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no other options...

Bella goes to an exhibition in Seattle with her biology class, but for the first time, Edward does not go with her. That's when a tragic incident happens...

disclaimer : all the characters, the original plot etc belongs to Stephenie Meyer If you guys want to read another chapter, please review it. If I don't get 10 reviews ( or maybe 5 ), there will be no other chapters !

3. Chapter 3

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◊Carlisle's pov

We arrived to the hospital ten minutes later. We tried to make her heart beat again but we couldn't. Her neck was broken and there was nothing I could do. I had to proclaim her dead two minutes after arriving to the hospital.

I did all I could but, it wasn't enough. I've never felt so powerless. Since the moment I saw her in Edward arms, her head bleeding, I knew she wouldn't survive . I could have bitten her but, I could not do it in front of everyone and even if I did it, Edward would be very angry against me.

Charlie went though all kind of states. He first screamed against me , denied everything, cried and then rushed out of the hospital...

You can't imagine how I felt at that instant. I had to wrote the time of death of the girl who was the only interest in life of my son. I knew he would want to kill himself. Not only that but, I liked her very much too. She was almost my daughter.

I rolled her stretcher into the morgue, sat on the chair next to her and put my head in my hands. I knew the moment I feared the most was coming soon; when Edward will realize that she is dead.

Maybe if he bite her now, it would work. Her blood is not cold yet. And her heart doesn't need to beat. If only it could beat... I sighed and shook my head. The chances were so small...

I heard some screaming upstairs and knew from who they were. I would recognize them from a thousand miles ... They showed so much pain, so much desesperation...So much pain...

I rushed out of the cold morgue and ran upstrairs. What I saw broke my heart...

I guess a nurse told them that Bella was dead. Edward was in Alice's arms. They were both crying tearlessly. Edward was screaming Bella's name again and again...Esme, my beautiful Esme, was sitting on a chair, her head in her hands, crying too... Jasper was pacing , a hand on his forehead, cursing... Emmett was tearlessly crying too, holding Rosalie who wasn't crying but who looked utterly shocked...

I din't know what to do...I would have liked to cry with Esme in my arms but, I put on my doctor face and went to Edward. His screaming was so loud that nurses were rushing to him but didn't know what to do. I pushed them away and sat in front of my son. I took his flawless face in mine. He stopped screaming and look at me as if he didn't know me. Alice gave me a approbing look.

"Edward, you have to listen to me" I whispered slowly to him, not wanting the nurses to ear it. '' I think there is a way to save her. "

Surprise and hope rushed to his face. He stopped crying.

" I would do anything Carlisle...''

I ran my hand though his messy hair. " I know son, I know. " I whispered . " Follow me.'' I said, standing up.

Edward pushed away Alice, stood up too and followed me .


Edward's pov

I followed Carlisle to the morgue. The only thought of her there was intolerable. I once promised to her that I would always be there for her. I broke my promise. She's dead now. If I could weep tears , I would be all wet by now.

I was afraid of what I would see there. I knew that seeing her there would broke my heart. Carlisle sighed and pushed the door opened. I rushed to her. She was alone there and a white sheet was covering her from head to toes.

I ran to her and pulled the sheet away from her face. The sight made me moan in pain. She was so beautiful; she looked exactly the same as when she is sleeping. He beauty wasn't lost. The only difference was her skin tone. She was paler than usual and her lips were almost blue. I knew what Carlisle wanted me to do , he needn't to explain .

What could I loose ? She is already dead. I couldn't kill her.

I was stuck in front of her beauty. She was the same Bella. The one who blush easily, who always hurt herself... I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. They were soft and cold. I turned my head and looked at Carlisle. He was incredibly sad too.

''Should I do it now ? '' I asked him.

He nodded and walked to me. "I guess it will be easier now. Since her blood will be a little colder." He put his arm on my shoulders. " I trust you but... if you prefer, I could do it myself.''

I shook my head.

"She wanted me to do it." I told him with pain in my voice."

He nodded and went to lock the door. Then, he turned to me. " Do it now.'' he just said.

I took a deep breath , even if I didn't need to, and bit her. I almost expected her to react but, she didn't. I bit harder and felt my venom spread in her. Carlisle was right; her blood wasn't that good. It was a little cold and not really tasty. I pulled myself away and looked at her.

No reactions.

I turned my head to Carlisle. He just sighed and ran his hand in his hair. I was about to talk when suddenly I heard a blood curling scream to my right. I turned and almost fainted of relief.

Bella had open her eyes.

To be continued....