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Bella the sock puppet

Disclaimer! OMG this is a FANFICTION!!!!(notice the word fan) therefore I do not own any of this! Drugs? Socks? An occaissionally emo vampire? And a...blood box...?0.o?

this actaully was my no dialouge contest entry, but unfortunatly it got lost in the world wide web...-3- (I think that's a pout...)

1. Bella the sock puppet

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Edward was sad. He missed Bella.

Emmett tried to drug him. And Jasper. And Carlisle. But mostly Emmett. Apparently drugs could work on vampires too.

Edward was in his corner moping today, moping. He was rocking back and forth like one of those crazy people in an asylum. They would probably lock him up before Alice.

His only companion now, that didn’t want to drug him, was his faithful Bella. Umm…technically it was a sock, with brown buttons for eyes and some of the real Bella’s hair. *cough, stalker!* Edward found the sock in the laundry at her house when he was “destroying the evidence” *cough stalker!*

Alice and Esme went into his room and dropped off a blood box, since they doubted that he would be leaving his moping corner today.

As soon as they left, he ventured over to the blood box. It was like a juice box but filled with blood instead. Jasper drank it during school. Carlisle was trying to get other vampires to drink it but not many were too keen about drinking Deer and Bear artificially flavored no sodium added blood from a box. Even though Alice said that it will be a big hit in…a couple of years. When Bella starts dating normal people that is…

Edward sniffed it, just in case. Sure enough there was an anti-depressant pill, a sleeping pill, and, for some reason, a steroid lodged up into the straw. Did his family really think he would just blindly drink something? After finding Jasper injecting a blood box of something other than blood the other day?!? What else have they been spiking the blood with?!?!?!? Surely not e-coli?

He pulled the pills out, never letting go of Sock Bella. He pulled out the anti-depressant first, his family must want him happy above all else. Then the sleeping pill, to calm him he guessed since vampires don’t sleep. And lastly the steroid, he didn’t no what that was doing in there.

He started to drink, it wasn’t as good as a mountain lion, but it will have to do, he wasn’t leaving his room today.

When he finished the box, he decided to look for something sharp. He knew sock Bella would not approve so he stuck her in the CD player. She didn’t like to watch him go ‘staby– staby– kill- kill’ on his arm or at least try to. It was too creepy for her…

Edward got out his box of sharp pointy objects. He got out the jagged piece of glass first and began hacking away. Nothing, but the glass did explode in his hands. He tried a butcher knife, however quickly gave up when the blade started to look like a daisy. He pulled out his last resort…the chainsaw. He fired it up and held his wrists next to the rotating blade. All the teeth popped out in a matter of seconds.

Edward gave up and started talking to his beloved Bella a.k.a the sock again. He slipped his hand through the opening so she could speak. He felt a dull pain and he pulled his hand out to find a syringe full a steroids being injected into his hand.


Or Jasper…

Or possibly even Carlisle…

But most likely Emmett…