewhere, and I had to try out this running business sooner or later. I fixed my eyes across the frozen landscape, being careful to start off in the direction away from the trees. Edward always claimed he wouldn’t hit them, but until I knew if that was by instinct or practice I planned to avoid them. All it took was one step forward, as if I was going for a walk, and my legs naturally sped forward, aching to test out their new powers.

White was all around me. The only definite landmark for my location was the blue sky. I ran, my legs pumping back and forward a thousand times per second, and the house got farther and farther away from me. Where had Edward gone?

He came crashing out of the trees beside me, as if he meant to tackle me… but I dodged him before I could even think about it. My mind had processed the situation and taken action before my consciousness had even realized it! I received a shock when I realized I was almost a mile ahead of him. Why didn’t my legs stop? I turned around, running back to Edward, but he met me halfway, grabbing my waist and stopping me. How had he crept up on me like that? I wasn’t sure.

The sun shattered off of our skins, magnified by the glittering ice all around us. Edward’s eyes were illuminated, his mouth stretched wide smiling. He pulled me in to him, and I realized he was sniffing my throat.

“Do I still smell?” I giggled slightly, and my laugh sounded like tiny chimes tinkling. I was only beginning to imagine what I looked like…

“Of course you still smell delicious. But not in that way anymore.” His eyes were even brighter than his skin. He kissed me, and once again I felt the sensation of a boundary that no longer existed being crossed. It was glorious.

I pushed myself against him, and snow exploded around us. We were lying in the snow, another hole in the ground surrounding me.

“Goodness Bella… Now the day’s come when you’re stronger than me!” Edward rolled over, shaking with laughter. I fashioned my expression into an angry pout.

“Hmm… now, let’s think, how many different ways can I punish you for mocking me? I could throw a giant tree at you. I could smash you into the ground, straight through the ice. How about flying through Tanya’s highest window?”

Edward was still chuckling. “Tanya would be very unhappy with you if you did that.”

“I think I’ll take my chances. You deserve at least being thrown through a window, after disappearing like that! Right after I wake up and you run off.”

His smile twisted into a grimace. “You’re right; I shouldn’t have left you at all. As soon as I did you went flying off in who knows what direction, likely to get yourself lost. You could have been heading straight back for the town! What do you think would have happened?”

I shuddered. I hadn’t thought about that. My throat was still nagging me… It itched!

“Edward… I’m hungry.”

He smiled. “I’d guessed I’d need to show you this sooner or later. Come on, Carlisle’s waiting for us. We’re going hunting.”