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Awaken, My Angel

Awaken, My Angel A Collection of Poems The daily fix of a tWiHaRD poet

Just scroll the table of contents and pick a poem that catches your interest =)

12. The problem with forgetting is that I never will...

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And forget?


What was once my life has now transformed,

Into something much more threatening and so far deformed.

You see what a simple problem I have...

To remember my love, what memories I cannot salve.

And each day my chest rips open,

A whole new pain, scratch the omen.

He was my light at the top of a pool,

A godsend for me... No mere otherworldly jewel.

I gasp and cry in the middle of the night,

Will he save me, no shrewd love’s fright.

And forget?


The memories are too dear,

If yet I cannot see...

The pain that unravels each secret,

My heart, that can hold thee.

But my tears know no end...

My heart can only so much as bend!

For my love,

Shall he return,

And hold my head high,

To gaze once more...

Into eyes that are whole.

Into a life, and finally,

A soul...