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Rosalie Hale is now a strong and beautiful vampire...but revenge takes its price on her. One night, after returning home from a horrific deed, does she meet the only one who can comfort her... Reviews are greatly appreciated. :)

Hey, guys! This is my first fic from Rosalie's POV, so I hope it turns out all right! :) Disclaimer: All belongs to Stephenie Meyer. *dances around praising her genius* © Edward's Rose 2008

1. Chapter 1

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By Edward’s Rose

All was silent. As I slipped down the darkened streets, the full weight of what I’d done settled in on my chest. I’d just murdered three people…two of them being innocents. I paused for a moment, leaning heavily against the coarse stone of a building.

I’m a murderer. All of them…Royce, his friends, his guards.

The taste of blood was still fresh in my mouth, sweet and glorious. I squeezed my eyes shut, a fierce longing washing over me in waves.

They hurt you…they forced you into this life. All for a cause, Rosalie. You have your revenge.

My eyes flew open quickly, focusing on the dark alleyway. My revenge. I gave a slight smile, only to feel the anger and emptiness course through me like a wave. Effortlessly, I swung around and slammed my fist into the wall. An avalanche of dust rained down upon my head, along with the shifts and groans of the bricks.

I sank down onto my knees, fingers twined around the white materiel of my dress. My wedding dress. The lacy fabric brushed harmlessly against my skin, worse then the feeling of any form of torture. My eyes stung helplessly, the empty tear ducts weeping nothing. My eyes alighted on a bucket of water, its surface shimmering innocently in the muted light coming from the street. I leaned over it, examining what should be the face of Aphrodite.

Instead, it was the face of a monster.

My eyes glowed red…frenzied and wild. My lips were stained, and not by the rosy prettiness of any make up. Stained with blood…a thin line of the vile stuff extending from my mouth. With a small cry, I kicked the bucket away…watching as it splattered against the ground. I held my head in my hands, as if to wipe away all the stains on my face.

I remained in this fashion for a few moments, until something dawned on me. I wasn’t Rosalie Hale, the envy of the town anymore. I was now a new person…with no limits to stand in my way. I had my beauty…my strength. I was unconquerable…I did not need someone telling me what I was free to do anymore.

I swallowed and tasted the ambrosia…seeming to fill my senses with pleasure. The thirst rose in me once more, an aching in the back of my throat, which sent a small moan coursing through me.

I could have it again...

I’d killed before, I could do it again. Taste that sweet, sweet elixir. Carlisle was wrong; the blood of animals in no way compared to that of human’s…

Suddenly, as if answering a prayer, I heard voices coming down the street. Concealed in the alleyway, I slowly began to rise. It was a group of three…their voices light and care-free. I closed my eyes and took in their scent…inhaling deeply. One step forewords...they were close. Then I’d have it…my revenge…so the whole world would know my pain…

I took another step, about to reveal myself, and then I felt it.

Strong arms grabbed me by the waist, yanking me backwards into the darkness. I clawed viciously tearing at his arms, kicking and snarling.

“Rosalie!” he hissed in my ear, spinning me around to face him.

My name was an anchor, bringing me back for a second to stare into Edward’s flaming eyes. The group laughed again, and I gave a low moan…their scent drenching me in waves. I tried to break away, but he held me fast. I could get away, I was stronger then him! But something in his eyes wouldn’t let me…they were broiling with intensity and determination.

“Let me go!” I snarled, clawing at his face with my nails.

He grabbed my wrist, locking it in his grip. As if I were a baby, he lifted me and pinned me against the wall…until his face was inches away from mine.

“Stop it, Rose! Think about what you’re doing!”

I fought against his grasp, but he was too strong…determination fueling every move he made. I felt like a helpless, little girl…incapable of movement. Our eyes were locked in a vicious duel…his pure topaz battling my tainted red. Then, it was as if all the fire left me, and I hung my head with a dry sob.

Edward’s grip softened a little, until he let me go. I crumpled to the ground, amidst a sea of white satin. I took long, shuddering breaths…vaguely aware of Edward crouching down next to me.

“I don’t want your pity…or comfort,” I snapped.

“Open your eyes, Rose,” he said softly.

I wasn’t sure if he meant physically or mentally. He put a finger on my cheek, turning my face towards his. He studied it briefly for a moment, before letting me go. I turned away quickly, ashamed.

“You killed them,” he said simply.

I nodded, waiting for his wrath to descend. It didn’t come.

“I know what it feels like, you know. The pain, the thirst…the loneliness.”

“Does it ever go away?” I whispered.

“Not completely, but you’ll get used to it. You’re strong, Rosalie, stronger then I ever was.”

I shook my head vehemently. “I’m not strong. You know what I almost did. I was going to kill more, Edward!” I turned towards him pleadingly, willing him to understand.

“But you didn’t.”

“No, because you came.”

“I won’t always be here, though. You’ll learn in time…the sweetness of revenge only lasts for so long.”

He stood up abruptly, his bronze hair rising with the slight breeze. Edward turned to go, his eyes storm clouds.

“No!” I said catching his wrist. “Stay…please.”

He studied my face for a moment, emotions raging through him like the tide. Then, to my surprise, he nodded…sinking down next to me. Edward had always behaved with a cold indifference towards me, angry that I’d entered his life. But now…there was something different, and it made me wonder….

I tentatively put my head on his shoulder, and he tensed in surprise. He looked down into my eyes…their brilliant color seeming to ignite a hundred fires in my soul. For the briefest of seconds, our lips met…but then he drew back sharply, standing.

“Don’t, Rose. You’re not meant for me…no more then I’m meant for you.”

His words stung, and anger coursed through me…washing out the bitter disappointment.

I rose to meet him, thrusting my chin out defiantly. “You’re afraid, Edward. And one day you’ll see…shutting people out isn’t the answer.”

Gathering my shredded pride, I turned and stalked away…running through the inky blackness.

But somewhere, deep inside, I knew that Edward’s words rang true.