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Moonlight Serenade

The sequel to A Twist of Fate!

Okay, I know where I'm going with this story. AND I'M EXCITED! So... you should be too :D

8. I'm a Hobo

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Jasper walked back into the room around an hour later. He was looking down. His eyes were brighter, but they were sad. I was still lounging on the bed next to Axelle. She'd need a bath when she woke up, that was for sure. Her hair was dirty and matted.

“Bella, about earlier,” said Jasper. I motioned him over. He sat on the side of the bed and I pulled him towards me. Realizing what I wished, he put his head against the pillow and put his arm around me. Just resting. “I didn't mean what I said. I am actually... well I'm nervous, to be honest.” I knew it was hard for him to admit weakness.

“So am I, but I think it's time we settled down... too bad we have school in the mornings,” I sighed.

“I didn't tell you?” asked Jasper.

“Tell me what?”

“Alice convinced everyone you had mono. You could be out for two months and nobody would even think it was strange.”

I smiled. “No school for two months.”

“Yeah, for you,” he laughed.

“You still have to go?” I frowned. It wouldn't be nearly as good being home without Jasper.

“Unless you'd like to infect me with your 'mono' germs, yes I have to go.”

“Aww,” I sighed.

We stopped talking when Axelle sighed and turned over.

“Are you ready to be a dad?” I whispered.

“Only if you're ready to be a mom,” he decided. He rested his cheek on mine and watched Axelle sleep.

I looked at Axelle's face. She had high cheekbones and plump pink lips. She'd be a heart breaker when she was older.

Something occurred to me then. “Jasper?” I asked.

“Yes, love?”

“What will she eat?”

“Uhm... people food? I don't really know what five-year-old girls eat.”

“We have to go shopping. She's going to be hungry when she wakes up!” I exclaimed.

“Calm down, Bella. We'll send Esme out to shop, she'll know what to get.” He kissed my cheek and sat up. “I'll go ask her right now.” He glided out of the room.

When the door closed, Axelle opened her eyes. “Mommy?”

“I'm right here.” I couldn't stop smiling. It was nice to be called mommy.

She stretched and yawned. “I need a bath,” she sighed.

“Yes you do,” I agreed.

“Which way is the bath?” she asked. She slid off the bed and started poking around the room. She opened the closet door and her eyes grew wide. “You have so many clothes!”

I was at the door leading to the bathroom.

“The bath is this way, Axelle,” I called from the other side of the room. She skipped over to me and grabbed my hand. Her mouth fell open when she saw the size of the bathroom.

“I could fit a zillion of me in here!” she exclaimed. I led her to the bath. She peeked over the side and turned to me. “What if I'm too little to fit in here?” She pointed to the tub.

“You're not too little,” I assured her.

As we prepped the bath, she stuck her nose into every shampoo bottle I owned. “I want this one, please,” she said, handing me the one that smelled like vanilla. “Can I have extra foam? I love the foamy kinds of baths,” she explained.

“Sure thing.”

As soon as the bath was “foamy” enough, Axelle hopped in. She put some of the bubbles on her face and told me it was a beard.

“Are you Santa?” I asked.

“No, I'm a hobo,” she answered. She said it like it was the most obvious answer in the world.

After playing in the bath for quite awhile, she told me she wanted to get out.

“I smell all squeaky!” she yelled, clapping her hands. Bubbles sprayed everywhere. She laughed and started clapping again and again, just to get the bubbles everywhere. I couldn't help but go along with it, she was so cute.

I wrapped Axelle in a towel and we skipped back to the bedroom. I gasped when I saw the amount of shopping bags on the bed. Jasper was buried among them.

“Whose bags are those on our bed?” asked Axelle.

“They are your bags, Axelle,” answered Jasper.

Her mouth fell open. “Thanks, Daddy!” She ran to the bed, holding her towel up with one hand. Jasper cracked a smile.

“Want to choose what you wear?” he asked.

“Yeah,” said Axelle, still in awe. She struggled when she tried getting onto the bed, so Jasper picked her up. She began rifling through bags. She eventually decided on a light blue long sleeved t-shit and a pair of jeans. She looked adorable.

Once her hair was dry and brushed, I saw that it was very curly. It hung in perfect little ringlets down her back.

Axelle was skipping around in a circle after she was all dressed and clean. “Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack,” she sang. I had no idea how one child could stay so entertained when there was no other kid her age around.

Axelle stopped in the middle of her song. “Mommy, I'm hungry.”

“I think Daddy bought you some food earlier. Why don't we do see what he got.”

She looked at Jasper and took his hand. She pulled him off the bed. “Lets go, Daddy.”

Axelle pulled Jasper down the hallway, but then got confused. “Where do we go now?” she asked.

“This way, Axelle,” he said. He led her down the stairs and to the kitchen. I followed. “What do you feel like eating?”

“Hmm... apples? I like apples. Apples are red, and red is my favorite color. I know pink should be my favorite color since I'm a girl, but it's not. Red is my favorite color.” Axelle climbed into a chair at the table.

“An apple it is!” exclaimed Jasper. A second later, there was a sliced apple sitting in front of Axelle. Jasper sat next to her. She proceeded to tell him that she knew all her numbers up to fifty, and then showed him an example, counting as fast as she could the entire time.

“Bella,” called Carlisle from the other room. I left Jasper with Axelle and went into the next room.

Carlisle was sitting on the couch, he was reading a book. I sat beside him.

“You sure are taking being a parent... very well, actually.” He closed his book and set it on the end table.

“I've only been a parent for a few hours,” I replied. “How are we supposed to know if I'm taking it well yet?”

“That's not quite what I meant. I meant that you seem to have accepted it rather... hastily. Are you sure you're up for the challenge?” I could see that he meant the best, but it still stung a little big.

“Of course, Carlisle. You didn't see her there... on the ground... shaking.” My voice wavered. “I need to take care of her.”

He nodded. “I understand. Now, in order for her to grow up as... normal as possible, we are going to have to get her into kindergarten. We have to come up with a story.”

“She's... family from Alaska. She's living with us for awhile. We wouldn't have to go into specifics, would we?” The story around town was that we moved from Alaska, so it would seem logical to have relatives there.

“Not particularly,” answered Carlisle. “The elementary school is very close to the high school. Jasper could drop her off every morning. It would be fairly easy to pull off.” I could tell he wasn't telling me something.

“Mommy, look!” I heard Axelle scream from the other room. I was there in less than a second.

Axelle was riding on Jasper's shoulders. Both of them were laughing. “I'm as big as a mountain!” she exclaimed. She stuck her arms out and made plane noises.

Jasper looked like he was enjoying being a daddy for the time being. Hopefully he'd still feel that way when things got tough.