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Edward and Bella's love will last forever. No matter what he's done. Even when there is one last secret. She'll still love him when it comes to light. Right? Image Hosted by ImageShack.us IRIS MADE THE BANNER. SHE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!

Self-insertion. Just so you know. Edward/Bella, though. Read and review! I have eight chapters written, but I'm overscheduled and easily distracted, so you'll have to bear with me. Thanks to my beta, Katherine!

15. Final Fight

Rating 5/5   Word Count 722   Review this Chapter

I run downstairs, throwing on the clothes Alice was thoughtful enough to stash in a convenient proximity to the bed.

The noise is agonized. And it is Edward’s pain. “What is it?”

He looks at me. “I didn’t expect to see you, love. I… it’s the pack. They’ve attacked.”


“And we’re losing…”

“How is that possible?”

“Embry, Jared, Sam and Quil went… herding. They separated Alice and Rosalie from us, and are… we don’t know. I can’t sense them. Emmett and Jasper are going berserk.”

Of course. If he was in danger, I too would not be thinking of any lesser person’s safety.

“They’re demanding… that you die, or that Alice and Rose do. And we’re fighting.”

“Well, that’s dumb.” No-brainer. I would just go let them kill me. They’d probably be nicer about than Victoria would have been.

His eyes burn. “No. If you die, I die, Bella. Is that what you want?”

That was the only argument that could have persuaded me. My life was essentially valueless compared to those I love, but his?

No one could shine as brightly as him.

“What can we do?”

“I don’t know.”

We grow more desperate, and I hear a shriek.


It is Alice’s voice, and she is in pain. Jasper turns from his struggle with Leah and swats her down. He runs for the trees, but Carlisle is there. “Think. Think, Jasper. The instant they see you, they’ll kill her.”

“I can’t listen to them hurt her!”

“Can you watch her die?”


I see my friends and family, fighting each other. Colin is thirteen, for God’s sake. Emmett dashes him against the ground. I scream.


There is nothing. Nothing. My family will be destroyed. We will all be killed. I can’t let this happen. I begin to stand, to command Edward to live, live for me, and die myself…

Then a voice appears, and with it a solution.


It is the voice who has no name.

“What is it?”

“I cannot fight for you. But I can… I can die.”

I understand instantly, though Edward doesn’t. We are so much alike. She is doing what I would do if I carried not the burden of Edward’s life…

“I’ll explain. She’s suggesting… taking my appearance and letting the wolves kill her. The treaty isn’t actually broken yet, they’ll let us go. They will just think I’m her.”


“No… I can’t.”

“Edward, this is not about you. It is incredibly selfish of you to assume everyone wants to live. You left her. I know what it feels like.” I had to be heartless. I could comfort him when Alice and Rose weren’t being tortured, when all our lives weren’t on the lines. “She’s wanted to die…”

“Since the day you left for Italy. How do you know?”

“He left me once too, if you recall.”

His face was torn. One side wants me to live at any cost. The other is twisted with anguish.

She speaks quietly. “Edward, don’t you think you owe me something? Give me this. Live happy with Bella. Let me give you my life. Don’t force me to live on.”

I know Edward is remembering the day he thought I’d died, that he sees that in his mind, like I’m borrowing his gift.

He assents, not with words, but with a lack of them.

I step forward and embrace her. “I am sorry. I am glad, though, that your pain is ending. Go well, and may heaven be kinder than earth has been.”

“A blessing out of a storybook… sister.”

She turns to run, at slower pace, to the sound of the moans and wails in the trees.


“What is it, Bella?”

“Tell me… what’s your name?”

She smiles. “Helene. I’m Helene, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Bella Cullen.”

We laugh a final time. Then her footsteps, slow as mine, lead her into the murky green depths. I am rushed upstairs to begin hiding away for our departure.