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Glorious Destruction

Bella deals with the loss of her best friend Jacob, as she knows nothing will be the same as it once ones. Though things do not go as she hopes when she visits him.

Disclaimer: All characters and main idea behind the story written below belong to S.M author of Twilight and New Moon.

2. Betrayel

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Flashback. [in the time between Bella leaving Edward]

The shower was just what I needed to relax myself, something about seeing Jacob again seemed to have my heart pounding a hundred times a second, and not in a good way. My palms were sweaty as I pulled my wet hair into a ponytail and headed out to wait for Charlie in the car.

“Get a hold of yourself Bella; it’s just Jacob, who’s a werewolf, no problem.” Frustrated with myself I pushed my feet against the dashboard hugged my knees, why was I always such a wreck?

“Bella, you alright honey? We don’t have to go…”

Crap, how much had Charlie heard? Turning I took a good look at his face and figured he had just heard the mumbles of my conversation and figured I was going crazy, talking to myself and all, what else is new?

“I’m fine Dad lets go to Billy’s I’m starved.”

I forced some giddy happiness into my voice, which came even more easily when I saw the relief in Charlie’s face when I told him I wanted to go. Billy must be serving some kind of fish. Great.

The ride to the Blacks was mostly silent, Charlie commenting on the weather while I ran dozens scenarios in my mind about what I was going to say to Jacob. None of them seemed to make any sense and every one of them ended with him looking at me with his sad, puppy dog eyes. How ironic.

“Bella, were here, are you sure you are okay?”

Refocusing my thoughts I realized we had arrived to Billy and Jacobs’s house and I was still sitting in the car, lost in my own little world. Running my hands through my hair I smiled and just waved off his question.

“Let’s just go in, okay Dad, maybe Billy made some of that great fish I hear you always telling me about.”

Ha, I had hit the jackpot. With those words it seemed open a flood gate with Charlie and the rest of the way up to the house he talked only about the fish and not about my odd behavior in the car. Perfect.

Walking into the house brought back millions of memories that I did not want to relive, the time in which my life had turned dark, when Edward had ‘left’ me. A shiver ran down my spine as I remembered those awful days – it seemed my life had turned into black sea aiming to pull me down into the depths of despair and my only salvation had been Jacob. Though if he continued to be one for me was the concept in question.

“Hey Billy, how are you?”

“Just fine Bella.” His words were short, curt even and it seemed to startle even Charlie with the way he looked at me like I was infected by some sort of illness. Though his words did something for me, they cleared up every question that I ever had of Billy knowing the truth, the real truth. It was no apparent that he did. Ignoring the cold stare I changed the subject immediately no reason in hanging around here anyway.

“Do you know where Jake is?”

“In the garage, with Sam”

I thanked him before I turned and left him and Charlie to discuss the recent fish findings, though all the way out the front door I could feel his eyes boring into my back as I went. I found the garage easily; I had been there so many times before when Jake had been fixing the motorcycles. I sighed at the thought of the trouble those bikes had brought me.

“Jake?” I called out questioningly into the dark garage; though I knew they were in there I could hear the rough breathing and could smell the faint scent of dog drifting the breeze.


“Hello Bella.”

He seemed to come out of no where, though that is not what bothered me, it was not Jake who had greeted me it was Sam. My blood seemed to boil with a mix of anger and fear, what did he want.

“Sam.” My voice left my mouth more timid then I had expected though I doubt it matter what type of bravado I portrayed now, I was genuinely frightened. Edward had warned me and I could only hope I did not prove his theory right.

“Where is Jake?”

“O he is here, I think it was your smell that drove him off – we will have to give you a bath before you carry that vile aroma all over our stuff.”

“I already showered.”

“Ahh, well it must be your clothes. No worries, you probably fit into Emily’s things anyway.”

“I change when I get home Sam, where is Jacob.” My voice was tense as I tried to find a way around him with my eyes, a way out of the garage. Though he had backed me in and I knew I could not outrun him. Swallowing hard, I forced confidence back into my eyes.

“See what I don’t think you understand is that you won’t be going home.”

Words froze in my mouth and I was sure I looked like a fool stuttering and fumbling for words.

“Charlie will…”

“Will what? Save you? The only ones who can save you are the retched Cullen’s and they are exactly who we want to come and ‘save’ you”

“No” My voice was filled with emotion as I struggled with the concept, they did not want to hurt me? The wanted my family, my Edward. This was not what I had expected from Jake no it could not be his idea I refused to believe it.

“JAKE!” My voice filled the garage as I screamed out for him, he would stop Sam he had to. Sam grabbed my arm before I could run towards the other end of the garage his skin was like fire though my brain barely registered it.

“Ja - ”

“I’m here Bella.”

“Jake, Sam he is”

“I know what is going on, I helped plan it.”

The conversation had taken a turn for the worst. Why had Jake done this to me, it was not fair and it was not sane. I focused on not crying as I felt my weight shifting as Sam began to pull me somewhere deeper into the garage.

“Jake, why?” My voice was pleading as I tried to find his eyes in the dim light, though even now I was sure he was facing away from me- and I knew it was killing the part of him I was friends with to watch me handled by Sam.

“Bella, this is not personal – not for me, not for the pack we have no vendetta against you or Charlie.”

“Then why?”

“I am doing what you did not long ago; you made a choice and aligned yourself with the Vampires. Fine, I have done the same; I have chosen my pack over you.”

His voice was breaking, and I could tell he was trying desperately to keep his calm while Sam shoved me into a closed room. I could tell it was like a bedroom a light was turned on in the corner and I got my first good look at Jake. His eyes were stained with tears, though filled with an icy determination. His body quivered with tremors, and before I could take in anymore Sam blocked my view.

“Don’t worry Bella, Charlie will be fine, Billy is handling it. If things go according to plan you should be out of here in a few…days.”

Then with that the door slid closed, and I was trapped. My breath came in frantic gasps as I pounded on the door with my fists. I knew Jake was still out there, I knew it, I would not let this be easy for him. With my pounding came tears, which stained my shirt and warmed my cold face.

“No, no, no!”

“Bella, I did not choose this for you – you did it yourself. You put yourself in the middle of a war. One can not be friends with both vampires and vampires.” Then with that his voice was gone and I knew he had left the garage. I slumped against the door and cradled my head in my hands.

I stayed like that for who knows how long, though I soon found myself falling asleep to the sound of howling, filled with despair and silence.


Carlisle told me to be rational, that I could not just run into the pack lands of werewolves, though that was the last piece of information I wanted to hear. My only concern was getting Bella out alive, and I did not care what happened to myself doing it. Standing in the living room I began to pace as I waited for everyone to get downstairs. Alice was already with me along with Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett and Esme we were just waiting on Rosalie now. Anger burned through my veins, how dare she make me wait. I could understand her partial dislike for Bella though this was intolerable.

“Go get her Emmett.” It was not a question.

Emmett was gone only a mere moment before he came charging down the stairs, panic covering every line of his face – something that is rarely seen.

“She is not here, I’ve checked everywhere – she should be here. Just a moment ago..”

I did not let him finish, she did not want to be here fine. Nothing happened to her, she was just bitter caught up in her own self-absorption, how Emmett did not see this I did not know.

“Emmet, she is fine probably out shopping.”

My voice was filled with bitter dislike as I looked at him with coal black eyes, reading his thoughts. ‘jeez, heaven forbid he care about anyone else but Bella.’ I ignored them, did he not understand the situation.

“We must leave now!” I was becoming furious with out lack of action, I needed to do something – and I knew I could only wait a moment longer or I would go without them.

“Edward, understand this is a dangerous situation the werewolves will not look upon us entering their land kindly.” Carlisle like always spoke with calm as he pressed his hands together, he had thought of something.

Though we will go, we must. Alice , Jasper and Edward take the Jeep go through the backroads try to keep yourselves unknown. I will go with Emmett and headed to see Charlie, he might know something. Dear, you stay here and wait for Rose, we will call as soon as anything happens.”

Ah, finally we had a plan in motion. I would save her, I had to.