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Moonlight Serenade

The sequel to A Twist of Fate!

Okay, I know where I'm going with this story. AND I'M EXCITED! So... you should be too :D

13. Epilogue

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Twelve years... it had been twelve years since Jasper and I had found our lovely daughter Axelle. It was funny, the way that our relationship changed. Jasper and I became even closer to each other, bonding over Axelle in a way neither of us thought was possible.

Once Jasper and I had “graduated”, we disappeared from the public eye. The story around town was that Jasper and I left to go to college in New York, nobody questioned it. People seemed to eventually forget about us after that. Everyone went back to their lives, raising families, having kids, all that jazz. We were only a distant memory to the people who knew us. We still lived in the beautiful house Jasper had bought, but nobody knew it. We had food delivered for Axelle. Nobody from town ever saw us.

About eight years ago, Carlisle “retired”. The hospital reluctantly let him go. They were glad he gave them the time they got. He and Esme still lived in the big white house. Everyone in town thought that he and Esme had moved to Alaska, but nobody had actually checked on the house to see that they left for sure. Nobody thought there was a chance they stayed, so what was the use? It was almost too easy to stay in Forks. Carlisle commuted to a hospital in Seattle everyday, a trip he was definitely willing to make. He couldn't resist saving lives.

Alice and Edward, on the other hand, really had moved to Alaska. They found that they liked it a little better there. Alice was more than sad to leave us, but she had to admit, she wanted whatever Edward wanted. The two of them visited very frequently, two or three times a month, and always brought presents for Axelle. Edward had a secret soft spot for Axelle, and Alice just liked to buy things. Edward had a soft spot for anyone who could even remotely challenge him on music. He and Axelle had hour long arguments about one band, it was crazy.

Emmett and Rosalie still lived with Carlisle and Esme. Rosalie liked the house a little emptier, and Emmett had to be close enough to visit Axelle. The two of them had really hit it off, they were best friends. Axelle could relate to the playful, crazy side of Emmett, and Emmett just liked to have someone with his same sense of humor. He would go to the end of the Earth for her. He was like the big brother she'd never have.

Jacob... I'd only heard from him once since he took Axelle and I. He called a few years after the... incident to tell me that he had imprinted on someone. Her name was Julie, she had a child Axelle's age. She had lived on the reservation all her life, but Jacob had never met her. He first saw her when she drove by his house one day. He told me that his whole universe shifted, only she mattered anymore. He followed her all the way home, careful not to be seen. He “accidentally” bumped into her the next time she went to the supermarket. Their relationship grew from there.

I was thinking about our time with Axelle while I was lounging on the bed in our master bedroom. Jasper and I needed to have a bed to try and convince Axelle that we were at least somewhat human. She was much too clever for her own good, and we could tell she didn't buy our story. She was very, very skeptical. We would have to tell her the truth soon. She noticed we were always awake when she was, she noticed we never, ever ate.

Jasper walked into the bedroom, interrupting my daydreaming.

“What are you thinking about so hard?” he asked, lying beside me.

“Everything,” I replied, turning to face him. His hair was windswept, he'd just gotten back from hunting.

“Of course,” he smiled. “So, Axelle isn't due home for a little while...” he said, grinning wickedly.

“If she knew what her billion year old parents were up to while she was away,” I laughed.

He took my face in his hands and kissed me fiercely. I rolled on top of him grinning into the kiss. If Axelle really knew what we were up to while she was away, she'd probably shun us for a week. I started to unbutton his shirt, kissing down his chest.

We heard footsteps running up the stairs. Uh-oh... busted.

“Mom, Dad!” she called, flinging the door open. Her eyes widened when she saw the position we were in. Jasper and I grinned sheepishly, it wasn't the first time we'd been caught.

“Oh man, you guys! Virgin eyes here,” she said, shielding her face.

“Thank god, virgin,” sighed Jasper. He paused, remembering the position he and I were just in. “Do as I say, not as I do, okay? Why are you home so early?”

“I don't go sleeping around, I promise,” smiled Axelle. “It turns out I didn't have detention... I talked my way out of it.”

Axelle was a bit outspoken at times, it landed her in detention more often than not. I couldn't blame her, spending all her time with Emmett was bound to have some kind negative effect on her in the long run.

“How did you talk your way out of it this time?” I asked.

She switched on the face, the face that made you want to get up and hug her tight. It was a face that would make the toughest teachers melt. “I just asked really nicely if my teacher would please forgive me. I promised I wouldn't do it again,” she said, her voice was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard.

“Hey... you use that on me,” said Jasper.

Axelle grinned, but didn't reply.

I was so happy that Jasper and I had a more open relationship with Axelle than Charlie and I did. It was so comforting to know we could trust Axelle, to know we didn't have to keep and eye on her every second of the day. She had a sensible head on her shoulders, she knew what to do with whatever happened in her life.

She took a seat on the edge of the bed. Her hair extended to the middle of her back, curling in perfect ringlets. Her frosty blue eyes flashed between Jasper and I. She cocked an eyebrow.

Strange as it sounded, Axelle did not go out much. Sure, she was blond, blue-eyed, but she didn't fit the stereotype at all. She dressed in stylish, thrift-store fashions, and she had the body to pull it off. She was definitely different when compared to the other kids at her school. I was happy she didn't turn into one of those robot Barbie clones, not that I had ever worried about it.

“I will figure you two out one day,” she accused.

“I really wish you wouldn't try,” I sighed. When she was ready to hear what we were, we would tell her. She might feel angry, betrayed even. I just prayed she didn't think too irrationally. If she wanted to become a vampire, we would make her one, but Jasper and I wanted her to consider all her options first.

She sighed and plopped onto her back. “How was your day?” she asked, staring at the ceiling.

“Edward's back in town, I heard he has some new music for you,” I replied.

“Alice says she wants to do you hair,” said Jasper, shuddering. He knew what Alice was capable of.

“Oh no! Whenever I surrender myself to Alice I end up looking like a clown!” she exclaimed, shooting upright.

“Maybe you can convince Emmett to rescue you,” I suggested. He would do it if she asked him to. He would eat an entire Thanksgiving dinner if she asked him to.

“No, I don't want to take advantage of him like that. Maybe... maybe I'll do it, only to make her happy, I suppose,” sighed Axelle.

“You're crazy,” said Jasper.

“Hey, at least I try to be nice,” said Axelle. It was true, she did put others before herself.

“We'll come with you. I miss them,” I said. Alice and Edward really didn't visit often enough, we needed to catch up.

She hopped up off of the bed. “Let's go now,” she said. She was getting excited.

“Homework?” asked Jasper, always the stubborn one on issues like that. He knew Axelle was a straight A student, but he felt he needed to enforce the homework policy. It made him feel like the man of the house.

“Pft, all done, Dad,” she said, rolling her eyes. She loved playing teenager with Jasper, she knew it got him all flustered.

Axelle skipped out the door, heading towards the car. “I'll leave without you,” she sang. She jingled the keys.

Jasper was a bit sad when Axelle got her license. It meant she could go anywhere she wanted and didn't need us to drive her there. It meant she was growing up.

Axelle was already in the car when we got there, she was in the driver's seat.

“Shotgun!” I called. Jasper frowned and climbed into the backseat.

Axelle drove amazingly. She was taught by the best, after all. She learned to have fast reflexes after being with extremely graceful people for the majority of her life. It was almost like she developed a dexterity habit. She also drove quickly, something Jasper and I tried to make her stop doing. We didn't need to put her life in even more danger. Living with vampires was enough for one girl.

We got to the big house, as Axelle called it, in record time. The rain started to sprinkle right as we pulled up.

Emmett met her outside and swung her into a big hug.

“It's only been a day, Uncle Emmett!” she screamed, laughing as he spun her in circles. Even at seventeen, you could see her five-year-old side. There was still the curiousness, the child-like way she asked questions sometimes. I was glad her child self didn't disappear completely.

“Axelle!” called Alice from the house.

“I'll be there in a minute,” replied Axelle, struggling to get out of Emmett's arms. “I have to go now! If not... she may decide to punish me further!”

“I heard that,” yelled Alice.

“Good!” said Axelle.

Emmett put Axelle down. “Sorry,” he muttered, fighting a smile.

“Thanks, Unc,” she said sarcastically, trying not to smile as she once again played teenager. She was mature for her age, a must when you grow up with people who have decades, if not centuries, of maturity.

Jasper and I entered the house to find everyone gathered in the living room. Alice was leading Axelle out of the room by the hand. Axelle had grown so accustomed to the temperature of our skin, she didn't even notice it anymore.

“And then we'll give you a manicure, and then I'll put you in one of the dresses I bought you,” explained Alice as the ascended the stairs. “I have one that will show your figure off so perfectly!”

“Come, sit,” said Carlisle. Jasper and I sat on the love seat.

Edward leaned in. “She is so suspicious of you guys. She honestly thinks that you guys are hiding it from her as a joke, like you think it's funny to watch her guess. You have to tell her soon,” said Edward. He was reading Axelle's mind.

“We'll do it soon, we know what we're doing, Edward,” said Jasper, his fatherly pride evident in his voice.

“I'm just warning you, that's all,” said Edward.

Things had been a little tense between Jasper and Edward ever since Jasper caught Edward feeling some... certain feelings about me that he should not have been feeling at all. Edward explained that old habits die hard. He didn't feel such strong feelings about me because he chose to, they were just leftover feelings from the many years before.

I knew Edward wouldn't act on his feelings, though. He knew he loved Alice much more than he loved me, and he wouldn't be willing to risk that kind of relationship. He was insanely lucky that Alice had taken him back after the Italy incident. He was happy with Alice.

“Thanks, Edward,” I said, mentally kicking Jasper. He knew he was being childish.

“Alice, not the pink. Please, not the pink!” we heard Axelle plead from upstairs.

We all laughed loudly.

“It's not funny!” yelled Axelle. There was a smile in her voice, we could hear it. There was this thing about Axelle... she thought that the stereotypical teenagers were hilarious. The ones that would slam doors, whine, and complain about curfew cracked her up. She would constantly make fun of them, just to see if we were paying attention.

Edward was still serious. “Really, though. Tell her soon. If not, she will think you betrayed her. It's been bothering her for years. She does not get why she ages and you don't. Frankly, I'm surprised she doesn't have some kind of complex.”

“Edward, cool it,” said Rosalie. She had taken a liking to Axelle ever since she told Rosalie she had the prettiest hair in the world. She would be forever in Rosalie's good graces.

“Bella and Jasper seem to be doing a splendid job of caring for Axelle,” commented Carlisle.

I resisted the urge to stick my tongue out at Edward, contradicting my previous thoughts. I was the childish one, but I didn't care at that point.

“Okay!” said Edward. “I get it.” He threw his arms into the air.

We heard a sigh from upstairs.

“Oh, hush,” murmured Alice. She sounded like she was concentrating.

Edward scowled out the window, looking at nothing in particular. He was right, though. We had to tell Axelle everything about us, and we had to tell her soon.