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Awaken, My Angel

Awaken, My Angel A Collection of Poems The daily fix of a tWiHaRD poet

Just scroll the table of contents and pick a poem that catches your interest =)

16. I Have Seen, And I Am Scared

Rating 5/5   Word Count 158   Review this Chapter

Blinded by the dark that surrounds me in this cave,

I shudder as a whimper escapes.

Who has right to live where water is scarce and food rare?

The bloody ground surrenders to my little frame,

The rats and roaches come out to play...

And there, in sudden awareness, a flicker crosses my mind.

Nothing extra ordinary,

But all the same... It frightens me.

It frightens my dearly.

But a slow smile wins me over eventually,

For I have seen-

What, you ask?-

I have seen my savior...

And his demise.

But I know this cannot happen,

It never will,

For I have met no one of his sort...

With pale skin and glowing eyes...

They are red.

And another shudder escapes me,

And before I can react,

I feel a sharp pain shoot through my shoulder blades.

It is paralyzing, more than I can say...

My eyes roll back and I slump over.

Recognizing defeat,

My eyelids close, preparing for the end.

A sigh releases my tension, but before I go,

I notice a man bent over me...

And I notice...

His eyes are red.