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Awaken, My Angel

Awaken, My Angel A Collection of Poems The daily fix of a tWiHaRD poet

Just scroll the table of contents and pick a poem that catches your interest =)

3. One Motion; One Motive

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All that was required was one motion; one motive.

The stars were shining up in the sky.

Clear water was broken up occasionally by a stray wind.

My mind was closed to the others.

I wanted to think.

To ponder what my life had become.

Where it could go.

Bells was mending.

We were meshing.

Our life would surely blossom and flourish.

My fire was burning brightly that night,

So I took a chance and followed the others.

The told me whispers of assurance.

Nothing could go wrong.

They said so.

I believed so.

I phased quickly and discreetly.

Sam wouldn’t notice.

Trees whizzed by, only missing me by a hair.

Sounds of the night soothed me about what I was about to do.

The stars told me where to go.

And so did the others.

The pack.

I was supposed to meet them by the beach.

Bells was safe at home.

Sam was with Emily.

Billy... well Billy was Billy.

All I cared about was getting back to Bella’s house,

In one piece.

My normal self.

My feet slowed now, my internal compass signaling my arrival.

The others were already there.

They were human.

Maybe this would be fun.


The water ebbed slightly, as if wanting no part of what we were about to do.

It wasn’t anything killer.

They said so.

The pack.

They were my brothers, after all.

I can trust.

I do trust.

That night I would never forget...

My brothers greeted me cheerily,

Slapping me in various places.

Life was about to get sweet.

If it went according to plan.

It would.

The pack said so.

The pack.

Embry pulled out the elixir.

But this was no potion.

Crystal Meth.

Sounds pretty, doesn’t it?

It had a nice ring to it.

Nothing could go wrong anyway.

It was relatively safe.

It was just a one time thing.

No one would know.

Our shares we were given.

All problems were background.

All noise ceased.

The stars shone brightly.

The first snort was sounded.

The others came next.

My turn arose.

I looked around.

Pupils were dilated.

Heads bobbed.

Laughs wheezed.

Coughs echoed.

Smiles spread.

Lives, I saw...


I looked over to my wolf brother.

He looked back.

His eyes were scared.

Mine were too.

He fell.

The ground came up short, I’m sure.

His head hit the ground.

My portion of death was long gone.

I ran.

Not before the final smile fell.

The others followed,

Tripping along the way.

Crystal Meth.

This was supposed to be fun.

This was a nightmare.

Quil turned over,

Showing his face.

Three long gashes had shone bright that night.

Petrified I had become.

The stones and rocks beneath us came into focus.

The blood red liquid pooled out.

A groan escaped my brother.

A shudder escaped my brother.

A whisper escaped the wind.

The last breath was drawn.

Just as it turned to dawn.

The light gave us away.

A friend lost.

A life lost.

A brother lost.

That night was the hardest.

To know what I had come so close to.

To know what my brother had done.

To know that as I had looked upon the familiar faces of my pack,

Life was fragile.

The journey was risky.

And yet I find myself pondering...

All it really took was one motion; one motive.

That was all it really took to die.