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A little bit of truth to set some things straight

The Cullen Vampires


1. Chapter 1

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Cullen vampires are different from a lot, Some eat humans, they do not. So here is a little guide for you, To see if those myths are really true. Opposite of a . . . V- Vacuous A- Appalling M- Misleading P- Pretentious I - Intolerant R- Requite E- Evil The Actual Cullen . . . V- Very Understanding A- Awfully compassionate M- Masculine P- Picturesque I- Irresistible R- Real E- Elegant Don’t get me wrong, there are Evil ones lurking around places, But Cullen vampires are different It’s like comparing cotton to laces. They are just so much safer to be around, The others will places you in the ground.