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Bella goes to an exhibition in Seattle with her biology class, but for the first time, Edward does not go with her. That's when a tragic incident happens...

disclaimer : all the characters, the original plot etc belongs to Stephenie Meyer If you guys want to read another chapter, please review it. If I don't get 10 reviews ( or maybe 5 ), there will be no other chapters !

2. Chapter 2

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Bella’s pov

I felt someone knock on my window, which is impossible since the bus is moving and we are on a highway. I kept my eyes closed and sighed. I really am going crazy when Edward isn’t near me.

“ God, isn’t that Cullen running after us ?! How the hell can he run this fast ?!” I heard a guy say just behind us.

My eyes shot open. CULLEN?!

I gazed outside my window and nearly had a heart- attack. Edward was kicking the bus to gain the driver’s attention. Is he out of his mind? We are on a highway! I know he is a vampire and all that stuff but, god, it’s so dangerous. Beside, he is going to ruin all his cover. It must me really important. I ran to the driver, nearly falling on my way. I heard Edward screaming my name outside, so loud that we heard him inside, telling to sit down . I ignored him and shook the driver’s shoulders. With a curse, he turned his attention to me.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT ?” he asked me , chewing his gum and not looking at the road.

“ YOU HAVE TO PULL OVER, IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT !” I nearly screamed to him., trying to cover all the noise.


I shook his shoulders again. “NO! WE ARE IN DANGER!”

I guess I pushed him too hard because he lost control of the bus. The handle turned abruptly to the left. Everyone screamed in unison when we hurt the red truck on our left. Under the impact, I went flying in the air. My head went crashing the door behind me. Edward, I love you. My vision became dark and I felt myself falling.

Edward’s pov

I knocked on the bus trying to gain the driver’s attention but the only result I was gaining was the astonish look of everyone in it. I ran faster to the front. On the first seat was my Bella. She looked like an angel, sleeping. I knocked on her window but she wouldn’t open her eyes. Concern filled me. Was she okay?!

Suddenly, her big brown eyes shot open and her mouth opened slightly, she quickly stood up and ran to the driver. What was she thinking? Didn’t anyone told her that standing up in a bus is dangerous? There! She almost fell!

Horns rang behind me but I didn’t care. If she dies, I will not need my cover anymore because I will die too. I was sure my family would understand. Where the hell were they ?! They should be here helping me!

Suddenly, the bus turned abruptly to the left and crashed a truck. Screams that would haunt me during eternity exploded. In all the screams, I recognized the one of my angel. The agonizing one. A fraction of second later, I heard a huge bang on the door of the bus. I rushed to it and nearly fainted when I realized it was my Bella. A tearless cry escaped from me. However, I did not let myself think. I just rushed to the doors. With all my strength, I pushed them open. Bella fell in my arms, limp and her head gushing blood.

I forced myself not to breathe the smell of her blood. I scooped her up and put her on the ground. All the cars had already stopped and hundreds of people were rushing out of their cars. A huge crowd was gathering around us. Most people from the biology class were also rushing out of the damaged bus. Seconds after having put her on the ground, I felt hands on my shoulders. I quickly turned and saw all the devastated faces of my family. Carlisle pushed me aside and examined Bella; her pulse, her pupils, etc. He sighed, stood up and turned to me, his right hand ruffling his sandy hair.

“ Edward, I don’t know how to broke this to you… She must be going to an hospital in the next seconds or she will die, of that, I’m sure…”

Alice collapsed in Jasper’s arms, repeating the same phrase like a mantra. “It’s all my fault…It’s all my fault…” Jasper however did not deny it; he just kissed her on the forehead and on the cheek again and again. Emmett took Rosalie in his arms, looking sadder then her, who had just opened her eyes bigger. Esme, with Carlisle calling an ambulance, just put her right to her mouth, trying not to scream or cry.

I put Bella’s head in my lap and rubbed her cheeks. My hands became bloody but, I didn’t care. I kissed her forehead and some blood came to my mouth; I quickly rubbed it away with the end of my right sleeve.

“Bella, you’re going to be all right… Just wait, don’t leave me…I love you more than anything. You are my life, my everything.” I felt her heart flutter. “NO BELLA! DON’T DO THIS TO ME! NO! CARLISLE, HER HEART IS BEGINNING TO SLOW DOWN!”

He pushed me away, cursing and began doing CPR. Alice began the loud crying.

“GODAMMIT! BELLA! COME ON! BREATHE!” he shouted in process.

I knew at that instant that the only way to save her was to bite her, but I refused myself to think about it. I would never ever damn her for eternity without her permission. Even if I knew perfectly well that she would agree.

Suddenly, fire trucks, police cars (Ugh! Not Charlie yet!) and ambulances came rushing in. Carlisle did not stop doing CPR, while the EMTs started to put her on a stretcher. I stood up, rushed to her side and took her right hand in mine. I kissed it again and again.

“ BELLS ! HONEY !” screamed Charlie when he saw her on the stretcher.

He pushed everyone away, making his way to her. As soon as he was in front of her, tears filled his eyes. He took a deep breath and pushed me away, taking her hand.

“Excuse me, sir?!” I nearly screamed to him, astonished. He slowly turned his head to me, with pain in his eyes. “I’m her father, you are just her boyfriend, leave us alone !” he snapped at me .

If only he knew how much I meant to her…and her to me…

I turned to Carlisle, seeking his support. He turned his head to me and sighed. “Go with the others. I’ll see you there. I don’t have time for arguing.” he said calmly while continuing to work on Bella.

To be continued…