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Bella goes to an exhibition in Seattle with her biology class, but for the first time, Edward does not go with her. That's when a tragic incident happens...

disclaimer : all the characters, the original plot etc belongs to Stephenie Meyer If you guys want to read another chapter, please review it. If I don't get 10 reviews ( or maybe 5 ), there will be no other chapters !

4. Chapter 4

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Jacob’s pov

Days without Bella were always the same. As boring and as dull as ever. How can someone changes so much your life that when she’s not with you, you feel like an empty shell? In fact, Bella was my life. Every morning when I wake up, her face come to my mind… Then, during all day long, I only think about her. She became an obsession to me.

I knew that she didn’t love me as I do. But, in fact, I love her so much that I didn’t care. I was hoping that one day she would really open her eyes and see that her boyfriend is a real monster. That she would run away from him.

It’s not that I’m not one myself; it’s just that I do not kill innocent people to kill myself. Even if that filthy Cullen’s coven doesn’t, it doesn’t mean they will not change their mind one day and decide to kill my Bella. That made me moan in pain.

The truth was that, every time she was with the blood suckers, I was scared to death. She was the most precious person for me, the only one whom I would give my life for.

I moaned and stood up from my bed. I ran my hand through my short hair and sighed. Another day without seeing her. I put on the first t-shirt and pair of jeans I found, without taking a shower and walked slowly to the kitchen, depressed as always. I took a bowl, pour milk in it and add cereals, the same as Bella’s. I literally threw myself on the chair and sighed. I was late for school but didn’t care.

As soon as I put the spoon in my mouth, the phone rang. Why do people call this early ? This may be important. I nearly ran to it.

“Hello ?”

Nobody answered but, I heard a strange background behind the line. Some fast running, people screaming orders and doors being thrown open. I was beginning to be scared. It sounded like a busy hospital.

“Hello ?” I asked again, worried.

I then heard a familiar voice sobbing. It was Charlie.

“Charlie, is that you? Is everything okay?” I nearly screamed.

I heard him trying to breathe then sigh.

“Can I talk to Billy, Jake? Please…” he whispered his voice cracking.

Now I was really scared. It must be about Bella, Charlie would never cry in front of anyone…

“He’s sleeping, can I take a message?” I asked, my voice shaking.

He didn’t talk for a moment, probably thinking how to break to news to me.

“It’s Bella…”

Oh no! Please, no! Oh god, not her!


The phone fell on the floor; making so much noise that it must have wakened my dad.

“Jake, are you okay ?!” I heard him scream from his room.I fell, limp, on the floor and lied there, lifeless and empty, wailing. Bella's pov Darkness surrounded me. I felt calmer than I have been in weeks. There was no noise around me, there was nothing. I had no idea how long I would fell. I used to be afraid of the highs but, at that moment, I wasn't. I forgot the violent accident that had happen only minutes before. I didn't care about anything. Everything was calm. Everything was silent. I closed my eyes and sighed of happiness. Edward's face came back to me. I flinched. The thought of him alone there, hurt me. He must be so incredibly sad. I would want to tell him I was okay but I was stuck here. I knew he would be soon with me and I felt better. He wouldn't leave me here.Suddenly, I didn't know why but instead of falling, I felt myself being lifted up. Faster than when I was falling. I became angry, I felt better before.Before I could even realize, pain filled me. The same pain than the one I had when James bit me. The fire invaded my body and my mind. A blood curling scream escaped from me.I felt myself being placed in a body. I couldn't explain that feeling. It was as if I had been pushed in someone else's body. Except that in my case it was my body. I had just come back from death.My eyes shot open and I screamed again. Pain filled me again and I screamed again. So loud that I thought I was going to be deaf. My body was on fire. I felt a cold hand on my forehead, it was whispering but I couldn’t fully understand what he was saying. All I heard was some noise but, I knew who it was. “Ed…Ward…”I felt his lips slightly brush mine. “I’m there, love, I’ll won’t leave you. I love you so much. ”I closed my eyes, relieved. I waited for the pain to stop but, it didn’t. I waited and waited. Shuddering, screams sometimes escaping from me. The excruciating pain was always there. I had no idea how much time passed. My body was shaking from so much pain. At some point, my consciousness slipped away and I fell in a comatose state. Edward’s povI heard the door burst open so, I abruptly turned my head, expecting Carlisle with something to help Bella. But, it was Alice, who was tightly holding Jasper’s hand. They both wore a dark expression however; Jasper looked like he was in pain. I knew what they wanted. Make me leave the room.I put Bella’s hand back on the couch, stood up from the edge, sighed and waited for them to speak.Alice slowly went to my side, clutching her husband’s hand and nearly dragging him. “What is it AGAIN Alice?” I asked, finally losing patience. “ You should leave Edward, you’re not in good shape, you know…” she said looking at her feet.“ You’re in so much pain, that it hurt me.” Jasper cut mid-sentence. Was I really? Yes. Those three last days had been hell to me. Seeing the person you love the most in the world, the reason why you’re living, agonizing and screaming in pain, is the worst thing that can happen in your life. It changes you for ever. I had seen mine suffer almost three days and it broke a part of me. I looked down at her, lying unconscious and lifeless on my leather couch and remembered her one day before, when she had the multiple seizures. Her body was crashing so much that if we hadn’t all held her, she might have broke her head or her neck on the hard edge of the couch. At that time, I was screaming louder than her, scared to death and begging Carlisle to help her, even if I knew perfectly well that there was nothing he could do. I was falling apart. “ I can’t leave her now, she’ll wake up soon…” I said, sighing.Alice rushed out of the room and came back a fraction of second later with two chairs; she set them next to Bella’s bed and sat on one. Jasper went to sit on the other one. “We might as well wait…” she said smiling. We waited for about one hour when, suddenly, her breathing stopped. I rushed to her side and took her pulse. There was none. Panic filled me.“Alice ! She has no pulse!” I screamed to her, even if she was next to me.She patted my shoulder and smiled shyly. “ She’ll wake up soon …”