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Crushed Love

banner by Eternitys_Charmbanner by the amazing and talented Eternitys_Charm!!!!! Summary: Pre-Twilight, Edward has a very pretty girl in love with him, but too bad he doesn’t love her back. Edward will do just about anything to get a girl he doesn’t like off his back. What exactly does he do? (Inspired by eternitys_Charm’s "Flirtatious")*

I own nothing.

1. Chapter 1

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Year: 1999

I sat with my tray in front of me. I got the usual: the Cesar Salad with light ranch dressing. I was also staring at my reflection in the compact mirror that I had placed on the table.

"You broke up with Josh?" Melanie asked in a shocked voice, "Why would you do that? He isthe star football playerin the school, plus he is a total hottie hot hottie!" she exclaimed taking a big bite off her corndog. "And you two were the perfect match! I mean you are the cheerleading captain!"

I rolled my eyes fixing an out of place hair. "Josh is played out," I said, sipping some of my Diet Coke and touching up my mascara.

"Oh," she replied, upset that she didn't know better.

"Yeah," I agreed. "I need a better B.F, you know. I need someone who isn't in too many school activities. I need someone hot, smart, but who’s a total gentlemen. This most important thing is that he has to be single."

"Okay," Melanie said slowly, "April, you're asking too much out of a guy." "Who do you have in mind, exactly?" she asked, making a face and taking a gulp of her Coke. Unlike me, Melanie doesn't care about what she eats because she doesn't get fat. I do, so I have to watch my weight.

I winked and pointed right to the far side of the cafeteria where five people were sitting, the most beautiful people in the whole school--apart from me: the Cullens. But I was not pointing at just any Cullen; I wanted the hottest and most gorgeous of them. I wanted EdwardCullen. Edward looked up in a flash and focused in my direction; I took in a deep breath and smiled. My eyes kept moving from his bronze shiny, silky hair to his gold eyes, his jaw line, and, finally, to his lips. Oh God he's gorgeous!

His eyes bugged out, and he turned back to his family. I pouted; I wanted our eyes to meet.

"Edward?" Melanie asked, noticing the small exchange Edward and I had. I nodded with a sly smile. She scoffed, "There is no way you can get him, Girls are always going 'gaga' over him, and he doesn't pay attention to them!" Melanie said rolling her eyes.

"He is just waiting for me, that is all." I responded with a giggle.

Melanie rolled her eyes again, "Right." She said sarcastically.

I glared at her, and she shrugged.

If I wanted Edward Cullen, I would get him by any means necessary.


Edward's POV

Alice snickered when I told them about April. "Well, Edward, give the poor girl a break. At least she is willing to come up to you. No one has ever done that before!"

"I know. I give her credit for being so positive about the whole situation. It's just she's not my type. She’s too perky and she's too full of herself; her mind will drive me crazy ... It already is!" I said.

"I'm starting to think that there is no girl in the world that is your type, Edward. I mean, you rejected Tonya, a beautiful vampire, and God only knows how many more you rejected in your human life, too," Emmett said. Rosalie, who was on his lap, nodded in agreement "People like that have minds that drive me crazy." I said glancing at Rose, who opened her mouth in a big 'O' and scoffed.

Alice giggled again and started singing in her head: You drive me crazy, I just can't sleep, I'm so excited I'm in too deep. Whoa-oh-oh crazy, but it feels all right!

"Oh, Alice, shut up! I loath Britney Spears," I growled at her.

"Tough," she said, “Baby, thinking of you keeps me up all night."

"Uh-oh! Watch out, Edward, your girlfriend is coming," Emmett said with a snicker.

I glared at him, which made him laugh more.

Jasper tensed; the human was coming too close to him. He got up and left without another word. Alice, with a sigh, began to get up, but Jasper told her to stay. He took a glance at April and gave me a wink.

"Closer...closer...closer," Rosalie murmured. "She's right in back of you! ...Oh! I love her perfume!"

I took in a deep breath, not turning around. I didn’t like her perfume; it was too fruity and tangy.

"Hello," I heard her whisper timidly.

"Dude, I think she put on extra make-up for you!" Emmett boomed in my head.

Alice continued to sing in her head: Baby, I'm so into you, you got that something, what can I do.I shot her a dirty look; she kept singing. Obviously she liked the idea of bugging me.

"Shut up!" I mouthed out. She, Emmett, and Rosalie laughed.

I turned around to look at April, who looked confused because of the laughing people in front of her. "Are they laughing at me? Do I have something in my teeth? Oh. Gosh. No!"

"Hi," I said.

"Listen, Edward," she jumped to the point. "I really like you and, well, I wanted to know if you wanted to come to the homecoming dance with me. You know, as a date?"

"Dude, she's a hot junior. Go for her!" Emmett piped up.

"I don't like her. She seems too much like Rose," Alice said with a grimace. "We don't need another one of those."

I grinned, agreeing with her.

"I like her.She's pretty." Rosalie said.

I looked up at April, smiled warmly, and said, "Sorry, I don’t date. Well not girls, at least. ... I'm gay." And with that, I got up, emptied my tray, and left the cafeteria, leaving a very stunned and confused looking April behind me and three laughing vampires.

Emmett reached me a second later, "Dude that was hilarious! Nice. So, Edward, what guy do you have in mind?" he asked teasingly.

I whacked him with my fist right on the mouth. He fell backwards, rolling with laughter.

"I'm afraid we are going to have to move," I said, glancing back at the cafeteria.

"Good call," Rosalie said, still in shock about my answer to April.

“Out of the country, perhaps?”