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Luna de Miele

After the Cullens are absolutely sure that Bella is under control and will not slip, Edward decides to give Bella a suprise... a honeymoon to Italy. However, Bella is more preoccupied with meeting with the Volturi. Many challenges are sure to come her way when the Volturi grasp the magnitude of her powers.

Edward breaks the suprise to Bella.

1. Preludio

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He held me in his arms, the stone, cold blankets of protection warmed me to my core. It was a dark night, twilight. The stars seemed to dance beneath the sky and shined only for us. We layed close in bed. Sure, we didn't really need one, but even with a sleepless eternity, I wasn't going to give it up, prop or no prop. It was another night of holding each other, knowing only each other would do. His cool breath tickled the back of my neck, the prelude to a soft and gentle kiss. The fragrance of him transcended through the room.

"And I only have eyes for you," he sang. Edward was good at everything. A tearless whimper took hold of me. I moved, comforted at his very presence, my skin to his, my heart, having no beat, still attuned to his.

"Bella,"he kissed on the side of my neck. His hands found mine and entertwined with them. "Darling, I want to do something special for you tomorrow," he said in his thoughts. I was never into such mushy stuff, but I could count the days, minutes, seconds, and all forms of time that led Edward and I to this point.

"Knock yourself out," I said aloud. Edward couldn't really keep secrets from me though. My little gift put an end to any suprises. This time, I'd give Edward the benefit of the doubt, he wasn't Alice, at least.

"Can you believe it has been five years and time continues to stand still?" he breathed. Soft circles traced down my side.

"I'm getting used to it," I beamed.

Outside of the window, the moon glowed. I turned to Edward to see the highlights of his milky, white face gleaming in the darkness. I held his face and kissed him playfully. All we could do was stare at each other, a conversation without words. Our striking golden eyes mirrored each other, and I drifted into his thoughts.

"My world would never do without you," he stared into my eyes.

"That makes two of us," I cupped his face.

"No spying right?"

"Of course not, Edward, I'd like to know, but I wouldn't do that to you."

"Good." He then smiled.

"Not to ruin this love fest, but how come I can't help with this?" Alice interrupted.

"Get out Alice!" we both mentally screamed.

"Just trying to help."

"She won't ruin it Bella. She isn't allowed," Edward finally said aloud.

"I heard that!" Alice yelled from across the hall.

And we talked until the sky was gray.

"The suspense is killing me," I complained. I tried to focus into his mind, but I was unsuccessful. He was reciting a poem in Italian...

"Primavera e una giovenetta, con in bocca la prima violetta. Poi vien l'estate nel giro eterno, ma per i poveri e sempre inverno..."

He smiled. I hated it when he was so smug. "Edward, what is going on?" I asked.

"Well, it's been three years and I don't need to worry about you mauling everyone in town, so I think we are finally due for our honeymoon."

Gah. A honeymoon.