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Nothing Compares

Interesting view points from characters who, I think, don't have their say.

Dislcaimer: Characters and novel plots belong to Stephenie Meyer! I own nothing - this is just my imagination. This series was inspired by The Cullen Magent who will be joining me in the writing of character's perspectives. There will be much arguing but hopefully when it's finished it will be brilliant!!

1. Time And Time Again

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Sam sat cross legged in front of the blazing log fire. His head rested in the palm of his hand as he slumped forward, eyes gazing far away as the darkness crept in around him. The day had been warmer than usual, little rain and few clouds, but now he felt the change in the cool air currents and shivered slightly as the breeze slid down his bare back and across his broad, tanned shoulders.

The pack had met earlier in the evening, surrounded the fire and talked over small matters, there had been little activity in the territory and the warm weather had everyone hot and bothered, especially Jacob and Leah. It was decided that, as a new site had been found for the communal gathering, the pack would meet in wolf form; it was easier to cool down.

Sam grimaced unconsciously as Jacob’s thoughts continued to stream through his mind, “Stupid leech…mine, I saw her first…bet he doesn’t even love her…blood”. It took little effort to block the mental conversation the pack member had with himself but it was like an annoying buzz at the back of the mind.

Sam had interrupted, “Jacob, please give it a rest. I know how tough this is for you, but the whole pack doesn’t need to know”. He received an apology and the cursing of the vampire dissolved into the background with a final thought, “…poor Bella”.

There was something odd about that girl, she who had caused the werewolves to return and the vampire’s to riot. Too much trouble for her own good, but Jacob would not hear of her being…disposed of. Not to mention, the trouble the pack would be in against the coven of leeches. A slight sneer spread across his face, something dark glinted in the fire light, vampires were no match for the massive strength of a wolf, and they had learnt that from Billy. The sneer vanished quickly though, it would not do to become over-confident, thats how mistakes are made.

The fire was still burning brightly; logs sizzled and crackled beneath Sam’s ever watchful eyes. But now they were seeing something other than the burning embers. A laugh was ringing in his ears, a carefree smile flashed in front of his face, and a pair of beautiful eyes were full of amusement. Sandy blonde hair swirled around her face, sweeping across her bare shoulders under the beating sun. He knew the exact date of this encounter. Leah was a very pretty girl and as soon as he had laid eyes on her, he knew she was the one. Their peace was shattered the day her cousin arrived; Emily.

The day began as any other, Sam and Leah had met up for breakfast, walked through the woods and spoken a lot. She had told him that family were coming to visit, people she didn’t see too often, there had been a note of excitement in her voice. Her exultation had been contagious, and the pair of them had shared a day full of happiness.


“Hey, Sam! I want you to meet someone very special to me”. Leah grinned, whipped around and gently pulled a girl into sight.

“This is my cousin Emily. I hope you two get on okay, I’d hate for you to fall out, and after all you are my closest friends”.

Emily had raven back hair that felt past her shoulders and an open face with a shy smile spreading across her lips. She stood; one hand clasped in Leah’s, the other pushed her hair from her eyes.

Before Sam stood a vision to behold. A strange knot seemed to have wound itself around his heart and pulled him physically towards this beautiful woman.

“Emily”, he breathed, marvelling at her name spilling from his lips for the first time and certainly not the last. A shiver slithered down his spine, and a smile lit up his eyes that appeared glued to her face.

Sam was vaguely aware of Leah’s presence, but suddenly his feelings for her were like mere brotherly love compared to what he felt for Emily. Deep in his heart, he knew that one day he would meet his soul mate, and at last he had found her. Gazing into her eyes, Sam knew she felt the same way and he had trouble controlling himself in front of the women. He had begun to shake violently, not un-like when he did once he’d lost his temper and morphed. Sam knew he couldn’t reveal himself to either girl, although he felt as if Emily knew everything about him already.

Excusing himself quickly, Sam ducked his head and jogged off into the woods silently. He rapidly changed, enjoying the strength and adrenaline pumping through his body and sped off to the quiet of the forest. His sharp hearing had focused on Emily’s voice that he heard drifting behind him, she and Leah were talking heatedly; the subject was not hard to guess.


A sigh escaped his lips, that day had ruined his relationship with Leah until it lay tattered and bloody in the dust. He had been close to the girl and their bond had been strong, but Emily was something else altogether. Sam felt alive around this person, his soul mate. He realised it felt good to have finally found so much more in his life, and confiding in Emily was a relief.

His mind wandered freely, and the tension was draining slowly although Leah’s thoughts from earlier in the day interrupted his own occasionally.

“Why her, what’s wrong with me? I’m not good enough suddenly, or maybe he’s not good enough for me”.

These thoughts had been passed on to all the members of the pack as they had sat in the very same place hours before. Leah had opened fire on the big guns that time, and the remarks stung Sam to the core. For everyone else present it was purely embarrassment; Leah had made herself look foolish. Being a pack member meant taking some responsibility for one’s actions, and a view for being sensible and keeping cool was helpful. She, on the other hand, had stirred everything up sufficiently to a point where Sam was quickly losing his temper. It had taken every fibre of his being not to rip her to shreds, that being Sam at his most extreme. What hurt the most was the fact that he was willing to kill someone very close to him in order to shut her up, he could see the monster he was becoming and he hated it. The question now was, what on earth could he do to stop it, or on a short term basis, slow it down? Maybe there was no solution to his troubles. The only thing he could do was ride out the storm of emotions flowing through the pack, keep calm and let Leah wear herself out.

Things hadn’t been the same since Emily’s arrival. How could they be? Rows erupted between him and Leah, her suspicions growing every day. After several weeks, Sam and Leah came to a mutual agreement that things weren’t going to work out between them; they both knew he was meant for Emily. Leah had a tougher time letting go, after all he had been the first guy she had ever felt a deep connection to, but all she really wanted was to see Sam happy, she had told him that. So then why the constant stream of poison being passed through everyone? Was this her way of getting Sam back for loving Emily?

The fire shifted again, but Sam had lost interest, his gaze rested on the forest behind the blaze. It’s deep, cool, green secrets hidden from his weak human eyes. It was a relief to tear away from the heat of the embers, and a weight had lifted from his shoulders. Just thinking about events, unravelling them from the painful knots, eased his mind. Only time could tell what would happen in the future and time is a healer.