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Glorious Destruction

Bella deals with the loss of her best friend Jacob, as she knows nothing will be the same as it once ones. Though things do not go as she hopes when she visits him.

Disclaimer: All characters and main idea behind the story written below belong to S.M author of Twilight and New Moon.

1. Espionage

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It had ended badly, worse then I had anticipated, cringing as I replayed it in my mind over and over again. Jake asking me, begging me with his eyes to not stay with Edward. I knew he liked me possible even loved me and how could I fault him for those feelings of affection, after feeling them myself I knew just how much one wished them to be reciprocated. So I had forgiven Jake, forgiven him for leaving the bike in my yard causing Charlie to have a field day. Though deep in my heart I knew we would never share what we had once had.

My hands gripped the side of my bureau as I felt the warm path of a tear trace down the side of my check and I quickly wiped it away with the back of my hand, I refused to be weak. Looking up I saw my reflection in the mirror, my hair a mess while my eyes turning puffy from the tears. Frustrated with the whole situation I turned away from the mirror and almost tripped over my shoes that were at the foot of my bed. Of course this would happen, fed up with everything I kicked them viciously before falling into bed. I hated this, hated everything about this. Jake had no right; he was my friend first werewolf second – though I doubted this is how he saw it.

Holding the pillow over my face I muffled my frustrated scream as I wallowed under my covers. That’s when I heard it my window opening and shutting silently, he must have wanted me to know he was coming because there was no way he would have been that loud. It was rare when I was not thrilled to have him in my room, have him with me. And to be honest I could feel my heart quicken and my body tense under the covers though I made and effort not to move, not to turn and look up at him. I heard him sigh, obviously coming to an understanding about why exactly I was hiding under the covers.

“Bella, I’m sorry” His voice was filled with sadness, and I am sure if I turned to look at him his golden eyes would be a window to the pain he was feeling.

I sat up in my bed and just nodded. There was nothing to say, I knew he felt that he was at fault for everything that had taken place a moment ago with Jacob and Charlie and I knew he refused to be comforted on these matters.

“I know you are.” I smiled, trying to show that all had been forgiven I was not angry anymore that he had left, I finally had come to grasp with those facts after Alice and I had saved his life. It felt good to play the superhero; I had to admit after all those times Edward had saved my life, and how he is still saving my life. Though my words did not seem to have the effect I wanted he stayed rigid not coming any closer, eyes becoming more distant and pain still covered every line on his face.

Throwing the covers back I swung my legs out from the bed and stood. The walk over to him seemed much longer then it really was and I knew without even looking in the mirror that my checks were blushing red. Slowly I reached out fingers grazing his arm, and when he did not pull away I wrapped him up in a hug. I let out a sigh as I clung to him, my feelings of anger fading as I felt his cold skin on my body. I stayed like this for a moment before finally the motion was reciprocated and Edward returned my hug. We stayed like this for a moment, realizing silently it was not us against the world. In a manner of speaking.

He bent down to kiss my lips and I stayed motionless until he pulled away, when his lips were free of mine a breathed deeply realizing I had held my breath the whole time.

“What did Charlie say?”

“Well he was furious of course, I now am under constant Cop Watch – no unapproved visitors,” I saw his brow furrow before he let out a quite laugh and it was with that sound I knew he had forgiven himself, at least for the moment. “and I lost use of my truck; he says he feels he has given me too much freedom – seeing that I’m riding motorcycles and such.”

“I have to agree with Charlie, to much freedom, letting you and that Jacob boy hand out unsupervised.” My breath came in much sharper with the mention of Jacob’s name; Edward obviously thought that Jacob was a very small part in what was going on here. I knew I would have to tell him eventually though I figured now was not the time, so I continued on like I had not heard his last statement.

“Though Charlie has not idea that my boyfriend is a vampire who can easily break all the rules. You’ll be here in the morning to pick me up? After Charlie leaves?” It really was not a question as I moved across the room picking up my sweatshirt and throwing it on, I was suddenly very cold. I heard him sigh in agreement as he moved to sit on the edge of the bed, the slight protest of the springs giving his movement away.

“Though Edward, I did want to tell you something. Tonight Charlie is heading up to Billy’s and well I’m going with him. I need to talk to Jacob.”

I turned to look him in the eye as he processed the information, his eyes going from the shimmering gold to a darker shade as he fully digested it.

“Bella you can’t”

“Edward, you can’t make me change my mind – its something I need to do I need to talk to Jacob about ‘things’” I made air quotes around the word things and I watch recognition flash across Edwards face as he understood what I meant, my transformation.

“No, I don’t want you being alone with that, dog. He has no say in our lives, and anyways I hate it when you taint you smell by being around them.”

“There’s nothing you can say about this Edward I’m going, I already told Charlie I was and anyways there’s nothing Jake can do to me when I’m around everyone.”

I watched him struggle with my plain refusal though I could tell he knew this was something I had to do. So with a sigh he kissed my cheek and headed for the window.

“Well I’ll let you get ready. O’ and Bella don’t do anything stupid” And with those words he was gone, headed out to hunt with Alice and Jasper most likely. Smiling to myself I grabbed my towels and headed for the shower. This night was going to be interesting.


I was home much later then I had expected, my anger fueled me and I went on a long run trying to find an outlet for it. Because the last thing I wanted was to have to explain my plain jealously to the rest of the family. My path leads me through places that I could not even name, before finally bringing me to my house. Of course I had stopped at Bella’s house before heading home hoping that she had changed her mind, though to my dismay Charlie’s car was gone. When I entered my house my anger had diminished though I could not help feeling a little betrayed. Why could she not see what I saw?, that this was a dangerous situation we were in right now, like standing on the edge of knife. One wrong move and we could be easily tipped and I felt like if anyone should make that wrong move it should be I, as I was the one who had gotten her into this mess anyway. A rumble left my throat as I went on a search for Alice , a hunt would be the perfect thing at the moment. Opening the door to her room I started to speak though cut myself off, Alice was seeing something.

“Edward” She gasped coming back to reality, her golden eyes were wide with fright as she looked at me. “Where is Bella?”

“She went with Charlie to the Black’s house” My words were frantic; as I tried to read her thoughts though they were so scrambled I could barely make them out.

“Edward, get the others, I can’t see everything but Bella is in danger, the werewolves.”

Before she could finished I was out the door, my breath coming in fractic gasps as I dealt with this sudden blow. I knew it was not wise to let her go, though she was so determined. Putting that aside I found the rest of my famly finding some comfort in the fact that they stood beside Bella and I - even if they died doing it.