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Edward and Bella's love will last forever. No matter what he's done. Even when there is one last secret. She'll still love him when it comes to light. Right? Image Hosted by ImageShack.us IRIS MADE THE BANNER. SHE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!

Self-insertion. Just so you know. Edward/Bella, though. Read and review! I have eight chapters written, but I'm overscheduled and easily distracted, so you'll have to bear with me. Thanks to my beta, Katherine!

9. Redundant Revelation

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 569   Review this Chapter

“She’s coming.”


“Your little toy. She’s coming to the wedding.”


“She needs it. So she made me invite her.”

“NO! I won’t… It would break Bella’s heart.”

“Bella couldn’t care less and you know it. It’s about you again, Edward. You’re being selfish. She gave you so much and you won’t let her come say goodbye… You gave Jacob the option.”

That was shameless. And kind of mean. Note to self, beat Alice up later.

I giggle quietly at my joke. Even though she’s four feet tall, my pixie of a sister could totally take me. Vampire and all, you know.

“Ugh! Why do you want her there?” Edward asks.

“I… It’s what’s best.”

He sighed. “Don’t give me that crap, Alice. What did you see?” That may be the worst word I’ve ever heard him use. My true love can be quite a prude.

I envisioned my sister sticking her tongue out. “So not telling.” A moment’s pause as he perused her mind, then…

“I did not need to see that side of Jasper, Alice. Not at all. Fine, you’re not going to tell. I’ll find out eventually, though.”

“Yes, and you’ll thank me. Now, Bella’s listening, so you might as well let her in.”

I, of course, blush nine kinds of crimson as my love opens to find my ear pressed to the space lately occupied by the door.

“Hello, beautiful.” I blush nine more shades of crimson. “You look delicious when you blush.”

Literally, to him. I try to calm my furious flush in order to reduce his suffering. I know he says it doesn’t bother him anymore, but I’d rather not harm him at all.

“Hi… You know I don’t care.”

“All right. But I promise you, I won’t do anything. I won’t even look at her.”

“Yes you will!” Alice chimes in and Edward groans.

“You are SOOOO annoying, Mary Alice Brandon Whitlock Hale Cullen.”

“Actually, you’re pretty annoying yourself.”

“Well, I think I’m annoying. So there!” I interject.

Everyone subsides into helpless giggles. The tension, as intended, is happily broken.

“You know I don’t care, right?” I ask him.

“I do. I don’t want to see her.”

“Why?” A horrible thought occurred to me. “Are you afraid she’ll make you leave?” What if he is? What if… what if he wants her instead of me?

I know it’s really dumb, but I can’t help wondering. I can’t help worrying, because I know I’m not good enough for Edward.

“I doubt that’s possible,” Alice interjected before Edward could go on a self-loathing trip. “You need each other too much. Anyway, Bella, lilies, or roses?”


“Wedding. Yours? August 13th? Ringing any bells? Lilies or roses for your bouquet?”

“Let Edward pick.” Because I couldn’t care less.

He smiles into my heart. “Roses.”

“You’re a helpless romantic, you know that, brother?”

“And proud of it.” He smiles again and leans down to kiss me. I pass out in his arms, but it’s so totally worth it. The feel of his stone limbs closing around me as I drift into blackness makes me smile.

I hear Alice grumble, “But I wanted to ask about the centerpieces!”