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Moonlight Serenade

The sequel to A Twist of Fate!

Okay, I know where I'm going with this story. AND I'M EXCITED! So... you should be too :D

9. Healthy Food

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Two weeks had passed like two hours. Despite all the talk that five-year-olds were terrors, Axelle was always happy. Sure, she'd get tired and then a bit angry, but she was a kid.

“And then bam!” yelled Emmett. He was telling Axelle a story on the couch. The rain outside pattered softly on the window.

Axelle jumped. “And then?” she asked.

“And then the tickle monster came!” Emmett grabbed hold of Axelle and tickled her to tears.

I watched with loving eyes. I was waiting for Jasper to get home from the store. He was buying more food for Axelle since I wasn't technically over my “mono” yet. It'd be a bit strange to see me at the store with him if I was supposed to be sick. The rest of the family was on a hunting trip. Emmett offered to stay. He had a soft spot for Axelle.

The doorbell rang and I stood up. I walked to the front door, chuckling at the sound of Axelle's laughs. I opened it, Jacob was on the porch.

“Who is it?” sang Axelle. I didn't answer. Jacob was shaking and looking at me with daggers in his eyes.

“Jake, calm down,” I crooned.

“You have a kid here?! Do you know how dangerous that is?” he asked incredulously.

“She's completely fine, Jacob. I would never put her in danger,” I assured him.

“I think living in a house full of vampires is pretty dangerous,” said Jacob. He was struggling to keep his voice low.

I looked at Emmett and Axelle. They seemed occupied enough. Emmett was telling Axelle about the time he ate a grizzly bear whole. Axelle thought he was kidding. I caught Emmett's eye and he nodded. I stepped out of the entryway and closed the door behind me.

“I came here because I wanted to talk to you.” Jacob sat down on the step. I kept standing. If he wanted to talk we could do it somewhere more private. “ I'm not giving up on you, Bella.”

I sighed and pulled him off of the step. I had to take Jacob out of Emmett's earshot if he wanted to keep his arms. Emmett was almost as protective over me as Jasper was. Just like a big brother would be to a little sister.

I dragged him into the trees surrounding the house. I was sure Emmett couldn't hear him here. “Jacob, we've been through this. You know how I feel about you. And now that I'm a mom you reall-”

He interrupted me. “You're a mom? That girl calls you her mom?!” His arms started to quiver.

“Is that a problem?” I snapped. I took my role Axelle's life very seriously. If he had a problem with it, he'd find his head so far up his ass...

“Well, you're not human. Tell me something, how are you supposed to relate to her? What are you going to do when she grows up? Are you planning on making her one of you?”

“Stop!” I screamed. “I will raise her better than any of her other parents did, I'll tell you that much. Jasper and I are working so hard to make her the best she can be. We found her with a newborn. She was about to be killed. I think living with vampires is a better fate than being eaten by one. She hasn't even had one set in stone family yet.”

Jacob crossed his arms. His eyes scrutinized my face. I began to feel self conscious. “I'm still not giving up,” he sighed. “I'm better for you.”

“I'm not going to fight with you anymore, Jacob. I don't want you to waste your efforts on me. You should look for someone who will give themselves over to you entirely, not me. Can't we just be friends?” I asked.

“Sure, sure,” replied Jacob. I didn't buy it for a second.

There was something that had been bothering me about Jacob, but I hadn't had the chance to address it yet. “Do I smell the same as the rest of my family?”

He pondered it for a second. “No, actually. You don't even have a smell, come to think of it.”

I nodded. “Just wondering. You should probably go. Jasper will be home any minute.”

Jacob scooped me up into a hug. I was almost positive he wanted to make me extra smelly for Jasper. “Bye, Bella!” He called as he loped away.

I made my way home as quickly as possible. It made me anxious to be away from Axelle for too long. It was the same for Jasper, too.

Jasper and Axelle had grown amazingly close. Half the time he and Axelle we attached at the hip. They weren't away from each other for a period exceeding and hour.

Jasper was pulling up when I reached the front porch. I waited for him.

“What did you get?” I asked.

“All sorts of healthy stuff disguised as junk food. Can you believe that they have gunny bears that are vitamins? They don't even look half bad!” Jasper was hot when he was acting all fatherly.

I stalked towards him and put the grocery bags that were in his arms on the ground. I slung my arms around his neck and grinned wickedly. He pulled my hips closer and kissed his way up my neck. He made his way up my jaw and then finally captured my lips. I played with his hair, it always drove him crazy. He growled.

When it became clear where the kissing was heading, I pulled away. I was a firm believer in always leaving them wanting more.

I picked up the groceries and entered the house. My jaw dropped.

Sitting on the floor was Emmett. He was surrounded by pillows... and wearing a dress... covered in Rosalie's makeup.

“Uncle Emmett let me play dress up on him!” exclaimed Axelle. She was putting a bow in his curly hair.

He grinned sheepishly. “She's too good at convincing people! I told her no and then she gave me her little pout stare. How can you say no to that?” Emmett asked.

Jasper was laughing so hard he had to put down the bags he was holding. He dashed up the stairs.

“Where'd he go?” asked Emmett.

Jasper came downstairs, a camera in hand. He snapped a picture of Emmett.

“Hey!” exclaimed Emmett. He lunged after Jasper, trying to take the camera away. He was probably going to smash it.

I picked up the rest of the bags in one hand and took Axelle's hand in the other. “Hungry?” I asked.

“Mmhmm!” she said. She skipped beside me to the kitchen. “I wish I could move as fast as Daddy can,” she said, climbing into a chair at the table.

I sighed. I was dreading the day we'd have to tell her what we were. I made her some spaghetti-o's and she devoured them. It was crazy how much she liked them, almost disturbing.

“Look what you get to have,” I said, pulling out the jar of gummy bears.

“Candy!” she yelled.

“Daddy got them for you,” I explained. I pulled out a red one and handed it to her.

When Jasper took her for her nap, I cleaned up the mess she made. Soon she'd notice she was the only one who ate. She'd notice that she was the only one who slept. We'd have to tell her that we were vampires at some point, I just hoped it wasn't anytime soon.