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Awaken, My Angel

Awaken, My Angel A Collection of Poems The daily fix of a tWiHaRD poet

Just scroll the table of contents and pick a poem that catches your interest =)

18. Rebel

Rating 5/5   Word Count 93   Review this Chapter

As the burning coals of freedom had unleashed me,

I realized with a sick thud,

That my life would never be the same.

My position,

My dreams,

Were lost the minute I took sight of the unholy angels...

And with their persuasive tones,

And breathless looks,

I knew...

They had me.

Of course there were the three unruly days,

In which my body changed and my mind died,

But in the end,

I think...

What I missed the most...

Was my humanity.

The ability to shout and wrestle with my comrades,

The fire and passion to stratagize accurately,

The life I used to live!


It was gone.

And I was still here.