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What Music They Make

When an unexpected conflict with the Volturi brings Jacob back into her life, Bella finds that being a vampire only makes it even more complicated for her to be in love with two people.


1. Prologue: Dissonance

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What Music They Make

I want to be a kid again
Combed down hair and Sunday best
Knowing wrong from right, just rules
My mother, my mother never told me
Sex and love is not a game
A game is something you can win
And maybe something kind of fun
Cause love is just a bloodsport, son
My mother, my mother never told me
Love is just a bloodsport
bloodsport - sneaker pimps

prologue | dissonance

Now that Bella would allow Edward to buy things for her, he had had a beautiful, thick silver chain made for her to wear the heart-shaped diamond he gave her on.

“I would have given it to you this way to begin with,” he’d told her teasingly, “if you hadn’t been so stubborn.”

Bella’s mother could be suckered into buying anything and she remembered how she had once started wearing a bracelet with magnets in it that was supposed to be able to provide therapeutic healing. She thought of that when she took the heart off of the bracelet Jacob had given her and felt a strange kind of immediate relief from separating the two charms. Maybe wearing two things that practically magnetically repel each other could have the opposite of a healing effect.

When Alice first saw her wearing it on the thick-linked chain, sparkling below her throat, she confided in her with a smile, “I would have advised him against that. I think it looks a little gaudy being worn that way.”

Bella rolled her eyes; Alice was never reserved about condescending to give anyone her fashion advice. “I don’t mind,” she laughed.

Still, it did call a lot of attention to itself, and her current human persona was not necessarily supposed to be rich. She didn’t wear it in public that much.

One evening she was standing at the window in her and Edward’s room watching a storm. A bolt of lightning struck through the sky so long and thick it seemed to slice the world in half, making a powerful crack that she heard so loud it was as if it had gone right through her body. At that instant, everything was lit for a split second as if it was day but with a colder color of light, and this drew her eyes down to her left arm crossed over the other at her chest, completely white and pale - and bare. She was not used to seeing that wrist naked. She remembered exactly where she had left her bracelet, but still felt at that moment like she needed to be careful not to leave it sitting around too long, and the thought made her turn right around and leave the room.

Edward found her circling his piano with her eyes focused close on it.

“You didn't do something with my bracelet, did you?” she asked him.

He shook his head and said, “I know I saw you leave it there.”

Two days ago they had both been sitting at the piano bench as he taught her how to play an easy part of a duet. The little wolf charm had kept tapping noisily against the keys where it hung from her wrist, so she’d taken it off and set it up on the piano behind the upraised music stand.

Now it wasn’t here.

She had never lost anything since she’d become a vampire. It wasn’t like she would forget where she had last put something. And it was much too easy to very quickly and thoroughly search an entire house. Edward helped her do this. But the bracelet wasn’t anywhere.

“You sure you aren’t just sick of wearing the thing and making this whole thing up?” Emmett asked jokingly after they asked the others if they did anything with it for some reason. “I don’t see how you could forget to put it back on.”

Emmett,” Alice sighed heavily, rolling her eyes. He didn’t seem to realize how saying this might make Bella feel awkward.

Bella just stood with her arms crossed, looking a little sullen. “I didn’t forget. I just…didn’t. I knew I was going to take a bath later, so I didn‘t bother.”

Nothing ever seemed urgent to her anymore. She always had an eternity to finish reading a book, to decide what kind of a new car she might like to get, to get to see Paris or London. To put her bracelet back on.

It was gone. She didn’t have any hope it was just going to turn up somewhere. How could it? How had it disappeared in the first place? It seemed to her like she had made it happen somehow. She felt awful, even though she knew to him it would never be a big deal. If he knew he would understand.

But she would not forget.