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Moonlight Serenade

The sequel to A Twist of Fate!

Okay, I know where I'm going with this story. AND I'M EXCITED! So... you should be too :D

10. It Makes You Creepy

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Later that day, after Axelle was settled down for her nap, the house was eerily quiet. Jasper seemed jumpy. Emmett was playing some video game on the TV.

“Want to talk?” I asked. It was clear there was something on Jasper's mind.

“That'd be great,” replied Jasper. “We'll be back later, Emmett.

Emmett grunted, an assumed yes.

Jasper took my hand and led me to the car. When he turned it on, The Strokes blasted out of the speakers. He turned it all the way down and shifted out of park.

“The mutt was here,” he commented. It wasn't even a question.

“Yeah, he had some... things he wanted to tell me. Pretty much the same old Jacob stuff,” I explained. I could feel the jealousy rolling off Jasper in waves. It made it hard to concentrate.

“Jasper,” I said through clenched teeth.

“Sorry,” he murmured.

“I've told you a hundred times before, I love you. More than anything, remember? Jacob will never change that”

He sighed. “I know.” He changed the subject. “We're parents now,” he beamed.

“Yeah we are! I'm having fun, what about you?”

“Well, yeah, but I also like the responsibility. Axelle is just so...” he trailed off.

“Amazing?” I offered.

“Yes, amazing. I didn't know I could have a father-type relationship with anyone. I like it.”

As the minutes ticked by, I couldn't help but wonder where we were going.

“Any particular reason you wanted to go for a drive?” I finally asked.

He pulled to a stop in front of a long drive. He got out and opened my door for me. I could hear a song playing faintly in the background, but we were to far away for me to recognize it.


“Shh,” he murmured. He grabbed my hand and slowly led me down the lane.

From behind a wall of trees a house appeared. It was a white, two-story with blue shutters on the windows. The patio had traditional, but still stylish furniture on it. Connected to the patio was a backyard that stretched for acres. Moonlight Serenade played through hidden speakers.

“It's ours,” murmured Jasper in my ear. I thought it was perfect, especially because we had a family. Jasper and I never had our own house before. We had always lived with the family. It was exciting.

I flung my arms around his neck and kissed him as passionately as I could manage. Everything was perfect, there was no way anything could ruin my mood.

Jasper's phone buzzed in his pocked. He growled and leaned his forehead against mine.

“Hello?” he breathed.

I could hear Emmett on the other side. “He took her!” he roared. Jasper didn't reply. He dropped his phone on the damp ground. Both of us ran. We didn't bother to get the car, it'd take up too much time. There was only one he and there was definitely only one her. Jacob took Axelle....

The house was a mess when we got there. Things were thrown around the room, it made me sick.

“He burst in and was gone before I could get him! I didn't fight him... I didn't want to hurt Axelle!” yelled Emmett. I was surprised. For as long as I had known him, Emmett was never one to back down from a fight. He liked action too much.

Jasper was furious. He got very possessive over people, grew very attached. It was the reason he hated it when I was with Jacob.

“I'm going to kill that mutt. I'm going to hurt him so bad-”

“Jasper,” I said. He was radiating pure hate.

“He's going to wish he'd been-”

“Jasper!” I would end up smashing something if he didn't stop soon.

He took a deep breath and calmed himself. He knew being angry would not help the situation.

“Bella, you stay here. You can't smell him, so you wouldn't be able to find him. Emmett and I will follow his scent,” said Jasper.

“Jasper, please,” I whispered. He knew I wouldn't want him out there, especially if he was there and I wasn't.

“Trust me, Bella,” he sighed.

“Don't you dare get hurt,” I replied.

“I promise you, love. I will not get hurt.” He leaned in to give me a kiss and was gone.

I couldn't hold still after he left. I tried to call Carlisle, but he didn't answer his phone. They were hunting and the worst way to scare off food is to have your cell phone ring. I couldn't just sit there and do nothing, though. Axelle was my child. If not by blood, by heart. I knew that nothing could happen to her. It would tear me apart. I was so excited to show her the new house....

I sighed and went to the kitchen to get some water. All the fretting hyped up all my body systems. I sucked down three glasses without even pausing to think.

When I turned around, Jacob was there.

“Do you have some kind of obsession with kidnapping?! Do you think that solves all your problems? Just to kidnap people?!” I screeched. He kidnapped me before I went to Italy. It was the action that led me to becoming a vampire.

I stalked toward him. He was no longer Jacob my friend, he was Jacob the bastard kid stealer. I swung a punch at him, but he caught my hand.

“Bella, you'll be happier with me. You don't have to live here. I am more than ready to accept you and Axelle into my life,” he crooned.

“Jacob, why can you not get it into your head?! I will never ever be in your life! Get a grip, Jake! I've found my happy ending! Give me back me child!”

“Be with me,” he insisted. I tried to overpower him, but it was no good. I was never strong for a vampire, he was a much stronger werewolf.

He ended up getting his arms around me, something I didn't want. Jasper had said that it was bad to get a newborn's arms around you, so I assumed that it was the same for everyone else. If Jacob wanted to... he could crush the bones in my body, just like a newborn.

“You're coming with me, then,” he said into my ear.

I struggled, but could break free. “Jacob, Jacob, please,” I pleaded. He ignored me.

“Don't fight it, you want it,” he whispered.

“Jasper! Jasper!” I screamed. Hopefully he could hear me from wherever he was. I needed a knight in shining armor now more than ever.

When he didn't come right away, I sagged in Jacob's arms. I pretended that I gave up, if only to get me closer to Axelle.

“That's it,” said Jacob. He was sort of creeping me out. He was never the type to be creepy before. I guess that's what sixty years of obsession did, it made you creepy.

I had to believe that Jasper would come save me. If not, I looked forward to a forced relationship with a crazy werewolf, something that was definitely not high on my to-do list.