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Bella goes to an exhibition in Seattle with her biology class, but for the first time, Edward does not go with her. That's when a tragic incident happens...

disclaimer : all the characters, the original plot etc belongs to Stephenie Meyer If you guys want to read another chapter, please review it. If I don't get 10 reviews ( or maybe 5 ), there will be no other chapters !

5. Chapter 5

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Jacob’s pov

I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling for hours. People were coming to talk to me and then walking out after they realized I wouldn’t talk to them. First, there was my dad. Then, all the pack…

My dad had put food on my bedside table but even the scent of it would make me want to vomit. I felt horribly bad as if I had the flu or another worse sickness. The tough guy that I was had tears freely running down his face.

I could hear people talking downstairs, with sadness in their voice. They were talking about a bus accident, many people dead and…Bella….

I hadn’t even realized she was dead, as if it was even too big for me to accept it. She had been the first I ever loved and will certainly be the only one. I could never tell her how much I loved her.

I tried to imagine how the bloodsucker felt when he heard she was dead. Probably like me.

I remembered the first time I saw her on the beach. She looked so out of place, so special, so beautiful. As if an angel had come to me. I remembered how she used to blush every time and, without even realizing, I laughed quietly. My laughter became more and more hysterical. I ended up loudly crying. I felt as if I was going to burst open. My pain was so big that it was tearing me apart.

I had to see her; I would have done anything to see her again. I couldn’t go out by the front door since my dad wouldn’t let me go outside in my current state. I stood up and walked to my window. I opened it and jumped. As soon as my feet hit the ground, I ran.

Edward’s pov

That’s it. I had damned the only person that mattered to me more than my life itself. I could never forgive myself. Some people might think that I was selfish thinking like that, that I had done the best thing for her but, I would never know since I never died and felt how it is when you are. Maybe it felt way better than life itself, for all that I knew.

Alice and Jasper had left, leaving me with my angel and my grief. I knew that I had done what she would have wanted however; I couldn’t have the certainty of it since she didn’t literally ask me then.

She was lying, literally dead, in front of me. Her heart wasn’t beating and I was waiting for her to open her eyes but, she wouldn’t. I shook her a little and she didn’t react. I shook her harder. No reaction.

“Come on, sweetheart. Open your beautiful eyes,” I said, slightly stroking her face. I looked at my watch and panicked. It has been two hours since her heart had stop beating.

I shook her harder but she would only fell, limp on the bed, her white arm hanging down the couch. I moaned and stood up from my chair. I paced, moaning, my right hand on my forehead. I heard the door open and saw Carlisle walking in, a sober look on his face. He walked to Bella and inspected her.

“ It’s weird,” he said. “I don’t understand. She should have awakened by now.”

“Do you think she’s-,” I whispered, horror filling me.

He shyly smiled and put an arm on my shoulder. “Don’t lose hope, Edward. You will need it for the next day. She’ll wake up,” he said walking out the door.